Profiles in Cowardice: NC Governor Pat McCrory Runs the Numbers & Decides It’s Still Cool to Be Afraid of Trump


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If there’s anything great about Donald Trump as his party’s nominee, it is this: that it once and for all confirms that if it weren’t for basic decency, explicit post-WW2 civil rights legislation, and, yes, political correctness (not always bad), Republicans, if given the chance, would be the openly sexist, Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.23.13 AMracist, bigoted, nationalist creeps we always thought they were (while using coded language like “law and order” and dog whistle phrasing).  Archie Bunker with a bit more money at the top of the ticket.. permission granted!  

Meanwhile in North Carolina, the Raleigh/Charlotte McClatchy newspaper brothers report that:

Democrats push McCrory to condemn Trump’s comments about Hispanic judge 

What the hell is wrong with Democrats in NC?

“McCrory this week said he’s supporting Trump because “I’ve said I would support the Republican nominee.” The governor has not directly addressed Trump’s comments about the judge.”

Why would Democrats even think about trying to “push” McCrory to condemn comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel? To what end? To give him any kind of breathing space?  I say let ’em all hang together. In marriage, if your wife TELLS you you have to apologize….it’s too late. You lose. Get OUT! Pat McCrory has already lost the moral battle here; he deserves no political space to wiggle out of this one.

Democrats should be willing to put to the test this alternate example of Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.26.40 AMTrump’s boast he could gain votes even if he shot someone on Fifth Ave. in NYC. This is it. —I’m going to call an American judge a Mexican judge, deem him unfit to fairly judge my case… a personal case that started many years before I was in politics, by the way.— You can’t call his comments racist then say he’s not an actual racist and lean on the number of votes he got in the primaries as your excuse for withholding judgement or endorsing him….lot’s of ’em are trying that one. That’s the playbook, apparently. McCrory takes his craven, calculated approach because he must believe that Trump has majority support for his views… and he may right with the extreme redneck Republican base in NC… The last paragraph below indicates 78% SUPPORT for Donald’s not having said a racist thing about Judge Curiel.

“Polling suggests that voters overall aren’t buying the Trump excuses. The latest research from YouGov shows that only 20 percent of Americans think that Donald Trump was right to complain that Judge Gonzalo Curiel had a ‘conflict of interest’ because of his Mexican ancestry. Most Americans (57 percent) think Trump was wrong in his complaint. Even Republicans are divided on whether Trump’s complaint was right or wrong, with 43 percent saying it was right but 39 percent saying that it was wrong.”

Even more stunning: “What a large majority of Republicans do agree on, however, is that Donald Trump’s comments weren’t racist. Only 22 percent of Republicans say that the comments were racist. In comparison 81 percent of Democrats and 44 percent of independents say that the comments were racist.”

The conservative Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin sets the table this way:

Since the 1960s, Republicans have had to battle against liberal elites’ accusations that the GOP is exclusionary, anti-immigrant, uninterested in the fate of minorities and downright racist because the party rejected top-down welfare state programs, opposed race-based quotas and did not have a lot of national nonwhite leaders. That changed somewhat under President George W. Bush, who championed education and immigration reform. He got 44 percent of the Hispanic vote and 43 percent of the Asian vote in 2004….

Trump’s recent remarks about Judge Gonzalo Curiel are simply icing on the cake for Democrats, who have long claimed Republicans simply don’t like minorities.

Republicans may protest and condemn Trump’s comments all they like, but for every denunciation, a Republican surrogate offers up some contorted defense. (or in the case of Pat McCrory, a full, 100% dodge) And Republicans keep Trump as their nominee. Trump’s racist and misogynistic rhetoric makes him toxic to women and minorities, and it risks tarring the party for years.

Viewed from the vantage point of skeptical minorities, the conclusion here is likely to be that Trump is a racist and a majority of Republicans (who won’t acknowledge the “textbook case of racism”) are nearly as bad.

In short, a bad rap (Republicans’ opposition to the liberal agenda makes them racists) has been turned into an accurate, deadly analysis. (Too many Republicans harbor bigoted views of minorities and/or do not recognize racism when it’s in front of them.) Not all Republicans can be labeled as such, but far too many can. The solution only comes with repudiation of Trump, success of diverse candidates and an empathetic agenda that demonstrates Republicans care about all Americans, not just rich, white males.

