Rush Limbaugh: Anatomy of an Obsession

It’s important, as we careen towards November, that Rush Limbaugh‘s single-minded focus on the Clintons is the main reason that his media empire grew to such great heights during the 1990s. At this point, lobbing verbal bombs at Hillary seems almost reflexive. Listeners would tune in on their radios daily during the Clinton administration to hear Rush attacking Bill and Hillary for any number of sins (Whitewater, Travelgate, etc.)

And so it came to pass that the radio show wasn’t enough of a platform for spotlighting the sins of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Rush Limbaugh, the TV show ran in syndication for four years and was produced by future Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes. In fact, there has been much speculation that had the Limbaugh TV show been more successful, Ailes would not have been available to crank up Fox News

Limbaugh’s television show was supposed to be an conservative alternative to those late night shows that were (allegedly) brainwashing America with their liberal slant. After all, how many times did parents shake their head in horror at some lefty drivel spouted by Arsenio Hall (answer: None)

One particular incident from the Limbaugh TV show is particularly instructive and we’ll work from this source material

It was November 6, 1992 and America had just elected it’s first Baby Boomer president. Millions of Americans were becoming comfortable with the First Family to be and the prospect of having the first child in the White House since Amy Carter in the 1970s. This You Tube video is our best visual preservation of Mr. Limbaugh’s TV show from 11/06/92 and a transcript will help us navigate what happened


It’s unclear why Mr. Limbaugh is wearing a hat which appears to rep Yale. I’m not sure if he’s paying tribute to his fallen leader, George H.W. Bush or sending a bat signal to his future leader, George W. Bush, but I’m sure that, whatever the reason, it’s hilarious. Perhaps Yale had just instructed women on campus that “no means no” or some other liberal claptrap

In any case, the master is riffing on a piece by David Hinckley of the New York Daily News

So, my friends, in today’s New York Daily News right here, holding it here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, it’s the obligatory in-out list. Every time there’s a massive change somewhere, people are in, people are out. I’m now out. It says about me on here, Rush Limbaugh, loud-mouthed conservative and Bush favorite, trusts no one to the left of Pat Buchanan. He’s out.’ You know, they wish. In their dreams

The crowd slavishly applauds, as though fed their cue from a blinking sign in a television studio. Oh, wait!


David Hinckley of–of the New York Daily News wrote this, and what he has–he’s got–it’s very strange. He says, In: A cute kid in the White House. Out: Cute dog in the White House.’ Could–could we see the cute kid? Let’s take a look at–see who is the cute kid in the White House

He pivots, like a true pro, to see what’s on the monitor. This pops us


He then mock protests, as though he is terribly offended

No, no, no. That’s not the kid

Then, this picture shows upLimbaugh4

That’s–that’s the kid. We’re trying to..

Crowd applauds because the sign tells them to

Later, El Rushbo pleads

There I go. My friends, I apologize again. I — that’s the third time the crew makes a mistake by showing you Millie the dog when I intended to show you Chelsea Clinton, and then I followed with that terrible story. I’m — I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m fatigued. I’m tired. I really don’t — in fact, you know what I’ll do? Let’s pretend this is a daytime talk show and that I’m a guest on, say, Sally, Phil or whatever. How can I make amends to you for what I just did? I can spank myself. People who spank themselves, next RUSH. Watch this. (Rush stands)

I’ll do it with my left hand. I — I’m right-handed, so it won’t hurt as much. Do it with my left hand.

(Rush spanks himself, screaming and crying; written on screen, Ouch!!!’)

It’s actually much worse when you realize that he admitted they did that joke three (3) times. In various forums over the years, Limbaugh has claimed it was a technical error, which is a lie because:

  1. His television show was pre-recorded (vs. live), so any technical errors could have been fixed with editing before air
  2. Otherwise, what’s the damn joke

On November 10, 1992, Limbaugh offered a “heartfelt” apology

And I’m terribly sorry. I don’t — look, that takes no talent whatsoever and I have a lot of talent. I don’t need to get laughs by commenting on people’s looks, especially a young child who’s done nothing wrong. I mean, she can’t control the way she looks. And we really — we do not — we do not do that on this kind of show. So put a picture up of her now and so we can square this.

