Occasional Trump Dump 03/15/16

The show is entertainment, the show is a circus, the show is stupid. I’ve said that for 25 years. The show is what it is, but my gosh when you’re talking about running the free world, running America, what kind of nation we ought to be, you don’t go to a television show

–Jerry Springer


THE BIG NEWS: Another big night for the Republican frontrunner as he destroys Rubio in FL, driving Little Marco™ from the race. Trump also racked up victories in NC, IL, and MO. The only hiccup for The Donald was a victory in Ohio by homeboy John Kasich. Hillary Clinton had her victory celebration in West Palm Beach, just down the road from Mar-a-Largo where DJT addressed his supporters sans steaks, wine, and water. It’s pretty standard fare, but there’s some funny stuff about Trump being embarrassed at the golf tournament at his course

A Trump supporter infiltrated the Kasich victory speech in Berea, OH and the Governor handled it pretty well

In short, Tuesday night may be referred to, in the future, as the night the Republican Establishment (whatever the hell that is) died. It remains to be seen how ANYONE can stop the Trump Monster from winning the nomination. Any magical, behind-the-scenes deals at the GOP Convention would require a level of cunning and unity that has, so far, been absent in the Republican party. Everyone seems to be looking around, waiting for someone to charge up the hill, bayonet fixed. So far, no takers

Also, important to note, Trump’s victories make him the only candidate currently running for the GOP nomination able to put his name forward at the convention, according to Republican rules. No one else has managed to fit the criteria laid out by the party

Here’s another fun fact: I’ve read some articles that say it’s unclear if paying money for delegates at the convention is against party rules. You can imagine Team Trump™ commandeering a hotel suite in Cleveland and ushering in delegate after delegate, as they fork over cash from a trash bag

In the victory speech, Trump touted his recent endorsement from Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, who, oddly enough, received a campaign contribution from The Donald not that long ago. That campaign contribution preceded Ms. Bondi dropping her investigation into Trump University. I’m POSITIVE the timing on that was coincidental

Also, during the speech, DJT gave a giant “F U” to those who have criticized Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski for body slamming (then) Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields by putting Lewandowski onstage next to the candidate and having his boss tell him “Nice job, Corey”

Democrats are trolling incumbent Republican senators, tying them to Trump for saying they would support the eventual GOP nominee, no matter who it is

Former female Trump executive says her old boss is an angry man

Res says that Trump has “changed a lot over the years.”

“Even in the years that I worked for him I saw changes in him. He used to have very strong women who he listened to, and gave a lot of authority to, but I doubt if that’s the case now.”

“He never used to speak about women like he does now.”

DJT now says he never said he’d pay legal fees of violent supporters. Except, you know, he did

Trump re-kindled his hatred of Megyn Kelly on Tuesday

Add “crazy” to the list of pejorative adjectives he’s used to describe women

I’m surprised he didn’t blame it on PMS

Trump’s butler spins yarns of life at Mar-a-Largo

More recently, Mar-a-Lago has set off controversy in the Republican primary, as Mr. Trump has been criticized by rivals for hiring employees from abroad to staff the club rather than relying on the local work force.

“There are a lot of Romanians, there’s a lot of South Africans, we have one Irishman,” Mr. Senecal said of the staff, before echoing Mr. Trump’s defense that locals shunned the short-term seasonal work. But he also added of the foreigners: “They’re so good. They are so professional. These local people,” he trailed off, making a disapproving face

And this gem…

Still, Mr. Senecal said that Mr. Trump could be generous when the mood struck him, sometimes peeling $100 bills from a wad in his pocket to give to the groundskeepers, whom Mr. Senecal described as appreciative.

“You’re a Hispanic and you’re in here trimming the trees and everything, and a guy walks up and hands you a hundred dollars,” Mr. Senecal said. “And they love him, not for that, they just love him.”