It is that problem that now hangs over the GOP. It’s why the GOP is likely to lose the presidential race and perhaps one or more houses of Congress. It is why many will conclude it is better to scrap the party and start anew. Ironically, they may have to kill off the party of Lincoln to save the spirit of Lincoln.

Good luck with that.

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Some Good News About North Carolina’s HB2

On Wednesday’s Brad & Britt Podcast, we discussed a story about Braeburn Pharma deciding against cancelling an expansion in the state. From the article:

In the company’s statement, Sheldon said that she elected to keep the company in North Carolina after meeting with Attorney General Roy Cooper, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate who urged Braeburn to stay in the state and fight discrimination.

“The Attorney General argued that Braeburn could help more by advocating from within North Carolina than by protesting through departure,” the statement said

This indicates good news for North Carolinians who have been fighting HB2 for two months. Business leaders may get the message that they can talk to someone other than the governor for reassurance. This could mean that some business leaders don’t have confidence that McCrory will be North Carolina’s governor next year (Cooper is mounting a stiff challenge and is the Democratic nominee for North Carolina’s top office)

The state had previously enjoyed a progressive, pro-business reputation going back decades to leadership provided by governors like Terry Sanford and Jim Hunt. It is difficult to gauge the exact economic impact from HB2, but multiple stories have told stories of companies cancelling plans to come to North Carolina and organizations cancelling plans to hold gatherings in the state

In the next six months, Cooper and McCrory will mount a vigorous campaign for the office. Cooper will be able to tout the fact that Braeburn was given comfort by him at a time when the chips were down. This could be very helpful in reaching out to traditionally Republican voters and independent voters, who may not be engaged on LGBT issues, but are concerned about the negative economic impact of HB2. This will be key to Cooper’s campaign if he is to get beyond the Liberal vs. Conservative paradigm

This could amount to a “lack of confidence” vote from the business community for McCrory, which could mean bad news for the governor in November

Our States as LAVAatories of Democracy–Exhibit A: North Carolina

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When Justice Louis Brandeis first spoke of the states as “laboratories of democracy,”  in a famous dissent in The New State Ice Company v. Liebmann decision, he could have never envisioned in 1932 that 84 years later that a bastardization of his concept would be at the center of this most unexpected legal and political smackdown: Whether or not the totally unenforcible, unnecessary, purely ideological and blatantly discriminatory North Carolina state law (HB2) should stand.  Remember, this is about a wide-ranging law that was rammed though at midnight with no discussion or dissent allowed, signed by the governor just hours later. It bigfooted a Charlotte law that had specifically guaranteed transgendered folks the right not to be discriminated against as they choose to use facilities that correspond to the sex of their choice.  That was the least of it.  This letter, from savvy attorney Joseph Stavola, appeared in the News and Record of Greensboro 5/9:

HB 2 supporters, you’ve been played. The legislative majority’s real agenda had nothing to do with an imaginary bathroom problem. It was to quietly further their vision of how to make North Carolina “business friendly”: freeze the minimum wage and free employers under state law to fire employees because of race, religion, age, etc., or to tell customers who are different to leave the premises for that reason alone.

I want to see a letter to the News & Record from any of you justifying why the citizens of North Carolina deserved the repeal of state legal remedies for workplace discrimination. That is what was really inside this Trojan Horse law, and its sponsors knew you’d all be distracted by a debate about what might be going on in the stalls of women’s rooms. The legislative majority could have written and passed a bill that was confined to the bathroom issue alone, but it didn’t. Have you asked yourselves why? So let’s hear from you; tell us that you support HB 2 in its entirety and applaud (NC Senate Leader) Berger (R) and Governor Pat McCrory (R) for diminishing the rights of you, me and every single citizen of North Carolina.

McCrory, caught between rockheads and a hard political place, upped the stakes Monday and guaranteed one of his standard talking points would come to pass.  “This is no longer just a North Carolina issue,” he said Sunday on Fox. “This is a basic change of norms that we’ve used for decades throughout the United States of America and the Obama administration is now trying to change that norm — again not just in North Carolina, but they’re ordering this to every company in the United States of America — starting tomorrow I assume, or Tuesday.”
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.25.55 PM
Maybe they thought six weeks ago that with the probability of Trump at the top of the ballot, this issue would blow up into a wonderful, base-building diversion that would excite the knuckle-dragging base to turn out in record numbers.  It’s backfired big time, with every Republican running for office, from Senator Richard Burr to McCrory himself to candidates further down the ballot buying extra campaign underwear as they lose support in every poll you can find. Nationalizing the subject makes it worse. Late in April, Public Policy Polling took a run at it.  I doubt Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.30.52 PMthings have gotten more favorable in the last two weeks.  But as Elton John sang, Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word.

