B&B Podcast 02/12/16

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Daily Trump Dump 02/10/16

THE BIG STORY: No time to bask in the glow of the big New Hampshire win because it’s on to South Carolina for their 2/20 primary. It’s a yooge one because I can’t find any research that indicates any GOP candidate who has won two of the first three contests (IA,NH,SC) who has NOT gone on to capture the nomination

Slight boo boo for The Donald at his big rally at Clemson University

By the way, a DT rally is Clemson’s punishment for losing college football’s national championship game

The NY Daily News pissed our hero off again

“The owner is a guy named Mort Zuckerman who’s got a total inferiority complex and he’s had [it] for years,” Trump said. “He’s jealous as hell because he would have loved to have done it himself.”

“He is a bad guy,” Trump told Fox News. “He asked me for advertising for his newspaper and he wanted me to make speeches and he wanted me to do his debate which was just before the Fox debate – the one where you drew 24 million people – and I said I could not do it.”

My God, Donnie Boy! That man sounds as petty and vindictive as YOU DO

But, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Mockery goes to Johnny Depp and the guys at Funny Or Die for their masterpiece, a supposed movie adaptation of The Art of the Deal

Absolutely BRILLIANT in every way

WaPo says one Trump sentence says it all

The only thing he (Senator Sanders) does know, and he’s right about, is that we’re being ripped off; he says that constantly; and I guess he and I are the only two that really say that

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at Trump’s 41-year-old campaign manager

The playbook for Mr. Trump’s double-digit first-place finish here, according to Mr. Lewandowski, has been the theory of the campaign from day one and will continue going forward: “Let Trump be Trump.” Those words have been scrawled on his office white board since Mr. Trump announced his run June 16

SUPER original

(Flashback to a month ago when Fox News accused Obama of ripping off West Wing)

The Beck vs. Trump war isn’t over

Funny stuff from Glenn, Pat, and Stu

Race war erupts over Trump sticker on a computer

The Donald wants China to wipe out Kim Jong Un

“I would get China to make that guy [Kim Jong Un] disappear in one form or another very quickly,” Trump said Wednesday on “CBS This Morning,” fresh off his New Hampshire primary victory.

Asked whether that meant assassinating the dictator of the reclusive regime, Trump shrugged.

“Well, you know, I’ve heard of worse things, frankly. I mean this guy’s a bad dude — and don’t underestimate him,” Trump responded. “Any young guy that can take over from his father with all those generals and everybody else that probably wants the position, this is not somebody to be underestimated.”

Yeah. He’s one bad haircut from being YOU

Cruz aide says Trump’s is a Seinfeld campaign

“The whole campaign is about nothing.”

Rick Tyler told CNN’s Erin Burnett that Trump says “nothing about immigration, nothing about job creation, nothing about what’s going on in North Korea, nothing about ISIS. I mean this is amazing.”

Russian immigrant turns Trump love into art

Krasky’s been busy trying to capture Trump’s larger-than-life persona for the last few months.

“When my wife comes home, she says: ‘Put your brushes away or soon we will be divorced,’” he says.

If I was a judge and someone came into court and said their spouse wouldn’t stop painting Donnie Boy, I’d award them EVERYTHING. House, money, EVERYTHING. I might even use eminent domain to seize a house and give THAT one to them, as well

The Rolling Stones say they haven’t given The Donald permission to use their tunes

That’s right, sir; even you can’t always get what you want



Daily Trump Dump 02/09/16

THE BIG NEWS: Our hero landed a big victory in New Hampshire. After leading for months, Trump cruised to first place with Ohio Governor John Kasich coming in second. Trump was decaffeinated in his victory speech

I wanna thank everybody, but I really wanna begin by paying homage to my parents, Mary and Fred, they’re up there, looking down, they’re saying “this is something very special”. They love this country and they’re very, very happy right now

Humility? Saluting one’s late parents? These are almost human emotions. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH DONALD TRUMP?


WHEW! Thanks PoliticoThat’s more like it. It’s noteworthy that Trump had lobbed most of his Twitter bombs at Jeb! and Cruz, leaving Kasich untouched. It will be interesting to see if Trump goes after Kasich during Saturday’s debate in Greenville, SC, ahead of the Palmetto State Primary. Senator Rubio may have lost his debate partner in Governor Christie, which might leave him ripe for some Trump rump kickin’. Cruzer is expected to do well with the evangelicals in South Carolina, but, make no mistake about it, Trump’s New Hampshire victory put him in the catbird seat and it will be tough to knock him out from this point forward

Trump holds a dominant lead in SC

The great “P—y Debate” of 2016 raged on. Clearly, it doesn’t seem to have hurt him, so, I’d say this will be used liberally a la Oprah