Here, Juan: Take this. I’m going to build a wall to keep your brother out

(Psst…they love him for the money. Really! Nothing else)



B&B Podcast 03/09/16

TarheelDentist.com says GO HEELS! in the ACC and the NCAA tournaments. Lil’ Rush on Trump’s steaks and Obama’s skipping Nancy Reagan’s funeral, B and B discuss the man who is the embodiment of the decade of the 1980s: Donald J. Trump. twitter.com/BradandBritt facebook.com/BradandBrittShowhttp://BradandBritt.com

Daily Trump Dump 03/08/16

Hostility works for some people, but not for everybody

–Donald J. Trump

THE BIG STORY: Trump rolled to victories in Michigan and Mississippi then addressed supporters and reporters in Jupiter, FL with Trump brand steaks, wine, and bottled water as a backdrop. Not the killing blow, but, a sharp rebuke of Senator Rubio, who had another terrible night (looking like he won’t receive any delegates in MI or MS). March 15th looks like a “high noon” situation in the winner-takes-all states of Ohio and Florida. America’s L’Enfant Terrible can’t be stopped. Here’s the whole news conference, if you hate yourself

The news for Rubio doesn’t get any better, as recent polls show him trailing DT by a big margin in his home state. Gov. Kasich gave Trump a fight in MI and just barely trails The Donald in Ohio

The only bright spot for Republicans pushing against DJT was a new NBC/WSJ poll showing the race between Cruzer and Trump narrowing nationally (Trump was unhappy with that poll, voicing his displeasure at the FL news conference). A national poll doesn’t really mean much at this point, except that Cruz can point to this as proof that Republicans are getting cold feet

Here’s a fairly wonky explanation of how the party elites could steal the nomination from Trump even if he gets the prescribed 1,237 delegates

Question: What do Hulk Hogan and DJT have in common:

  1. Both are orange
  2. Both have main evented Wrestlemania
  3. Both like to talk about their penises

The Donald released a video defending himself against accusations about Trump University. Here it is, if you hate yourself

Surprisingly, this doesn’t end the story. His claims are being contradicted left-and-right. Here’s a personal account of surviving Trump U

If the best Rubes can do to counter Trump is robo calls from Romney, it’s over

World leaders aren’t super pumped about the prospect of President Trump

DJT pleads ignorance about gesture that’s been compared to Nazi salute

“Honestly, until this phone call, I didn’t realize it was a problem,” the Republican front-runner said Tuesday in a live interview on TODAY.

Trump claimed the crowds simply were “having a good time” and even demanded he lead them in the pledge.

“If it’s offensive, if there’s anything wrong with it, I wouldn’t do it,” he said

Mein Kempf, roughly translated, means “having a good time”

Shockingly, Mexico’s president says they won’t pay for the mythical wall

The New York Times digs into why The Donald has not done well in mostly white states

Trump’s ex, Marla Maples, will be on the upcoming season of Dancing With The StarsMs. Maples gave us this gem from the 90s

Thanks, Marla

Keith Olbermann says he won’t live in Trump’s building anymore. He’s moving out

One day Trump appeared in person and, with what I only later realized was the same kind of sincere concern and respect that Eddie Haskell used to pay “Beaver” Cleaver’s mother, asked me how I liked the place and to let him know personally if anything ever went wrong. About 15 months ago, when the elevators failed and many of the heating-unit motors died and the water shut off, I wrote him. He sent an adjutant over to bluster mightily about the urgency of improvements and who was to blame for the elevators and how there would be consequences, and within weeks Trump’s minions were obediently and diligently installing — a new revolving door at the back of the lobby.

That three-week project stretched past three months, smothered the lobby in stench and grime, required the repeated removal and reinstallation of a couple of railings, and for a time created a window frosting problem even when it wasn’t cold out.