HB 2 Deeply Unpopular in North Carolina; Voters Think It’s Hurting State. PPP’s new North Carolina poll finds minimal support from voters in the state for HB 2, and that voters think its passage has hurt the state in several ways. Just 36% of voters in the state support HB2, to 45% who are opposed. Independent voters are against it 33/46, and Democrats (20/63) are more unified in their opposition to the bill than Republicans (56/24) are in their support. Voters think the bill is having a bad effect on both the state’s economy and its overall reputation. 54% think it’s had a negative impact on North Carolina’s economy, to only 11% who think it’s having a positive impact.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in a spectacularly strong response to Pat McCrory doubling down and splitting his cards by going on pugnacious, classic George Wallace/Orville Faubus/Lester Maddox-Southern Governor-style offense and suing the Feds, said this:

Let me speak now to the people of the great state, the beautiful state, my state of North Carolina.  You’ve been told that this law protects vulnerable populations from harm – but that just is not the case.  Instead, what this law does is inflict further indignity on a population that has already suffered far more than its fair Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.33.49 PMshare.  This law provides no benefit to society – all it does is harm innocent Americans… It was not so very long ago that states, including North Carolina, had other signs above restrooms, water fountains, and on public accommodations, keeping people out based on a distinction without a difference. We’ve moved beyond those dark days.

The News and Observer of Raleigh explains the federal government’s view: The Justice Department says HB2 violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which governs employment, Title IX dealing with education and the Violence Against Women Act, which was reauthorized in 2013 to include gender identity as a protected class. McCrory’s lawsuit only addresses the Title VII employment protections, and concerns whether all state employees have the same right of access to restrooms.

The Republican majority in North Carolina has painted itself so far into it’s own too-clever-by-half corner that they are willing to risk billions of dollars in federal aid to public safety and the University of North Carolina system.  Of course, since these guys hate public education, in general, maybe this was part of their brilliant plan all along.

NC’s General Assembly: The Week Ahead

Amid much strife and controversy over North Carolina’s so-called “Bathroom Bill”, our General Assembly will be back in session doing The Work of the People™ this week. Let’s look in our crystal ball and see what we can expect from this group of exceptional public servants

MONDAY, APRIL 25: President Pro Tempore of the North Carolina Senate Phil Berger, Sr. (R-Tidy Bowl) introduces a bill setting aside $12.9 million for construction of a giant banner that says “F–k You Obama!” that will stretch from Hickory to Wilson and will be visible from space. When a reporter challenges Berger and calls the act “nakedly political”, Berger responds that tourists will come from miles around to see the banner and their revenue will replace revenue from the “dirty hippies who come to wallow in the filth of The People’s Republic of Asheville”

Meanwhile, Governor McCrory is said to be sitting in a quiet room, weeping softly as he watches “Sleepless in Seattle” and eats Ben and Jerry’s Blue Bell Ice Cream™. After some investigation, it turns out the ice cream was a gift from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who sent it to McCrory after some companies thinking about relocating to North Carolina did and about face and went to Texas, instead

TUESDAY, APRIL 26: In a fit of pique, House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Saniflush) nearly beats a page to death after someone puts a “Pecker Checker” badge in Moore’s bathroom. Declaring “If someone doesn’t take the blame for this, I will end this boy’s life”, Moore holds up the page’s nearly lifeless body as his phone rings. Someone has programmed “Born in the USA” as Moore’s ring tone, which sets him into an entirely new fit of absolute rage. Before State Troopers can separate him from the page, Mr. Moore can be heard shouting “KING KONG AIN’T GOT S–T ON ME!”. Troopers then tase him and he loses consciousness

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27: House and Senate Republicans propose a law outlawing any radio station in North Carolina from playing the music of the rock group Pearl Jam. A reporter suggests that Republicans are simply proposing the ban because Pearl Jam cancelled an April 20th show in Raleigh, citing their opposition to HB2. Speaker Moore calls the band’s fans “socialist wieners” and states that “their 90s nostalgia is really getting in the way of our 80s nostalgia”

