B&B Podcast 01/14/16

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B&B Podcast 01/13/16

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The Most Obnoxious, Provocative Response to the State of the Union Address….

…… WAS BY THE THREE AMIGOS, Justices Alito, Thomas, and Scalia, who again refused to attend.  Screen shot 2016-01-13 at 10.55.59 AMThey have used the excuse that the event is little more than a “pep rally,” which they would surely be willing to show up for in the case of a Republican president.  Maybe they’re still a hurtin’ from the public scolding they received in 2010 for the Dread Schlock Decision, also known as Citizens United.

The arguments fly back and forth over who is more responsible for Divided America, the President or the Republican opposition.  At this moment, the statement made by these three men through their absence (you may know the more liberal justices as “evil, unaccountable, unelected judges in black robes”) is the most divisive of all.  Maybe they were enjoying a Starbucks somewhere with the also-absent Senator Ted Cruz (R-Alberta).

The State of The Union? Grouchy

When you work in talk radio, the State of the Union address can be a massive pain right in the posterior. Generally, your consultant will come up with great ideas for you to try out on the air, such as asking listeners:

In five words, what do you want the president to say tonight?

And then you take an hour’s worth of calls with various idiots saying things like:

I resign immediately. See ya


I am a big failure

Which can’t be entertaining or enlightening for anyone who might be listening

SOTU is one of the reasons (very few in number) that I hope Donald Trump is our 45th president. After a couple of these, he will get tired of the process and just send a note to the Speaker (which was the custom from Jefferson until Wilson). After all, it’s not a requirement that the president has to perform in primetime before a joint session of Congress. The Constitution says:

He shall (Hillary isn’t a “he”; she wouldn’t be bound by this), from time-to-time, give information to Congress of the state of the union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient 

And we’re all about strict adherence to original intent, right?

Of course, my theory about Trump scotching the speech and just jotting a note is probably pie-in-the-sky. After all, he is a bigger attention whore than even the most comely 25-year-old bride elect standing in blinding white at the altar of The First Presbyterian Church of Springfield with her 9 bridesmaids

My suggestion for the Republicans representatives and senators: Don’t show up. You’ve done just about everything to mock the president, call him a liar, obstruct everything but his next breath, and show that you don’t respect the man and just barely respect the office (so long as he holds it)

You also set him up for a sick burn

So, for Obama’s last SOTU, Republicans, just go and watch Star Wars. Or maybe head to a sweet gun range and do some target practice with your NRA buddies (TV stations back home will salivate over that one). Take the wife (or the mistress) out to a nice dinner. Maybe just Netflix and chill (again, wife or mistress)

Props to Senator Cruz (R-Alberta), as he’s already out. But, you can’t really expect him to respect American traditions

But, we all know that the GOP politicians will show up. They’ll try to get their faces on TV and if the cameras catch them making that “smell the fart” face while Obama is talking about global warming, then, so much the better. The folks back home can see them giving Obama the invisible finger one last time. And they’ll love it

So, the Republicans will show up, for sure. Which proves that maybe Trump isn’t the biggest attention whore out there