The Best TV Show You’re Not Watching

Showtime currently is the home of fictional teenagers I’d like to slap. Witness the talented Kerris Dorsey of “Ray Donovan”

She’s good, but, she may not hold a candle to Julia Goldani Telles of the woefully unappreciated “The Affair”

If that doesn’t have you double-checking your birth control method…

“The Affair” is the ongoing story of a family that’s been ripped apart by infidelity (surprise). Dominic West (HBO’s “The Wire”) plays Noah Solloway, a struggling middle-aged writer, who chafes under the judgmental eyes of his Upper West Side in-laws. Maura Tierney plays his wife, Helen, who dutifully trudges along, trying to support her husband’s career, while raising the kids, and keeping her parents at bay

The family takes their requisite vacation to Long Island and that’s where Noah gets involved with waitress Alison (played by Ruth Wilson). After a bizarre set of circumstances, Noah is accused of murder

I’ll stop my review right now to express my admiration for Maura Tierney. She’s always been fantastic, but, please get your hands on the wonderful “Scotland, PA” which was directed by her ex-husband Billy Morrissette. It’s a great update of “MacBeth” and features another underrated actor James LeGros in the MacBeth role. Mix in Christopher Walken and an extra trippy Andy Dick and you’ve got a weird, hilarious, crazy film that’s one of the best modern-day Shakespeare takes in a long time

Back to “The Affair”, one of the great decisions the producers made was to cast Wilson in the role of the mistress. She is very attractive, but not insanely young or drop-dead gorgeous, which would have reduced Noah’s middle-aged crisis to an absurd cliche. Their attraction is, at once, carnal and spiritual. As they progress in their relationship, they begin to wonder what the hell they’ve gotten themselves into

Oh, I almost forgot the real selling point for “The Affair” for women of a certain age: Pacey’s in it

“The Affair” has great performances by all the actors and features raw, uncomfortable moments. But. it’s completely relatable to anyone who has lived life a little and seen how people who supposedly love each other can spend so much time and energy tearing each other apart. The show will confuse, sadden, and even anger you

Especially that teenage kid