Meanwhile, Governor McCrory is feeling well enough to get lunch at a Subway™ on Fayetteville Street. When someone pulls out an iPhone to record him, the governor shrieks, declares the device to be “a tool of the devil” and sprints down the streets of Raleigh back to the Governor’s Mansion

THURSDAY, APRIL 28: After Attorney General Roy Cooper condemns a Republican proposal to ban Bruce Springsteen “or any non Duke-related New Jerseyite” from traveling to North Carolina, Berger and Moore attempt to extract Cooper from his office physically. Cooper is able to keep the duo at bay by flashing a picture of Caitlyn Jenner to the men via his phone. This has the effect of garlic to vampires and the men run from Cooper’s office, hissing and gasping for air

Meanwhile, House and Senate Republicans introduce bills banning “German porn”, and allocating $6 million for a study of the 1992 film “The Crying Game”

FRIDAY, APRIL 29: Governor McCrory is remanded for psychological evaluation after being pulled over doing 100 mph in Petersburg, VA. Authorities believe he was traveling to the DC area to do harm to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. McCrory’s wife tipped off the authorities after discovering e-mails detailing the governor’s failed attempts to hire a hit man through Craig’s List. Ironically, even killers-for-hire were morally opposed to doing business with McCrory

At arraignment, a judge politely refuses the governor’s request for a “private commode”

Pat McCory’s Poll Numbers: Worse Than You Think

Many people are talking about the new Elon University poll, showing Governor McCrory trailing trailing Attorney General Roy Cooper 48-42 (with a 4% margin of error) ahead of their November showdown. Matthew Winkler of Bloomberg is scratching his head because Pat’s commitment to HB2 has hindered his ability to tell the “Carolina Comeback” story. SLOW DOWN, MATTHEW! Even before McCrory signed the “Bathroom Bill” into law, he was a fairly unpopular governor, who faced stiff competition from a seasoned, organized foe. With Donald Trump on top of the ticket, the uphill climb would probably be too great. With Ted Cruz, still tough, but doable

When you go back in history and examine North Carolina’s gubernatorial races, you see that the bad news is even more profound for McCrory. Since 1980, incumbent governors have run for re-election four times (winning all four contests) and they averaged 57.25% of the statewide vote. Even if we take away Jim Hunt’s gaudy numbers (62% in 1980 and 56% in 1996), we get to a level of support that’s 55.5%. Even if we give McCrory all four points in the margin of error, that only gets him to 46%, which is a little less than Richard Vinroot did in 2000 against Mike Easley, but a little better than Patrick Ballantine did against Easley four years later (Jim Martin’s 55% is the worst performance by an incumbent since 1980)

But, what is the absolute floor for Pat McCrory in November? It’s a safe bet that he’ll outperform Beverly Lake’s 37% in 1980.If we throw that one out, the second-place finisher in North Carolina has done no better than 43% (which was what McCrory’s challenger Walter Dalton earned in 2012). But, remember, those were all non incumbents, who faced major obstacles in terms of basic resources like name recognition. Jim Gardner in 1992 and Robin Hayes in 1996 both were fairly well-known to followers of state politics, but they didn’t have the name recognition of Jim Hunt. That’s probably why each garnered only 43% of the vote

The Cooper campaign must be ecstatic. Cooper has floated around Raleigh for a while, but he doesn’t have the name recognition of Pat McCrory, who was fairly well-known as Mayor of Charlotte before mounting a losing then a winning campaign for governor

Curiously, North Carolina’s gubernatorial races haven’t been terribly close in the past 36 years, with the exception of McCory’s losing effort, a 50-47 affair in 2008

Of course, there’s a lot of ground to cover until November and many factors simply can’s be accounted for. North Carolina’s Voter ID law will be in effect for the first time in a general election. These laws have traditionally knocked a couple of points off of Democratic totals. We also don’t know who will be on top of the Republican ticket come November. Political experts say that a Trump nomination could depress GOP turnout. A Cruz nomination would only be a little more helpful to McCrory. And, of course, any number of catastrophic events could change the election. But, still, Cooper’s got to be happy about his standing six months ’til judgment day

It remains to be seen if a repeal of HB2 would help McCrory much. At this point, the damage may already be done. But, before we get too cocky about Roy Cooper’s chances, remember a North Carolina incumbent governor hasn’t been defeated since 1892…which is a tad misleading because the position was a one (term) and done proposition until the state constitution was amended, allowing Hunt to run for a second term in ’80