So at least there’s this comfort. If there is a President Trump and he decides to build this ludicrous wall to prevent the immigration from Mexico that isn’t happening, and he uses that same contractor, it’ll take them about a thousand years to finish it





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Daily Trump Dump 03/07/16

THE BIG STORY: The Republican Party is in full freakout mode after Super Tuesday and the weekend’s victories for The Donald. On Showtime’s excellent series The Circus Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said openly that the “Convention Madness” strategy is the only way to stop Trump (if no one has the required number of delegates to secure the nomination, we go to Cleveland and the GOP convention is, most likely, 100 hours of open warfare, as a nominee must be chosen by the assembled drunkards patriots. Currently, DT has 384 delegates, Cruzer has 300, Rubes has 151, and Kasich has 37

Latest poll in FL has Trump up by 8. He’s killing it in MI. He holds a slight lead in OH

Foreign Diplomats Voicing Concerns Over Trump


A spokesperson for the Mexican government would not confirm any private complaints but noted that its top diplomat, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, said last week that Trump’s policies and comments were “ignorant and racist” and that his plan to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration was “absurd.”


Add another three points to Trump’s total

The foreign officials have been particularly disturbed by the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim themes that the billionaire real estate mogul has pushed, according to the U.S. officials.

European and Middle Eastern government representatives have expressed dismay to U.S. officials about anti-Muslim declarations by Trump that they say are being used in recruiting pitches by the Islamic State and other violent jihadist groups

Self-perpetuation, no? The more his rhetoric fires up the jihadis, the more they assault Middle Eastern cities, the more President Trump is forced to show his intestinal fortitude by sending American troops into combat in the Middle East. Are you gettin’ it?

Boy, did Our Hero have a hard on for Little Marco today! Including this spot

Man! That voiceover guy must make a TON of cash!

Dude’s been around FOREVER! By the way, if you want to hire political voiceover artists, here you go

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. How would obnoxious billionaires be able to launch pedantic attacks, otherwise? Remember the good old days when you boys were taking down dictators? Well, now you’re INSTALLING them

Back to the future: Trump hits Japan with 80s style attack. And we know who was president in the go-go, non-stop party that was the 80s

Some Republican women troubled by Trump. What? Are they scared of his large penis?

New rules at Trump’s rallies

On Friday, two members of Trump’s private security team wore street clothes to a rally in New Orleans. One of them, Eddie Deck, explained to reporters that his duties were now weighted towards intelligence work researching potential protesters and assisting uniformed security personnel under the direction of Trump’s head of security

Yeah, those Hitler comparisons are just nutso

In New Orleans, Trump’s plainclothes guards assisted with the removal of Black Lives Matter protesters, who interrupted the candidate’s stump speech for more than five minutes.

Some protesters were stripped away first and removed individually by security personnel, while others who remained huddled together were slowly pushed en masse out of the airport hangar where the rally was held

This is not America

The introductory portion of Monday’s rally offered other new tactics. In the past, Trump has picked out spontaneous comments from his crowds — including “Ted Cruz is a pussy” — and repeated them from the stage. Here, the event’s emcee proactively generated crowd fervor by asking audience members to shout out slogans for the crowd to chant. Suggestions included “Romney sucks” and two Clinton-themed chants, “blue dress” and “lock her up.”

How do you say that in German?

That pesky Michael Isikoff is bringing up Trump’s alleged ties to the mafia again

But Edith Creamer, LiButti’s daughter, told Yahoo News in two recent telephone interviews that Trump’s account was false and that Trump and her father knew each other quite well. “He’s a liar,” said Creamer. “Of course he knew him. I flew in the [Trump] helicopter with [Trump’s then wife] Ivana and the kids. My dad flew it up and down [to Atlantic City]. My 35th birthday party was at the Plaza and Donald was there. After the party, we went on his boat, his big yacht. I like Trump, but it pisses me off that he denies knowing my father. That hurts me.”

DT even had his own mafia nickname: Big Salami



Daily Trump Dump 03/02/16

THE BIG NEWS: Trump was still basking in the afterglow of Super Tuesday. THEN! Out of nowhere, Mitt Romney jumped in to become buzzkill #1. This was met by mostly muted criticism a little annoyance full-on Twitter bombs from DT

I like the idea that Mr. Wharton took the time to carefully divide his thoughts into two separate tweets, but blew the spelling of the man who has been our president for seven years. It’s lovely to see Romney in a blood feud with The Donald. Remember, it was Mitt who got the whole tax return issue rolling last week

But, he saved his most vicious Twitter missives for Rubes

Maybe he learned his awesome financial skills at Trump University

YEAH! Suck it, Marco! How does that feel, niño?

