Hillary Announces Outreach & Listening Tour For “Deplorables”–Just Like Donald Did With The Blacks!





screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-3-58-48-pmWhen Donald Trump found out his poll ratings with The Blacks were at intolerably low levels because they hate him because he said Obama was a lying, cheating fraud who wasn’t a US Citizen and was an illegitimate president….. when Donald got wind of The Blacks’ attitude towards him he immediately fixed it by showing up at a black church in Detroit, dancing with them, and telling them that Lincoln was a Republican.  They cheered, forgot why they hated him, and took to heart his promise to rid the streets of crime, create and bestow upon them jobs, and keeping any would-be Motor City-bound Mexicans from moving anywhere near their neighborhoods.  A wall on the Ohio border would be a good start. The blacks loved it. They pledged to give Donald a chance.  They had put the other party in charge of their city for a long time and it’s only fair they give Donald a shot. Donald rocketed in popularity with the Blacks. All the nice, white housewives around Columbus and Philly and Charlotte now like him too because he’s a wonderfully inclusive, generous man who loves all the people and will continue his campaign of inclusion.


Now that Typhoid Hillary dances the Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu but tried to hide it to prove Donald was wrong when he said she was just like Jeb…. no stamina and low energy… she needs a way out. Not just on the health issue but on her “deplorables” riff from Friday night, which completely turned around a building advantage she’d had when Donald late in the week continued to heap praise on Vladimir Putin and had again demonstrated his complete lack of temperament by threatening war with Iran over ships that “bother us.” He’d already crazily brought back his wish that we should have plundered Iraq’s oil in a war that he continues to lie about his early support of the 2003 invasion.  Hillary gave up all that late-week advantage by going Trump: telling her rally people what they wanted to hear… that half of Trump supporters are less-than-American goons.  Topped with (excuse me for this) Pneumoniagate, she was like a football team up 31-0 at the half determined to blow the game.

For the record, Charles Blow of the New York Times writes, it doesn’t matter if the essence of what Hillary said is true.  It just doesn’t matter. It’s bad politics.  She provided Trumpworld with the Soundbite From Heaven.

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people — now 11 million. He tweets and retweets their offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

Bad news, girl…. they are a part of America and a politician can’t mouth off like that with such cavalier arrogance and not pay a price. Unless your name is Donald and that’s the entire essence of your being. But remember the story at the top of this post and what Trump did to turn it around. (ok, I know he really didn’t turn anything around, but this is for demonstration and entertainment purposes only) As Motown girl Diana Ross wrote:

Reach out and touch
Somebody’s hand
Make this world a better place
If you can

That’s right, Hillary, you gotta get out there and meet those racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, any kind of phobic you’ve offended. Even the arachibutyrophobics, who live in fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of their mouth.  Ok, that’s a fake one that was first mentioned in the Peanuts comic strip.  Back to Charles Blow:

What Clinton said was impolitic, but it was not incorrect. There are things a politician cannot say. Luckily, I’m not a politician. Donald Trump is a deplorable candidate — to put it charitably — and anyone who helps him advance his racial, religious and ethnic bigotry is part of that bigotry. Period. Anyone who elevates a sexist is part of that sexism. The same goes for xenophobia. You can’t conveniently separate yourself from the detestable part of him because you sense in him the promise of cultural or economic advantage. That hair cannot be split.

Furthermore, one doesn’t have to actively hate to contribute to a culture that allows hate to flourish.

Hillary’s Outreach & Listening Tour For the Deplorables!

Out to Idaho to some white supremacist outpost.  Hanging out with 8 Minnesota Vikings fan-guys in a Mankato Mancave on a Sunday afternoon to cover both your sexism and homophobe remark.  Plenty of Coor’s Light, for some reason. Xenophobia can be handled as you uncomfortably make your way though a NASCAR crowd September 25th at the New England 300 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Your numbers in the Granite state are not as good as they should be.  This could turn it around.  Finally, you need to get good with the Islamophobes.  They’re widely scattered.  I suggest a dinner at an Afghan restaurant in New York with Bill OReilly and Ann Coulter.  Not only can you cover Islam, but they are like a couple human center spaces on your Bingo Card of the Offended.  They really hate you, and everything else that’s not white male Christian.  Make OReilly pick up the tab.  You’ll fare as well as Donald did in Detroit.  Maybe even better!