Beating an incumbent is never an easy task and the Cooper campaign would probably be happy with a neck-and-neck performance, at this point. As it is, they’re ahead of the game. But, we’ve got a lot of game left to be played

A Thousand Words


Photo credit: Mark Binker, (
Photo credit: Mark Binker, (

What you see above is a man who finally understands that his empire is crumbling. We’ve been given few glimpses in history to the exact moment that someone realizes it’s over. Governor Pat McCrory finally realized he had followed a path of doom around 1:30 pm on April 19th, 2016. That’s when he was informed that the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against barring Gavin Grimm, who was born a woman, but identifies as a man, from using the men’s restroom. Legal experts say that the ruling puts North Carolina’s controversial HB2 out of commission

Maxine Eichner, a University of North Carolina law professor who is an expert on sexual orientation and the law, said the ruling — the first of its kind by a federal appeals court — means the provision of North Carolina’s law pertaining to restroom use by transgender students in schools that receive federal funds also is invalid

“The effects of this decision on North Carolina are clear,” she said, adding that a judge in that state will have no choice but to apply the appeals court’s ruling

Already, some are comparing the McCrory pic to this

Andy Card tells President Bush America has been attacked
Andy Card tells President Bush America has been attacked

Shortly after 9:00 am on September 11th, 2001, President George W. Bush was told by Chief-of-Staff Andrew Card that planes has crashed into the World Trade Center. That wasn’t the photo that struck me when I saw McCory’s moment. This one was

Y.A. Tittle

That is Hall of Fame quarterback Y.A. Tittle, photographed on September 20, 1964 as a member of the New York Giants, after being hit by John Baker of the Pittsburgh Steelers at the old Pitt Stadium. Tittle suffered a concussion and a cracked sternum on the play. He would play the rest of the season, but the once-mighty Giants finished with worst record in the league. In 1963, he threw 36 TD passes (a record that stood until Dan Marino broke it in 1984) and earned MVP honors. The next year, he was done

The photo became one of the most celebrated sports photographs of the entire 20th century. It captured a celebrated athlete at a moment of vulnerability, at a time when sports media portrayed football players as masked gladiators, conquering any obstacle they pleased. Humanity wasn’t part of the equation in 1964. Tittle would be tagged as “weak” and “helpless” for many year thanks to his moment captured in time

Ironically, the photo was beneficial to Baker, who used it when he ran for Sheriff of Wake County, NC (where he was born and raised) in 1978. He won and served for 25 years. Wake County is where Pat McCrory lives…for a little while longer

It was only yesterday that the fresh-faced former Mayor Pat took the oath-of-office and became the monstrous Governor Pat. Currently, North Carolina is a national punchline and McCrory shoulders a large portion of the blame. He continues to squawk that his solutions are “common sense”. He goes on television with a smile that’s so forced that it’s surely been applied with a sandblaster. Mr. Binker’s picture is a true glimpse inside McCrory’s soul. The consultants are far away and he’s trapped with his own thoughts. The neurons fire rapidly and he searches for the moment it all went wrong

Back to our friend, Mr. Tittle: He finally learned to embrace that awful photo. In 2009, he put it on the back cover of his autobiography. He told the Los Angeles Times

That was the end of my road. It was the end of my dream. It was over

Pat McCrory has just awoken from his dream. Let’s hope North Carolina is about to awake from it’s nightmare


Thank You Pearl Jam

At about 11:15 pm on August 6, 2000, I fell in love

It happened at the Greensboro Coliseum on the occasion of my 30th birthday. Pearl Jam was playing and Eddie spotted a kid close to the stage. He said something like this

I’ve been looking at this kid up front and he’s recording the show. And I don’t have a problem with that. I really don’t. It’s just that we’re about to play a romantic one and I wanted you to be able to dance with your girl. I just wanted to put your tape recorder up here on stage, so you can get a better sound

He then put the kid’s tape recorder by the onstage monitors and the band launched into their cover of “Last Kiss”. At that moment, I knew I would love that band for the rest of my life

Saturday night, before the show in Greenville, SC, my buddy Scott, who I went to high school with, asked me if he thought they would cancel Wednesday’s show in Raleigh. I told him that I was pretty confident if they were going to cancel, they would have already sone it

I hadn’t factored in a disastrous performance by Pat McCrory (R-Hamlet NC) on Sunday’s “Meet The Press”

Pretty sure that Pat’s appearance sealed the deal and rendered this Screenshot_2016-04-18-18-25-48-1

useless as PJ cancelled Raleigh on Monday

Their official statement:

It is with deep consideration and much regret that we must cancel the Raleigh show in North Carolina on April 20th.