Tomorrow night’s debate could get real testy. Based on the Rubio/Trump slugfest from last week’s debate, this could be RAW. Rubio scored one victory on Super Tuesday (Minnesota) and that victory netted him three (three) more delegates than DT (Minnesota apportions, based on percentage). Rubes is a desperate man and he needs to take down the big, bad bully. What will Cruzer do? Stay tuned

Meanwhile, one of the ugliest videos of this election cycle surfaced today. It’s from a Trump rally in Louisville

It shows a black woman being continuously shoved by Trump supporters. You can even see police standing by, doing nothing to people who are clearly breaking the law. Shaun King of The New York Daily News writes that it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed at one of these rallies. A sobering thought, but I think I can top it: Imagine the city of Cleveland (site of the RNC) this summer with white supremacists and Klan members trekking to town to support their guy. The potential for deadly violence is off-the-charts. 2016 could be the new 1968

Again, stay tuned

Gizmodo wonders if Trump has ever used a computer

I also found this photo of Trump at the Economic Club of Washington on December 15, 2014. He appears to be speaking on an invisible phone, which isn’t so much evidence of anything, but just kinda funny.

It’s good to laugh while we still can, right?

Admittedly, I’ve never seen Trump’s signature reality TV shows—The Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice, nor Ban All Muslims Apprentice. But my web searches have turned up nothing even close to The Donald™ using a computer on that show, let alone anywhere else.

If Trump has truly never used a computer, that would be a remarkable change of trajectory in American politics. Since the transition from Bill Clinton in the early 1990s to George W. Bush in the 2000s to Barack Obama, our presidents have changed with the technological times. None have been technological wizards, but they’ve appeared competent with the mainstream computing tech of their day

Makes perfect sense to me. America was great when we weren’t all using computers, so in order to Make America Great Again™, we turn to a man who turns back the clock. I would expect Trump’s Brownshirts to stop assaulting black people and start rounding up PCs and Macs for a good, old-fashioned burning

DT released his health care reform plan. Step 1: Repeal Obamacare. Step 2: No dying in the streets. If you die in the streets, he kills you

The war between Trump and the Ricketts family heated up. I would expect some trolling if the Cubs start sucking this summer. See? That’s another way to support The Donald: Boo the Cubs. So, DT should wear the colors of the Cubs’ hated rivals, the White Sox? But, WAIT! You know who is a big fan of the White Sox

That’s right. Barrack Obama


Daily Trump Dump 03/01/16

“It’s like being shot or poisoned. What does it really matter?”

–Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on GOP voters choosing between Trump and Cruz

THE BIG NEWS: Trump rolls on Super Tuesday with victories in GA, AL, VA, AR, TN, MA, and VT. Cruz holds serve in TX and picks up OK. Rubio wins MN (first caucus/primary win). Despite that, Mr. Rubio stated that he would stay in the race and chase Trump down to the gates of hell campaign in all 50 states to make sure Trump isn’t the GOP nominee

We got Decaffeinated Donald in his victory speech from Palm Beach

Look carefully

Christ Christie looks like a man on Death Row who realizes that the governor isn’t going to call

The internets had a ton of fun with Christie’s hostage face

DT described himself as a “unifier” and made some vague threats to Speaker Ryan if, for some reason, the Speaker doesn’t want to play ball with President Trump

Paul Ryan, I don’t know him well, but I’m sure I’m gonna get along great with him and if I don’t, he’s gonna have to pay a big price ok?

That’s why Christie is there: To point out the best places in Jersey to bury bodies

Well, Speaker Ryan isn’t playing nicely so far, as he and Senator McConnell criticized DT for failing to denounce the Klan

“If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party, there can be no evasion and no games. They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. This party does not prey on people’s prejudices,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters on Capitol Hill

You can stop laughing now

Of course, some people are still in denial


And he’s a debate moderator, folks

Does this mean that “Spotlight” is a “wounded” movie because it didn’t win all the Oscars?

