B&B Podcast 01/15/16

BradandBrittAmazon.com is a great way to shop for the stuff you need AND support B and B. FRIDATS WITH SATAN IS BACK! Beelzebub has some ideas about Powerball, the NFL playoffs, and even “Making a Murderer” twitter.com/BradandBritt facebook.com/BradandBrittShow


B&B Podcast 01/14/16

BradandBrittAmazon.com is a great way to shop Amazon AND support the B and B Show. Lil’ Rush on Nikii Haley and the Oscar noms, Cam Newton article is interesting, 3 Supremes sit out the SOTU, idiots flock to 7-11 where Powerball winning ticket was sold. twitter.com/BradandBritt facebook.com/BradandBrittShow

B&B Podcast 01/12/16

TarheelDentist.com is our studio sponsor. If you’re in the Greensboro, NC area, Dr. Hyman and Dr. Bell should be your family dentists. Lil’ Rush on “white privilege” and Obama offering Biden money, what to do when you win the HUGE Powerball lottery, Ted Cruz: Super Canadian. Follow us on twitter:twitter.com/BradandBritt facebook: fb.com/BradandBrittShow