I always like to drop in a “candy ass” and I would recommend that to The Donald. It was a favorite put-down of Dale Earnhardt and that will play well in South Carolina

Cruzer reacts

Let’s go to the feed

You betcha! And before you know it, we’ll be exporting quality AMERICAN heroin to Mexico! #MakeHeroinGreatAgain

Slight point-of-order here: If the Grande Wall is built, wouldn’t the drug guys just try to get the H over the CANADIAN border, which is a helluva lot closer to New Hampshire than Mexico, last time I checked. So, are we building ANOTHER wall, this one THREE TIMES as long as the Mexican one. Here’s the thing about a potential Canadian wall: I think we could actually get the Canadians to pay for that one. I can imagine that if Trump wins the presidency in November, Canada will start laying bricks within the hour

If you lived in New Hampshire and had to deal with these self-important blowhards and the media every four years, wouldn’t you wrap a belt around your arm and ride the white horse? I can hardly blame them

Heroin: It’s cocaine for people who don’t work on Wall Street

By the way, Trump says the wall will cost $8 billion, but, who cares, because Mexico’s paying, right?

I’m sure they’ll be sending you Whitman’s samplers in no time, Donny Boy. Hey! What kind of romantic plans do you think Trump has for Melania for Valentine’s Day? You think he’ll just roll out a bushel of 20s, spread them on the bed and make love right on top of thousands and thousands of Jacksons? How about getting himself in the mood by watching reruns of The Apprentice then screaming “YOU’RE FIRED!” as he climaxes? Or making sweet love in Trump Force One as the real Lionel Richie (he needs the cash) croons behind a curtain at the front of the plane? Say what you will about The Donald; he knows how to treat the ladies

Trump’s son Eric says waterboarding is more like college hazing than torture

Sure. If Dick Cheney is your frat president (double secret waterboarding, anybody?). Maybe Eric pledged Phi Kappa Sodomy

Trump launches attack ad against Cruz

WaPo explain’s Trump’s accent

Trump still wants Bloomberg to enter race

Sure. He’s running out of people to call p—ies




Daily Trump Dump 02/08/16

THE BIG NEWS: One day before the First in the Nation New Hampshire Primary, our hero holds an impressive lead and if anyone except Donald Trump wins, it would have to be classified as a huge upset. But, let’s go back to Sunday

Were you thinking to yourself, about halfway through the first quarter Man! I sure wish I could see ANOTHER Republican debate or Let me go over to You Tube and check out three hours of Iowa Caucus highlights? Well, OF COURSE, you are. This just shows how this man has his finger on the pulse of America. People love politics way more than football. That’s why they’ve put Meet the Press on Thursday nights. And Monday Night Politics has been a winner on television for 45 years. Who hasn’t bought their son a bright, shiny Gerald Ford jersey for Christmas? America loves Trump’s edgy truth and they just can’t get enough of it

Back to the feed

I was so hoping Jebby would pile on Saturday when Trump was getting booed Saturday

Stuff like Gee, Donald, you’re really winning them over or What a crowd pleaser! New Hampshire loves you. But, Jeb’s not great at smartassery

Just hitting the speed bag. Don’t you think there’s a dark room at Mar-A-Largo with just cutout pictures of Jebby posted on a wall in a variety of posters with cutout letters from magazines and newspapers spelling loser and pathetic and horrible?

I am surprised that Trump didn’t tweet about Cam Newton’s “classlessness” after the Super Bowl. Is Cam Newton really a worse loser than Trump? Discuss

Polls? You want polls? CNN has Trump up by 14Monmouth says 16UMass Loweel has it at 21It’s 15 in the Emerson College pollThe Real Clear Politics rolling average has Trump’s lead at 16

So, looking ahead, South Carolina is looking really good for Trump. I’m not smart enough to know if anyone has won 2 of the 3 early contests and gone on to lose the nomination, bit I would think that would be just about a lock for the GOP nomination. That Rubio momentum and The Cruzer’s victory in Iowa just don’t mean a whole lot, at this point. If anyone has any secret weapon/dirty tricks to keep this man from winning the nomination, now would be the time to speak up. Tomorrow may be too late

Trump suggested to lunatic talk radio host Michael Savage that maybe, just maybe Obama doesn’t want to beat ISIS

“It’s radical Islamic terrorism, and we have a president who won’t even use the words,” he said. “If you don’t use the words, you’re never going to get rid of the problem.

“Maybe he doesn’t want to get rid of the problem,” Trump said. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on.”