Yes, Mike Tyson. You kicked my ass, but you didn’t knock me out

Black students ejected from a Trump rally in Valdosta, GA Monday told their stories

Louis Farrakhan praises Trump for rejecting Jewish money

“[Trump] is the only member who has stood in front of [the] Jewish community and said, ‘I don’t want your money,’” Farrakhan said on Monday during the Nation’s annual Saviours’ Day sermon, according to the Anti-Defamation League

“Anytime a man can say to those who control the politics of America, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t control me. And they cannot afford to give up control of the presidents of the United States.”


I guess that means that The Donald is truly a unifier: The Klan and Farrakhan BOTH hate the Jews and praise Trump

A NY court refused to throw out a lawsuit against the dear departed Trump University

At least one CEO says NASCAR CEO Brian France went too far by endorsing Trump

“If you are a business leader, you should not use [your] platform to discuss your political views … or your religious views,” Marcus Lemonis, chairman and CEO of Camping World, told The Daily Beast. “You serve at pleasure of your employees and the customers … [Brian] does not have that right to lay the blanket over an entire sport that is funded by people who write big checks to support him … He is crossing the line by using [for his Trump endorsement] the NASCAR backdrop that I spend millions of dollars on.”

Camping World has been around for half a century and employs more than 2,000 people. Their headquarters are located in Bowling Green, KY. They have been the title sponsor of NASCAR’s Truck Series since 2009

Trump supporter in New Hampshire is breaking his wife’s heart

“My husband thinks Trump can do no wrong. I’m like, really, dude?” said Dana, 40, whose mom is Muslim. She said she’s been brought to tears arguing GOP politics with her hubby

Really, dude, indeed

The Washington Post really did take a look at look at Trump’s allegedly freakishly short fingers

You know when short fingers are an asset? When you’re a proctolog

Donald Trump: America’s Prostate Examiner™




Daily Trump Dump 02/29/16

THE BIG NEWS: Leap Day 2016 will probably be referred to as “Earpiece Day” by future generations. After yesterday’s weird interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, where Trump failed (several times) to separate himself from David Duke and white supremacists, Our Hero explained why he didn’t take the opportunity to wash his hands of racists on Today

Let me tell you, I’m sitting in a house in Florida with a very bad earpiece that they gave me and you could hardly hear what he was saying, but what I heard was ‘various groups’ and I don’t mind disavowing anybody and I disavowed David Duke

Thus, “bad earpiece” became the “wide stance” of 2016. If Rubio doesn’t bring up the earpiece during Thursday’s debate, he’s ten shades of yellow. Extra points if he refers to Trump as “Ole Earpiece over here”. After all, Rubes has insinuated that DT has a small penis

FWIW, I like “Comedy Zone” Rubio. Much more laid back. It’s like he’s Jeffrey Ross at The Donald Trump Roast

Meanwhile, a “Mommy and Daddy are fighting” scenario developed over the Rubes/Trump feud between Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. They duked it out on Twitter. Here’s an example of the back-and-forth

DAMN! All the drama of the epic Spring Valley Middle School “Whitney called Courtney a slut” battle of 2014. I just hope those crazy kids make up. They’re so good together. Like Pepsi and battery acid

A little drama at a Trump rally in Virginia today, as Time photographer Chris Morris was choke slammed by a Secret Service agent. Morris said he ventured 18 inches out of the “press pen” to get a better look at protestors being escorted out

At a Trump rally in Georgia, DT ordered the Secret Service to remove some black students who didn’t suit him

Now, imagine that guy in charge of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

