I admit I profile mass shooters’ religion, their ethnicity, their politics, their motives. Boy, was I wrong about the Colorado guy. Non-judgemental media sets me straight.


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Dear Robert Dear, I sincerely apologize for prejudging you upon hearing of the Colorado Planned Parenthood Murders.  Even though all day Friday and Saturday the news reports were 100% neutral, saying “we don’t know if there were political motives” or my favorite, “we don’t know if this specifically had anything to do with Planned Parenthood and the abortion issue,” I harbored the worst possible thoughts about you.  Thank you, media, for not speculating on this man’s reasons for invading a PP clinic and firing away.   Several times I heard it said that “we don’t know for sure he intentionally targeted a Planned Parenthood clinic.”  Correct.  He could just as easily holed himself up in a Starbucks, a Chuck E. Cheese, or a dentist’s office.  Here’s the Denver Post, late Saturday afternoon:

Planned Parenthood shootings increasingly seem politically motivated


Ya think?  There I was, simply assuming you, Dear, were a liberal, Jewish, Obamacare-supporting, card-carrying member of the ACLU, a labor union member possibly angry over the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, or a NAACP, NARAL, Amnesty International, Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence-type.  It’s just so wrong to assume, isn’t it? As the information began to take real shape on Sunday, boy was I ever surprised that while in custody you ranted, “no more baby parts,” possibly (let’s not speculate falsely, again) referring to the doctored, anti-Planned Parenthood, discredited sting videos.
How should I feel that a fully intimidated, politically correct media has taken a cue from Obama, refusing to label radical rightwing anti-abortion rights domestic terrorism for what it is?  Remember, as poll leader Trump tweeted a few weeks ago:


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I look forward to other bloggers, conservative talk radio, and Fox News to set me straight this week…. to help me get over my jumping to conclusions, rushing to judgement and assuming things about a mass shooter that turned out so wrong.  What other things could a logical person have thought?  That the guy went to the Nick Nolte School of Mugshots….?

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