One Of The Two Is The Secret Deodorant Candidate–Cool, Calm, and Collected. Guess Which One!


When I was a kid there was a deodorant brand called Secret. Their commercials were always tagged with “Secret Super Spray… Helps You Feel Cool, Calm, Collected,” or its variation that ended with “Protected.” In an election where I daily feel the need for a shower after the latest barrage of filth from Donald Trump, he may as well put out Trump Deodorant, “Helps You Feel Hot, Bothered, Dissembled.”

This is a famous quote from Chicago Mayor and Obama confidant Rahm Emanuel:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste.

Conservatives have criticized it as a super-cynical Machiavellian use of others’ misfortune for your gain.  And that’s a nice way of characterizing the misuse of the that quote, because the full phrase is this:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Politicians are expected to and have always weighed in on ongoing calamities.  But as with everything else in 2016, we’re in a whole new Zone of Inappropriate Political Expediency. Am I paranoid? Why is it that I think a President Donald J Trump would attempt to commandeer the entire cellphone alert system?… not just of the NY metro area…. but everywhere… on a whim… to attack and insult anyone who did not salute and agree with him? Why would I think that? Is it possibly because of his real behavior forever…. and his Twitter behavior going back to 2009 all the way to today, where he puts out dissembled, contradictory messages, injecting himself into the NY area bombing story.

1: “We might see more terror strikes around the country; our leaders are “stupid“………. why the word “stupid” in quotes? Does that mean you DON’T think they’re stupid, or do you not know what putting a word in quotes does to its meaning?

2. That remarkable prediction came more than a day after he’d initially said this Saturday evening as the story was breaking and no one knew any real details: “Just before I got off the plane, a bomb went off in New York and nobody knows exactly what’s going on,” Trump said that at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs. Two hours after he spoke, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the explosion “was an intentional act.” That, of course, doesn’t meet Trump’s immediate standard of shooting his mouth off first on a high probability event, where responsible people in this country have learned over the years to wait for law enforcement to gather enough real information to speak and react. No loss in screaming he “knew” it was a bomb when others investigate and analyze, because if he’s right he declares himself a genius who’s been deprived of the credit due; if he’s wrong, he’ll just deny and lie about what he said.

3. Then comes this tweet Monday morning: “Great job once again by law enforcement! We are proud of them and should embrace them – without them, we don’t have a country!” Hey, Trump, do you realize (or care) that you were, in effect, attacking the NYPD for not being as brilliant and quick to use the “bomb” or “terrorism” label as quickly as you did?

4. He then follows immediately with another tweet: “Once again someone we were told is ok turns out to be a terrorist who wants to destroy our country & its people- how did he get thru system?” That’s another attack on law enforcement…  right at the NYPD & FBI for not preventing an apparent lone wolf terrorist who was an American Citizen from going off the rails. It is reasonable to ask the question. But not with the implications Trump carries to the discussion.

5. Monday afternoon he posts this on FB: “Hillary Clinton’s weakness while she was Secretary of State, has emboldened terrorists all over the world to attack the U.S., even on our own soil. They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President – so that they can continue their savagery and murder” As always, everything he says is a lie and is a 100% turnaround from the truth. It is the Trump War on American Muslims and the religion, in general, that is being used in ISIS recruiting propaganda, not Hillary Clinton. Anybody think terrorists of any stripe will be intimidated…. or emboldened to poke the beast… by a President Trump and his bragging to “bomb the shit out of them?”  I didn’t think so.



White Suburb, MI (AP)- Donald Trump threw in the towel over the weekend following his compassionate and timely distribution of much-needed Play-Doh to flood-ravaged Louisiana, ending the biggest con of his career… a fraudulent Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.16.24 AM“campaign” for a job he never really wanted, never dreamed he might actually attain, and knew all along he was unqualified for–President of the United States. A body of thought has been emerging that Trump is tanking the election…. losing on purpose for a post-November world of a Trump mega-media venture; thus the suicidal hiring of the alt-right, racist, super-hateful Breitbart guy, Stephen Bannon. Following the airing of his first campaign ad, which shows illegal immigrants running wild in a crime-ridden, dark, disturbing country under Hillary Clinton… contrasted with a Trump-led sunny, law-abiding, happy “(Morning In) America” homeland, Trump admitted it really was one, big, scam.

Two clues emerged the past few days indicating that Trump, unbeknownst to his most ardent supporters, would soon be returning officially to the Democratic Party. First was the stellar performance of the US Olympic team in Rio de Janeiro. Trump had pre-planned and prepared a series of brilliant tweets that were to have connected the anticipated failure of the American athletes to Hillary Clinton and President Obama, under whom we “never win anymore… not in trade, not with our decimated military, and not in the Olympics. Sad.” This strategy, insisted upon by former campaign CEO and Russian liaison Paul Manafort, backfired spectacularly when the United States team performed magnificently. Manafort had insisted that this strategy had worked when he was advising president Sergei Danislovsky, dictator for life of Obfuscaristan, when he was running for office in 1997. Trump fired Manafort when it became numerically impossible for the United States to not be great at the Games, undermining the plan.

The second clue that Trump was a Manchurian Republican intent on losing was his consistent use of the phrase, “Democratic” Party, instead of the preferred slur “Democrat” Party. Long used by Republican politicans, operatives, and especially radio talk jockeys like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage, “Democrat” Party indicates you are a true hater, a part of the club, you wish to reach back to the ugly days of Tom DeLay and Richard Nixon, who used the word with impunity and style, inspired by Joe McCarthy and even Wendell Wilkie before him. To not use “Democrat Party” is to show an inexcusable degree of respect and to signal that you’re not on the Republican team. In Wisconsin last week while ordering black people to vote for him, (see his book, “The Art of the Seduction,”) Trump said, “The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community,” In Michigan he said, “The inner cities of our country have been run by the Democratic Party for 50 years. Their policies have produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools, and broken homes. It is time to hold Democratic Politicians accountable for what they have done to these communities. It is time to hold failed leaders accountable for their results, not just their empty words.” The King of Insult Politics…. the man who knocked out more than 15 opponents in the primary portion of the campaign with a non-stop General Sherman-style march of misogyny, anger, hate, racism, unapologetic bile… now can’t call the opposition the Democrat Party? Pathetic. Weak. Over. See Trump say Democratic here:

Counting Down the Twits with Casey!


And now it’s time for our long-distance dedication. It comes from young Bradley Krantz in Greensboro, North Carolina. It reads, “Dear Casey… if you were on top of the news this week, you heard that while introducing Donald J. Trump, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani said

“By the way, under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office.”

24 hours later, Rudy got around to saying he was merely guilty of using “abbreviated language.” I guess he meant to say,

“under those 8 years before Obama became president, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States. Except for 9/11/01, while I was mayor of New York, and you can count July 4, 2002, when gunmen opened fire at the Los Angeles airport and killed 2, if you want. Other than those two things, they all started when Obama and Clinton got into office.”

Mayor Rudy just forgot those other parts, Casey. Could you dedicate “Have You Forgotten?” an exploitive, dreadful, opportunistic, jingoistic piece of country trash to my good friend, Rudolph Giuliani? Thanks Casey. Signed, Bradley. Bradley here’s your song!