NASCAR is Dying

NOTE: In this piece, NASCAR refers to the Sprint Cup Series, which is NASCAR’s premiere series and what most people think of when they think of the term NASCAR

I’d like to think that the current death spiral for NASCAR started when it’s chief executive endorsed the Klan’s favorite presidential candidate

But, that’s a little simplistic. As far as I can tell, NASCAR’s current problems began on February 18, 2001. Dale Earnhardt died on the last lap of the Daytona 500 and the sport has been looking for the next Intimidator ever since Again, a little simplistic, but there’s an element of truth to it. In a sport where the old-timers always talk about how things will never be as good as the “good old days,” it’s just not possible that any of today’s drivers will ever measure up to Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Think about it: Earnhardt probably knew real moonshine runners, the people who founded the sport. His father and grandfather raced on dirt tracks for money that barely covered their expenses. With all due respect to legacy driver Austin Dillon (an immensely talented star who pilots the number 3 car made famous by Earnhardt), do you think Austin rolled around on the garage floor looking for ball bearings the night before he drove 300 miles to go make twenty bucks at a dirt track? But, is that even what NASCAR is about? Is the “dirt track hero” narrative something that excites today’s younger consumers/fans? After all, today’s NASCAR (particularly the Sprint Cup series) is less about Jim Bob and more about Jimmy John’s™ being “freaky fast” The numbers tell a striking story. The first five races of the season showed steep declines in television viewership

Daytona — 6.6 final rating (down 14% from 2015), 11.4 million viewers (down 15%) Atlanta — 4.1 final rating (down 27%), 6.8 million viewers (down 28%) Las Vegas — 4.4 final rating (down 4%), 7.2 million viewers (down 7%) Phoenix — 4.0 final rating (down slightly), 6.6 million viewers (down 5%) Fontana — 4.0 final rating (down 7%), 6.8 million viewers (down 7%)

And it hasn’t gotten better since then

NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from Charlotte earned a 3.2 overnight rating on FOX Sunday evening, down 11% from last year (3.6), down 18% from 2014 (3.9) and the lowest overnight for the race since moving to FOX in 2001 — including rainouts. The race has now set or tied a multi-year low in five of the past seven seasons and each of the past three. Overnight ratings have now declined for all-but-three Sprint Cup races this year, with seven of the 13 down by double-digits and six hitting a multi-year low. The 3.2 overnight is not just low by Charlotte standards, tying the second-lowest overnight for any Sunday Sprint Cup race on FOX. This season has produced the three lowest Sunday overnights, with Bristol also earning a 3.2 and Richmond setting the low bar at 2.9

We’re living in a UFC world. There’s a reason that UFC is being valued at $4 billion. It’s because, more than any sports entity this century, they’ve adapted to the digital lifestyle of young consumers. It’s very easy for UFC fans to share clips on social media with their friends. It’s easy for UFC fans to interact during big fights on twitter, which has become the best sports bar ever. Unless NASCAR pushes fans to share spectacular crashes, which seems a bit morbid, they’re probably not going to be social media friendly. Coca-Cola™ isn’t in the snuff film business Which, gets to the heart of the problem: NASCAR has become too corporate. With billion-dollar brands as part of the equation, it’s impossible for anybody to have any fun. It’s one thing for Jethro to fight Clem, but when it becomes Metro PCS™ endorser slugging it out with Skittles™ spokesperson, it becomes a little less dangerous and a lot more boring So, given the unassailable facts, what is NASCAR to do? So far, a lot of nothing. And, to be fair, in today’s media landscape, there is value to being able to attract an audience of 5 or 6 or 7 million viewers. So, the big brains who run the sport will continue to point to that and not address existential problems which threaten the future of the sport Which brings us back to this guy


Trump Hat


He’s been repeating that he got more votes than any Republican presidential candidate ever received in history (also true of Mitt Romney in ’12 and John McCain in ’08, etc.). He insists that he’s energized the base. He brags that he’ll bring new people into the fold Meanwhile, America has changed. It’s less white, less male-dominated, and more diverse. The America that could have elected Donald Trump president isn’t there anymore. And, due to the sycophantic bubble he lives in, he won’t make the changes he needs to in order to appeal to more people because he doesn’t think he needs to make any changes Which means we should be pretty close to a NASCAR driver who debuts by wrecking half the field and fighting the other half. He’ll curse profusely in interviews on national television and smoke unfiltered Camel™ cigarettes as he signs women’s ample breasts unapologetically in front of their children. He’ll do Fireball™ shots at the drivers’ meeting and make You Tube videos of him wiping his rear end with NASCAR fine notices. And NASCAR will enjoy a spike in popularity, but the march towards irrelevance will continue On the hood of his car: Make Racing Great Again

B&B Podcast 03/01/16

NASCAR CEO endorses Trump, Clarence Thomas speaks, Oscar discussion. twitter.com/BradandBritt facebook.com/BradandBrittShow

Daily Trump Dump 02/29/16

THE BIG NEWS: Leap Day 2016 will probably be referred to as “Earpiece Day” by future generations. After yesterday’s weird interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, where Trump failed (several times) to separate himself from David Duke and white supremacists, Our Hero explained why he didn’t take the opportunity to wash his hands of racists on Today