Super Tuesday is upon us and Ted Cruz is poised for a win in his home state of  Alberta Texas. Trump is destroying Rubes in Florida. DT is killing it in Virginia and Georgia, as well as Michigan and Massachusetts. Things are close in Ohio, which could be Kasich’s last stand. It’s pretty grim for everyone not named Donald Trump. After Tuesday, the money men will have to reassess whether they want to back Cruz or Rubio because they probably need to take a hard look at their resources and continuing to throw money at both won’t be practical. Cruzer, at least has racked up two victories (assuming he holds serve in the Lone Star State), while Rubes has none. Carson is simply staying in to sell his next book. Kasich will probably drop out if he loses Ohio, so we’ll, essentially, be down to Cruzer vs. DT after Super Tuesday. At that point, The Donald may have captured enough delegates that it’s too late, anyway

In a ponderous move on Monday, NASCAR’s CEO and some past and present drivers endorsed Trump

I’ll set aside the drivers’ endorsements, as they can do what they want, but to have Brian France endorse DT is further evidence that NASCAR simply will never be at the same level as the NFL, NBA, MLB, or even the NHL. Can you imagine Roger Goodell endorsing any presidential candidate? And, before you start, I’m quite aware that Mr. Goodell has had some lapses in judgment. But, let’s get real: There’s no way a legitimate sports organization would co-sign for a guy who is the presidential candidate of choice for the Ku Klux Klan. Even WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who runs a fake sports organization and is a rabid Republican has kept his powder dry with regards to The Donald (the two know each other well). It becomes an even more perplexing move, as NASCAR is negotiating for a new partner for it’s highest-level series. Let’s say you’re the CEO of, let’s say McDonald’s and you’re considering sponsoring The Mickey D’s Cup. You want to go take a meeting with a guy who just showed mad love for David Duke’s crush?

And let’s not even talk about NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity. I’d love to see Brian France explain to a Hispanic kid wanting to enter the sport why he supported a guy who has stated that the Mexican government is sending rapists and murderers across the border

But, maybe I’m reading this wrong. Maybe Trump’s precious wall will be a SAFER barrier


B&B Podcast 02/29/16

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Daily Trump Dump 02/28/16

THE BIG NEWS: Sunday’s edition of The New York Times featured an article detailing how GOP bigwigs are FREAKING THE HELL OUT about Trump becoming the party’s nominee. Let’s unpack some of this

At a meeting of Republican governors the next morning, Paul R. LePage of Maine called for action. Seated at a long boardroom table at the Willard Hotel, he erupted in frustration over the state of the 2016 race, saying Mr. Trump’s nomination would deeply wound the Republican Party. Mr. LePage urged the governors to draft an open letter “to the people,” disavowing Mr. Trump and his divisive brand of politics.

The suggestion was not taken up. Since then, Mr. Trump has only gotten stronger, winning two more state contests and collecting the endorsement of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey

If you just read that and aren’t from Maine, you might not know that Paul LePage is an INSANE HUMAN BEING

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Tuesday he made the “outrageous” comments about “black dealers” to get more Drug Enforcement Administration resources, alluding to past controversial comments he made about drug dealers.

“I had to go scream at the top of my lungs about black dealers coming in and doing the things that they’re doing to our state,” LePage told the radio station WVOM-FM. “I had to scream about guillotines and those types of things before they were embarrassed into giving us a handful of DEA agents.”

As the guy on the infomercial says, but wait: There’s more

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) believes asylum-seekers are the “biggest problem” in the state because of the diseases they may be bringing in.

“What happens is you get hepatitis C, tuberculosis, AIDS, HIV, the ‘ziki fly,’ all these other foreign type of diseases that find a way to our land,” LePage said during a town hall meeting Tuesday night, according to Maine Public Broadcasting News

In case you weren’t aware, there is no such thing as a Ziki Fly. However, if you start ranting like Paul LePage, you may have been stung by the deadly Dumbass Bee

But, you want to know how I know Paul LePage is out of his freaking mind?