And if you don’t use the words “narcissistic billionaire” you’ll never get rid of the problem, either

Trump repeats woman’s assertion that Cruz is a p—y

Former Mexican president says Mexico won’t pay for Trump’s “stupid wall”. And, in other news, lungs are for breathing

The Donald doesn’t want Greenwich, CT sullied by Syrian refugees

Donny Boy told Tom Brady not to endorse him

I said, ‘Don’t do that, because you may have a sponsor that doesn’t like me.’ They may be liberal, they may be something. And I don’t want him to get involved in that stuff. It’s hard for athletes

See? This man is always thinking of others. Never gives a single thought to himself or his own wellbeing. Refreshing

Trump says he’ll return white supremacist’s campaign donation

WaPo says A Face in the Crowd foretold Trump’s political rise

Donald’s large head made an appearance at a German parade. Maybe someone should vow to make Germany great again

Oh, wait! I think someone already did that

B&B Podcast 02/04/16

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Daily Trump Dump 02/02/16

THE BIG NEWS: After licking his wounds from the second place finish in Iowa, our hero turned his attention to New Hampshire. After a brief bout with graciousness, The Artist Formerly Known as Republican Frontrunner was back to lobbing Cruz missiles on his twitter feed

Yep. Ted Cruz was the big loser in Iowa last night. Baghdad Bob has nothing on you, sir

That’s an RT, of course, and this is like going through the stages of grief on social media

Yeah. You never wanted to win stinky old Iowa anyway

You guys have been doing a terrible job of smooching my rear end, so let’s step that up. Also, I feel like this opens the door for Clem and Bubba in Fartsville, GA to be encouraged to send their 10s and 20s to The Donald. How sad is that going to be? People will be missing car payments and light bills to throw a couple of bucks to a billionaire

Future Trump Press Secretary Ann Coulter wasn’t happy about the results in Iowa

And among women with Adam’s Apples, you’re the hottest, Ann

After finding out that Coulter was cheering them on, millions of Christians immediately googled “benefits of atheism”

Donald admits skipping last week’s debate might have cost him in Iowa

“People didn’t talk about my second place,” Trump added. “They didn’t talk about it as positively as they should have.”

Why won’t you people give this man the credit he deserves? Maybe it’s because he tweeted this more than two years ago

Live by the twitter, die by the twitter, Donnie Boy

Bill O’Reilly: Incredible blunder for Trump t skip debate

Bill isn’t just saying that to get an “I told you so”, is he? I mean, he’s not that kind of a guy, is he?

Trump: If we’re attacked, we’ll beat the s–t out of them

If we are attacked…somebody attacks us. Wouldn’t you rather have Trump as president if we’re attacked? OH! We’ll beat the s–t out of them!

Unless their commanding General is Megyn Kelly

Former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) endorses Trump

Yeah. I’m not real sure if anyone in NH cares about that, even though Brownie moved there in a failed attempt to get back to the Senate

Trump: NH probably suits me better

Great, you just insulted the entire state

Peyton Manning cost Trump the Iowa Caucus

Less then 2 hours after Peyton refused to endorse him, Donald Trump lost the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz in a stunning upset. Many political commentators are pointing to Mannings remarks as being the primary factor in his loss. In other words- Peyton Manning just cost Donald Trump the presidency

Most people think Manning’s football career will be over after Sunday’s game, so, maybe he’ll grow a set and throw down that endorsement early next week, just in time to help his boy in Tuesday’s primary

Trump supporters blame Microsoft for Iowa loss

According to advocates of the #MicrosoftRubioFraud theory, Sen. Marco Rubio’s second-largest donor, the computer giant Microsoft, rigged Monday night’s caucus in favor of a candidate that came in third place just behind Trump. Microsoft, after all, had created precinct reporting software for both parties in Iowa this year, and the company (including individuals within it) have donated $33,100 to Rubio’s campaign so far

Washington Times says Trump is in running for Nobel Peace Prize

And I am being considered for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue





Groundhog Day Decision in Iowa and Elsewhere: At Least Six More Weeks of Trump

Our long, national nightmare …… has just begun.  Watching the returns come in as Ted Cruz whooped Donald Trump in Iowa and deciding who to favor was like imagining an arm wrestling match between Lord Voldemont and Darth Vader.   Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.06.03 AMIowans are no more politically engaged, nor do they love America, nor do they “take their vote more seriously” than any other state, in spite of the over-romanticized drivel we’re exposed to every four years.  Every meal consumed by every Hawkeye citizen is not eaten at a local diner (NH gets to add-in ubiquitous Dunkin Donuts franchises) and Iowa’s position as the first state to have any kind of say in the process is so arbitrary, wrong, and non-representative of the country that…. nothing will change.  The only answer as to why this is so is because we’ve been doing it that way for 40+ years.