This will be upsetting to those who have tickets and you can be assured that we are equally frustrated by the situation.

The HB2 law that was recently passed is a despicable piece of legislation that encourages discrimination against an entire group of American citizens. The practical implications are expansive and its negative impact upon basic human rights is profound. We want America to be a place where no one can be turned away from a business because of who they love or fired from their job for who they are.

It is for this reason that we must take a stand against prejudice, along with other artists and businesses, and join those in North Carolina who are working to oppose HB2 and repair what is currently unacceptable.

We have communicated with local groups and will be providing them with funds to help facilitate progress on this issue.

In the meantime we will be watching with hope and waiting in line for a time when we can return.

Perhaps even celebrate.

With immense gratitude for your understanding,

Pearl Jam


I don’t know if I’ve been prouder of this band

Make no mistake, I wish they would have made this decision last week or the week before, but what they said here is huge and makes a massive statement. Springsteen has always been a hero to Eddie, so it’s no surprise that he followed the lead of The Boss

I am ashamed of the leadership of my state. They have turned this place I loved into a place I barely recognize. North Carolinians were never people who were fearful or suspicious of each other. We never went out of our way to make people who were different feel strange. We accepted people who weren’t the same with open arms. It’s all changed now. My family has North Carolina roots going back a century and a half. If not seeing Pearl Jam once is enough to wake people up and give me my state back, I’m all for it

This really sucks for the fans because Pearl Jam hasn’t played Raleigh in 13 years. In fact, since a John Kerry fundraiser in Asheville in ’04, the band has only performed one North Carolina show (Charlotte, ’13)

As I watched a tremendous show in Greenville on Saturday, I became emotional thinking about what awaited me Wednesday. I felt that Eddie had made his decision and he would surely roll out an old chestnut from the Bush days. At that point, PJ was quite adamant about their opposition to the Iraq War and they started playing the old protest song “Here’s to the State of Mississippi” by Phil Ochs at their shows

It is a sad, mournful, despairing tune that pleads for those who have done damage to our country to get out. PJ’s version changed the lyrics to reflect Bush, Cheney, etc.

I closed my eyes Saturday and imagined how Eddie might lay into North Carolina by changing the lyrics on Wednesday and I got pretty emotional just thinking about it. Mississippi was shorthand to a generation of Americans for everything that was wrong about this great country. To think that North Carolina has become the modern-day Mississippi for LGBT folks, hurts me deeply. We can tell these people that we don’t support HB2 all we want, but it’s still a law and it’s still a North Carolina law

There’s a part of me that hoped Eddie would sing these hard truths to us on Wednesday, but I’m not certain I would have been able to bear it

God has richly blessed me in my life in so many ways. God has seen fit that I should attend 11 Pearl Jam shows, each unique memories I will carry for me to the grave. I hope the Lord makes it so that I can see my favorite band a 12th time one day. But, my greater hope is that He lets me see the day when I get my state back

Interview: NC Senator Dan Blue (D) On NC’s HB2

Brad and Britt spoke with NC state Senator Dan Blue (D) about North Carolina’s controversial HB2 law, the so-called “Bathroom Bill”. Blue detailed the special session of the General Assembly that took place in March and how Democrats were completely shut out of any discussion about HB2

Blue went on to detail the economic damage done to the state, including the cancellation of a PayPal operations center in Charlotte, which would have provided about 400 jobs. Deutsche Bank, Red Hat, and many others have decided against planned expansions in North Carolina. Additionally, Charlotte and Raleigh have both reported several conventions or gatherings that have either cancelled or said they will not consider coming to the state, costing North Carolinians millions in hotel tax revenues, restaurant revenue, and related revenues

Blue stated that it was his hope that Governor McCrory and Republican leaders will see the light and repeal HB2 so that North Carolina’s image can recover nationally. Brad and Britt bring up the fact that tourism season in the state is just beginning and many NC families rely on tourism to put bread on the table. A tourism boycott could severely hurt North Carolina families. Additionally, North Carolina agriculture is a $70 billion a year industry that could suffer from a boycott

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Summer Winds Blow Cold in North Carolina