He just became the second overweight governor to endorse Donald Trump

That’s right! After suggesting a resolution that would distance GOP governors from The Crazy World of Donald Trump, he decided to embrace him fully and completely. Suddenly, I long for the steady guiding hand of a Rod Blagojevich or Mark Sanford

Continuing with the Times piece

Republicans have ruefully acknowledged that they came to this dire pass in no small part because of their own passivity. There were ample opportunities to battle Mr. Trump earlier; more than one plan was drawn up only to be rejected. Rivals who attacked him early, like Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, the former governors of Texas and Louisiana, received little backup and quickly faded

Despite the efforts of Rough and Ready Jindal and Blood and Guts Perry, The Donald’s truth is marching on. Seriously! Did people just watch them go into the breach and say “I’m sure those boys have this handled”? Dear Lord!

Resistance to Mr. Trump still runs deep. The party’s biggest benefactors remain totally opposed to him. At a recent presentation hosted by the billionaires Charles G. and David H. Koch, the country’s most prolific conservative donors, their political advisers characterized Mr. Trump’s record as utterly unacceptable, and highlighted his support for government-funded business subsidies and government-backed health care, according to people who attended.

But the Kochs, like Mr. Adelson, have shown no appetite to intervene directly in the primary with decisive force

Superman napped. I guess the guys are so anti-liberal that the mere thought that throwing money at a problem to solve it is deeply offensive to them

Several senior Republicans, including Mr. Romney, have made direct appeals to Mr. Kasich to gauge his willingness to stand down and allow the party to unify behind another candidate. But Mr. Kasich has told at least one person that his plan is to win the Ohio primary on March 15 and gather the party behind his campaign if Mr. Rubio loses in Florida, his home state, on the same day

I love ya, John, but, do you have a Plan D?

Mr. McConnell was especially vocal, describing Mr. Kasich’s persistence as irrational because he has no plausible path to the nomination, several senators said

And we know how much Tippy hates irrationality

I’d like to have just a word with big-time Republicans who think they can pull some shenanigans and keep Trump from the nomination. The rest of you can go back to surfing porn

Are they gone?


If you dummies start jacking with the delegates and working your behind-the-scenes magic, Donald Trump will mount a third party/independent bid, splitting the vote, and Hillary will waltz into 1600 (SHOCKER: He’s already laying the foundation)

While I admire your “The ‘check engine’ light is on. Let’s set the car on fire!” strategy, it’s hard to see a way out now. And, yes, you built that! Is it really that hard to see Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” morphing into white supremacists endorsing DT? Don’t you think if Lee Atwater had a Twitter account back in the day, it would resemble Trump’s feed now? Can you not see the link between making Rush Limbaugh an “honorary member of Congress” (“we need to sound like this guy”) to having a Republican frontrunner who sounds like a right-wing talk show host?

Good news for you, Repubs: Only about 25 seats in the House of Representatives are even going to be contested. What a fabulous credit to our democracy! Only about five percent of the seats up for grabs will see legitimate competition. Everyone else has been gerrymandered to safety except for the few seats where no one could be mustered to compete against an incumbent who would likely be able to spend the hell out of any challenger

So, that leaves the Senate? Hey, wait! Aren’t those the people who have the final say on Supreme Court nominees?

OK! Good talk. Glad we could share. Back to the Dump

Trump (hearts) Mussolini (apparently). The RT is not your friend, Donald. Here was Trump’s (weak) explanation on Meet The Press

DT shrugs shoulders re KKK and white supremacists

Cruzer says The Donald has links to a mafia-connected dude

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) endorses DT

Did The Donald diss Christie at a campaign event? You decide

Rubes and Cruzer continue to troll The Donald on tax returns


DT claims Hispanic judge in Trump University case has been a meanie

Meanwhile, Rubio is unleashing hell on Trump

When a protester appeared behind Rubio, sporting a coat hanger and a sign that read “MARCO RUBIO EMPTY SUIT,” the candidate wasted no time in vamping, quite effectively, on the interruption.

“‘Empty suit,'” Rubio remarked, clearly enjoying himself, “at least my suit wasn’t made in China!” — a not-so-subtle jab at Donald Trump’s clothing line. The crowd roared with approval.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the valedictorian of Trump University!” Rubio continued as the protester was led out

Good stuff, Senator. In fact, a little too good. A cynic might say the protester was a plant, which allowed Rubes to throw down his scripted lines

Stay thirsty, Marco