On the positive side, I noticed there is no voter ID law in Iowa.  You don’t need to whip out your government-issued ID to prove who you are to vote.  Why is that?  Is that because everyone really does trust everyone in Iowa, or because they realize you’d truly have to be insane to want to waste your time impersonating someone else at those dreadful caucuses?  How do Republicans in all the other states that passed those phony voter ID laws under the guise of “protecting the integrity of the vote,” when we all know they’re about suppressing traditional Democratic voters on the margins…. how do Republicans reconcile the results in Iowa?  The answer is they don’t, and would surely already have a voter ID law just like other Republican-controlled states except that Iowa still has a Democratic state senate to stop it from happening.  Not so many minorities to disenfranchise in Iowa, but during the returns you hear lots about those counties where the U. of Iowa and Iowa State are located.  A good, American Legislative Exchange Council-written voter ID law would help discourage those little crumb-snatching college brats from participating.

I also noticed the remarkable logic of the county map of Iowa.  The counties are as square as possible and line up in rows so nicely.  It’s like a Municipal Bingo Card.  If you rule that center county, Polk, where Des Moines is, you’re on your way.  It makes so much sense. Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.00.24 AM





Why must the state I live in have counties that look so goofy?

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 9.59.11 AM





Up next, New Hampshire…. another non-representative state that takes itself way too seriously, guarding its position as the First Primary with that stunning childish arrogance.  As if I need to abide by a state full of people who are part of the Tom Brady Cult.  No way.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.33.16 AM

Trump Daily Dump 01/25/16

No overwhelming big story dominating the headlines, but the Glenn Beck vs. Donald Trump war continued

Beck continued, quoting Trump, “‘I could go onto Fifth Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn’t lose a vote.’ He has joked about killing reporters — and ‘not’ killing reporters like Putin does.”

So, when Beck thinks your rhetoric is dangerous…

“One of the things that Donald Trump does, when you have a guy who is angry and then has an enemies list and starts to just take people down over and over and over again — if you disagree with him, he destroys you.”


Quickly, let’s sketch out the Trump Enemies List:

  1. Megyn Kelly
  2. NBC
  3. Scotland (wouldn’t be surprised if bombing Scotland was on the “first day in office” agenda)
  4. The National Review
  5. Mexicans (despite his MANY Mexican friends)
  6. China
  7. People who don’t say “Merry Christmas”
  8. Glenn Beck
  9. George Takei
  10. America Ferrera
  11. Reporters with disabilities (probably making mental note to amend Americans with Disabilities Act to exclude joutnalists)
  12. Hillary
  13. Jeb!
  14. The Cruzer
  15. Carly Fiorina
  16. Obama
  17. Political Correctness
  18. People who hate on “New York Values”
  19. People who don’t support the 2nd Amendment
  20. People who hate on eating pizza with a knife and a fork
  21. Bill de Blasio 
  22. Rowdy Ronda Rousey
  23. Conor McGregor

You can see, without breaking a sweat, we’ve exceeded the paltry 20 names on RMN’s list. Guy was a total LOSER with a capital “L”

Let’s go to the feed. Lots of Cruz missiles today

That’s a two-fer. You slam both Cruz and Jeb!

Donald is just concerned about Cruzer’s health, sounds like. Hilarious campaign stunt: Send Cruz headquarters a case of Lexapro

Sure. Like saying Mexico would pay for the wall. Now, this next one was RT’d by The Donald

I’m assuming that Geraldo is one of Trump’s MANY hispanic friends. Here’s one from Geraldo’s feed that Trump did NOT re-tweet

Under other circumstances, if Geraldo wasn’t being so solicitous, Trump would tweet about “terrible” Geraldo being fired from his NYC talk radio job. Donald also RT’s this

When Coulter points lovingly to Rummy, somewhere an angel gives up and throws her wings in the trash. My new hope is that the Coulter/Trump love affair continues and they make a sex tape, which would then DESTROY the entire sex tape industry

Trump is skeptical of Bloomberg’s reported worth, but he would “love” to have the former NYC Mayor get in the presidential race. Trump’s questioning of Bloomberg’s fortune isn’t just one of those “unzip and measure your willie” contests, is it? Nah. Couldn’t be that

Cruzer still banging that “New York Values” drum. Did this actually ring a bell for people in focus groups or something?

Scouring the twitter account of Trump spokeswoman (her description) Katrina Pierson has drawn the ire of The Catholic League. To be fair, that tweet is more than four years old and she hates Catholics way less now

Cruz on feud with Trump: He started it

Trump heartily endorses Holiday Inn Express. Why, I bet after a good night’s rest there, he could shoot anybody at 100 yards on 5th Avenue

Cruzer hits Trump on that “Two Corinthians” thing at Liberty

Rapper Chingy may or may not have endorsed Trump

Cruz accuses Trump of “insulting me every day”. In other news, sharks live in the ocean

Donald isn’t “100% sure” he’ll be at the debate on Thursday