Every schoolboy knows the story of the Roman Emperor Nero, who famously fiddled (allegedly) while Rome burned. Turns out, it was a fire that Nero started himself, historians say, to clear land for a palatial expansion. In modern day North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory has carried on Nero’s tradition, watching as an economic brush fire he started by signing HB2 into law continues to sweep across the state. Quick! Someone mail him a violin

The announcement that PayPal would cancel its plans to build an operations center in Charlotte is only the beginning. The Washington Post compares HB2’s passage to The Religious Freedom Restoration Act that became law in Indiana last year and finds that North Carolina has much more to lose

The business community is largely on PayPal’s side on this, and it could be just the first of several major companies decide it’s not worth it to be involved with North Carolina anymore

Red Ventures has already said it’s reconsidering plans for expansion. But, let’s consider a “worst case” scenario: What is the maximum damage that HB2 reactions could do to the North Carolina economy? Truth is, the sky is the limit

Take, for example, the tourism industry. Domestic tourists spent more than $20 billion in North Carolina in 2013 and the most recent data says that nearly 200,000 jobs are supported by tourism dollars. While no one expects people to cancel beach or mountain trips en masse many of these businesses are “mom-and-pops” that can suffer great damage from a boycott that results in a loss of even five or ten percent of their revenue. For many tourism-related businesses in North Carolina, ten percent can mean the difference between paying the bills or heading to the bank to borrow money to cover those bills (and even worse if borrowing isn’t an option). Many of these businesses already have exposure to inherent risks (hurricanes, for example) and don’t need anything else taking money out of their pockets (potentially). Finally, many of these business owners are reliable Republican voters, so they’re likely to see damage inflicted on their bottom line by people they put in office

And what about North Carolina’s leading industry, agriculture? More than eight million acres of the state are dedicated to agriculture and many of these are family farms. North Carolina agriculture is a $70 billion a year business (greater than the entire GDP of The Dominican Republic). What would a boycott of North Carolina agriculture do? Again, many of these family farms are already dealing with razor-thin margins and a loss of even a few percentage points of revenue can mean the difference between keeping the farm or selling the farm. And, once again, many of these farm families have voted Republican for decades

So, there are a lot of families in North Carolina who are looking at the summer months with trepidation. The game changed for them on March 23rd due to no fault of their own. Most of these families don’t have the luxury of a PayPal or a Labcorp, to look down the line at long-term projections. They can’t look beyond the upcoming tourism season or harvest. All of that is in jeopardy

History tells us that old Nero eventually offed himself, becoming the first Roman emperor to take his own life. It remains to be seen if Pat McCrory committed political suicide when he signed HB2 into law. It also remains to be seen if the people who put him in office in 2012 will hand him the knife in 2016


NC Governor’s Partisan Rancor Destroys Joy of UNC in NCAA Finals



AP Top News at 3:41pm

Raleigh, North Carolina (AP) North Carolina governor Patrick Lloyd (Pat) McCrory expressed his disappointment in the matchup Monday night for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. McCrory, already stung in his home state with shame, embarrassment, and economic boycotts from A-Z (Apple to Zaxby’s) due to fallout from the notorious “bathroom bill, was furious over Villanova’s advancement to play “his” Tar Heels. Governor McCrory released this statement:Screen shot 2016-04-03 at 3.56.48 PM

“It was bad enough that we had to tolerate those jerks from Syracuse, which in case you didn’t realize, is in New York State. Their Democrat governor, Andrew Cuomo, has joined the cross-dressing, gender-confused, probably bisexual parade of hypocrites who don’t realize we have expanded protections against discrimination for all of our citizens, not just the weirdos. Cuomo had told his state workers not to do business in North Carolina. As a result, no zany bet between governors occurred before the semi-finals. Sadly, Villanova is in Pennsylvania, a state governed by yet another tax and spend liberal governor, Tom Wolf. I have no intention, nor will I buckle to outside pressure groups or the liberal media, to make a bet with Governor Wolf. Unfortunately for our citizens, they are once more deprived of another piece of Americana… what made our once great country great. Had those Sooners beaten Villanova, a bet would have occurred between the wonderful Oklahoma Republican Governor Mary Fallin and me. We had it all lined up and now my plans are in ruin. I am a victim of the lack of bipartisan spirit by the Democrat leaders of New York and Pennsylvania and will never give in. Unless they tell me to.”