Let me tell you, I’m sitting in a house in Florida with a very bad earpiece that they gave me and you could hardly hear what he was saying, but what I heard was ‘various groups’ and I don’t mind disavowing anybody and I disavowed David Duke

Thus, “bad earpiece” became the “wide stance” of 2016. If Rubio doesn’t bring up the earpiece during Thursday’s debate, he’s ten shades of yellow. Extra points if he refers to Trump as “Ole Earpiece over here”. After all, Rubes has insinuated that DT has a small penis

FWIW, I like “Comedy Zone” Rubio. Much more laid back. It’s like he’s Jeffrey Ross at The Donald Trump Roast

Meanwhile, a “Mommy and Daddy are fighting” scenario developed over the Rubes/Trump feud between Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. They duked it out on Twitter. Here’s an example of the back-and-forth

DAMN! All the drama of the epic Spring Valley Middle School “Whitney called Courtney a slut” battle of 2014. I just hope those crazy kids make up. They’re so good together. Like Pepsi and battery acid

A little drama at a Trump rally in Virginia today, as Time photographer Chris Morris was choke slammed by a Secret Service agent. Morris said he ventured 18 inches out of the “press pen” to get a better look at protestors being escorted out

At a Trump rally in Georgia, DT ordered the Secret Service to remove some black students who didn’t suit him

Now, imagine that guy in charge of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

Super Tuesday is upon us and Ted Cruz is poised for a win in his home state of  Alberta Texas. Trump is destroying Rubes in Florida. DT is killing it in Virginia and Georgia, as well as Michigan and Massachusetts. Things are close in Ohio, which could be Kasich’s last stand. It’s pretty grim for everyone not named Donald Trump. After Tuesday, the money men will have to reassess whether they want to back Cruz or Rubio because they probably need to take a hard look at their resources and continuing to throw money at both won’t be practical. Cruzer, at least has racked up two victories (assuming he holds serve in the Lone Star State), while Rubes has none. Carson is simply staying in to sell his next book. Kasich will probably drop out if he loses Ohio, so we’ll, essentially, be down to Cruzer vs. DT after Super Tuesday. At that point, The Donald may have captured enough delegates that it’s too late, anyway

In a ponderous move on Monday, NASCAR’s CEO and some past and present drivers endorsed Trump

I’ll set aside the drivers’ endorsements, as they can do what they want, but to have Brian France endorse DT is further evidence that NASCAR simply will never be at the same level as the NFL, NBA, MLB, or even the NHL. Can you imagine Roger Goodell endorsing any presidential candidate? And, before you start, I’m quite aware that Mr. Goodell has had some lapses in judgment. But, let’s get real: There’s no way a legitimate sports organization would co-sign for a guy who is the presidential candidate of choice for the Ku Klux Klan. Even WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who runs a fake sports organization and is a rabid Republican has kept his powder dry with regards to The Donald (the two know each other well). It becomes an even more perplexing move, as NASCAR is negotiating for a new partner for it’s highest-level series. Let’s say you’re the CEO of, let’s say McDonald’s and you’re considering sponsoring The Mickey D’s Cup. You want to go take a meeting with a guy who just showed mad love for David Duke’s crush?

And let’s not even talk about NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity. I’d love to see Brian France explain to a Hispanic kid wanting to enter the sport why he supported a guy who has stated that the Mexican government is sending rapists and murderers across the border

But, maybe I’m reading this wrong. Maybe Trump’s precious wall will be a SAFER barrier


Trump Changes All Rules; Even Godwin’s Law Warning Against Invoking Hitler Now Suspended

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.06.22 PM

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.09.50 PM











We really need to know the origin and meaning of Godwin’s Law, so here it is, courtesy of knowyourmeme.com:

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 2.56.27 PM

In their endorsement of John Kasich, the New York Times addressed those of us who see the fraudulent, unprincipled, Sarah Palin-endorsed pitchman Donald Trump currying favor with his idiot followers who now permanently and singularly own the definition of “low-information voters.” Says the Times in their editorial endorsement: “At a meeting with The Times’s editorial writers, Mr. Trump talked about the art of applause lines. “You know,” he said of his events, “if it gets a little boring, if I see people starting to sort of, maybe thinking about leaving, I can sort of tell the audience, I just say, ‘We will build the wall!’ and they go nuts.” Wouldn’t it just be easier to have some chicks with big boobs come out and lift up their shirts, like they do at the infield at a NASCAR race? It’s all about the applause, right Donald? Jheesh…. As for Der Spiegel’s cover invoking a dictator destroying his country and its civilized moorings and basic decency….. who’s to argue with their experience in this area?  Click here to see the flames actually dance!

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.19.58 PM