(Photo shown of Bill and Chelsea Clinton, who is making a sour face)

(Laughter and applause)

Bearing one’s soul is often an emotional exercise

One of my favorite stories from the Limbaugh canon is when Rush and Bill came face-to-face at a New York restaurant in 2007. Longtime Limbaugh listeners might have expected Rush to spew invectives at Clinton, detailing how he’d ruined the country, or some such thing


I reached out my hand, “Mr. President, it’s a pleasure to meet you”. We shook hands and so forth , and he hung around for two or three minutes, maybe five

Here’s hoping that in the future, Limbaugh comes into contact with former President Hillary Rodham Clinton at some swanky Manhattan steakhouse. And, in my mind’s eye, they exchange pleasantries and chat amiably for a few minutes, as Limbaugh’s current wife tells him to turn up his hearing aid

But, would you really blame her if she slapped the snot out of him?

Lil’ Rush on Donald Trump’s PR Guy “John Miller”

On the 05/17/16 Brad & Britt Podcast, Lil’ Rush talked about Donald Trump creating a fake persona called “John Miller”, who he used to do PR for him. Lil’ Rush revealed that using a fake PR person is not an unusual practice among famous people. In fact, Lil’ Rush reveals that he used a similar tactic earlier in his career and demonstrates to Brad & Britt how he did it back in the day. It’s another eloquent defense of Donaldus Magnus from Lil’ Rush

Daily Trump Dump 01/27/16

THE BIG STORY: The Trump vs. Fox News turmoil was at full boil today. Let’s break a couple of things down

Ooh, Mr. Billionaire. You’re sooo smart. I can barely decipher that you are calling her a bimbo. That was at 6:44 this morning. Remember that

Check the time stamp. Nearly 12 hours later. So, why did you call her a bimbo (which you did)? If the PR statement was what set you off, why was it necessary to slander her? Did she write it?

New York Magazine says the offending statement has Roger Ailes fingerprints all over it

Various reports say that Trump won’t talk to Megyn Kelly or Sean Hannity or even Ailes. He wants to hear from Rupert Murdoch (hey, Donald, he communicates on your platform of choice

I also loved this one

Do rich people not own mirrors?

Paul Waldman of The Washington Post says Trump will be at the debate

Some time today or tomorrow, Fox will agree to release an anodyne statement saying they intend to treat all the candidates fairly, including Trump. At that point Trump will declare victory, saying that because he’s such a great negotiator he got them to capitulate to him, just like he’ll do to the Mexicans and the Chinese. Then he’ll participate in the debate, after garnering two solid days of wall-to-wall Trump coverage


Yahoo! News says Trump>Ailes because Donald got Roger to stoop to his level

If Trump doesn’t make it to the stage and, instead, does the fundraising event for veterans in Iowa, one veterans group is saying no thanks

Rieckhoff was one of the strongest voices rebuking Sarah Palin for claiming that Obama made her son Track hit his girlfriend

But, The Great Fox-Trump War wasn’t the only thing on Donald’s mind


May I suggest Banff? I hear it’s lovely and right in Cruzer’s home province of Alberta. By the way, Cruzer knows how to use the twitter machine, too

So, Cruzer took the opportunity to challenge Donald to go one-on-one

Is that a Scrooge McDuck photo shop? Well played

Bill O’Reilly tried so hard to tell Trump he had a lot to gain by showing up at the debate

Alas, no dice

But, I don’t want you to think that today was all about negativity

Rush said he wasn’t taking sides in The Great Fox-Trump War, but

That was RT’s by The Donald. Rush has given himself enough space on his show that if the whole Trump movement turns to crap, he can back away from it without owning it. He certainly speaks highly of Trump, but the proof that he wants to maintain a little distance is this: Trump hasn’t appeared on Rush’s show since he started running for president. It could be easily arranged and Trump has appeared on just about every show on every possible platform

Trump has presented quite a dilemma for local talk radio hosts across the country. Many of them know he is crazy and that his rhetoric is pure BS, but they have to walk a thin line because the crazy right-wingers that still listen to talk radio love Trump. Some of these hosts have to take weak pokes at Trump then they go home and drink themselves into a stupor and cry themselves to sleep because they have to pretend to like him

Rand Paul took some shots at the GOP frontrunner today

It’s sort of a double-win for me: Not only am I on the main stage, but we don’t have to put up with a lot of empty blather and boastfulness and calling people names

Hey, man, nice shot

SC’s Lt. Gov. endorsed Trump. Seriously, he’s going to win SC by like 30 points unless they catch him peeing on Strom Thurmond’s grave. A maximum of 8% of people in any state can even name their Lieutenant Governor

Today’s other big fight was Kanye vs. Wiz Khalifa. Just in case the Trump-Fox thing was a little highbrow for you

From yesterday, AP does a profile of the current Mrs. Trump

Note to Washington power snobs: Don’t expect Melania Trump to put up with condescension.

On a visit to the Trump triplex above Manhattan, one of the contestants on his show, “The Apprentice,” says to Melania: “You’re very, very lucky.”

“Thank you,” Melania, holding a glass of champagne, says with a glittering smile. “And he’s not lucky?”

Aw, snap!

CNN talked to 150 Trump supporters to find out why they’re supporting The Donald

Brothers Ernie Martin and Lee Walter from Cresco, Iowa, were among a group of zealous Trump fans at the front of the line outside a Trump rally in Des Moines on December 11. They had waited more than seven hours to see the candidate in person.

“Hey, hey. Ho, ho. All the Muslims have to go!” Walter, a 64-year-old retired factory worker, began to chant

You can do better than that, Walter, buddy. How about

Two, four, six, eight. Being white is really great


No, No, B-H-O. Back to Kenya, you must go

Daily Trump Dump 01/23/16

THE BIG NEWS: The Republican frontrunner (I love typing that) said he could shoot someone and not lose any support

My people are so smart. And you know what else they say about my people? The polls, they say I have the most loyal people. Did you ever see that? Where I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters. Okay? It’s like incredible

Does it bother you:

a) Because he said it?

b) Because he’s probably right?

I’m sure that he’s not the first potential world leader to say this. When the first guy said it, it went something like this

I forgen shooten die street, could gotten poofin and still der volken luff dee assen

Or something like that. But, seriously, which scenario would make Trump supporters call it quits on The Donald:

a) Video of him tying up Wayne LaPierre 50 Shades of Grey style

b) News leaking out that his next wife is over the age of 25

c) Video showing evidence that he tried to pulled a Bill Cosby on Barbara Walters

d) Discovery that he’s running a multi-state dog fighting ring

Who are we kidding here? All of those would make him go up 7 points in Iowa and 6 in New Hampshire

The Trump vs. Megyn Kelly feud flared up again

You see, in Trump’s world beautiful and smart is a conflict of interest

In a recent Vanity Fair interview, Kelly said Trump tried to curry favor with her before he announced his candidacy by sending her signed press clippings. “But I can’t be wooed,” she said. “I was never going to love him, and I was never going to hate him.”

Come on. OF COURSE, you were going to hate him. It’s ok. I know you’re saying that because of your kids, but they should know that some people are just 100% detestable. Kim Jong Un…Putin…Bieber

Trump continues to rack up endorsements from people who used to matter

In case you’re not up on your Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson is to Phil Robertson as Cruz is to Trump

I’m slightly concerned; Trump hasn’t used the word dopey on his twitter feed in days

Our Principles PAC released this anti-Trump ad

Which shows Trump taking many liberal stances, but, again, will this mean anything to supporters who wouldn’t be shaken about him shooting someone in Manhattan?

You know who would make a great Press Secretary in the Trump administration?

I kind of wish she was anti-Trump because the slams he could throw down against her would be epic. I could see 79 or 80 tweets on her Adam’s Apple alone

Here’s the ad

It’s hard to think of a more beloved figure in America than Barbara Bush. Maybe Nancy Reagan. And I would never put it past Trump to go after her, at some point

Sad that pathetic Nancy Reagan has to lie about me when she can’t even run a decent library #loser


Oh, he’s still pissed at Glenn Beck

Beck fired back

Quick, Tina Fey! I have a great idea for a sequel to Mean Girls

But, wait! Another billionaire is coming to save us

Sitting U.S. Senator appears at Trump rally in Iowa

National Black Republican Association (and there is one) endorses Trump

I heard they were all set to give it to Carson, but he wouldn’t wake up

B&B Podcast 01/14/16 is a great way to shop Amazon AND support the B and B Show. Lil’ Rush on Nikii Haley and the Oscar noms, Cam Newton article is interesting, 3 Supremes sit out the SOTU, idiots flock to 7-11 where Powerball winning ticket was sold.

B&B Podcast 12/16/15

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