OJ Simpson: The Killer You Know

What the f–k, dude?

Marcia Clark, recounting her reaction to the revelation that there were tapes of Mark Fuhrman spewing every racial invective ever heard against African-American

S–t gets real in episode 4 of OJ: Made in America, the excellent documentary series from ESPN. Graphic pictures are shown of a nearly-decapitated Nicole Brown Simpson, her body so bloody and disfigured that it barely resembles a human being. Likewise, the butchered lifeless body of Ronald Goldman is shown with deep neck wounds that reveal his vocal chords. Vocal chords that were probably used to scream for his life until there was no life left in him

Beyond the cameras, the circus outside the courthouse, and the Dancing Itos, People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson should have been about those two dead people. Instead it became about anything but. You name it: Rodney King, the LAPD, Fuhrman, gloves, Bruno Maglis…all of the diversions became the story and the victims became forgotten souls, lost in a tidal wave of so much flotsam

OJ: Made in America is likely the best examination of Simpson and the creation of the monster who perpetrated those murders on that June night in 1994. The OJ who came out of the ghetto effectively turned his back on the black community for 30 years before he discovered his African-American identity when he needed to wear it like a cloak against the murder charges he was facing. As OJ is in police custody, following the low-speed chase, as he looks at all the people gathered outside his estate, he is quoted by one police officer on-the-scene as saying “What are all these n—-s doing in Brentwood?”

Later, as The Juice is on his “Thank You, My Brothers Tour” following the not guilty verdict, OJ attends services at an AME Church (probably for the first time) and gets a bite to eat at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. While dining at Roscoe’s, he tells his agent Mike Gilbert “When in the hell have you ever seen me here?”

Say it loud, indeed

Gilbert, for my money, is the star of the series (along with Clark, whose biting wit barely masks palpable, understandable contempt) because of his insight, particularly in the last two episodes. Gilbert happens upon Simpson at his house one night as The Juice is drinking beer and smoking pot and asks his friend what happened that night. OJ asks Gilbert what he thinks happened on that fateful night. Gilbert says that he feels Simpson committed the murders. Then OJ tells Gilbert Nicole would still be alive he she hadn’t come to the door with a knife in her hand. Chilling

Gilbert also details OJ’s descent into the life of a frat boy, when Simpson leaves Brentwood for south Florida. Juice lived the South Beach life hard with all-nighters, strip club visits, and threesomes with women sporting no tan lines, That debauchery leads to Vegas and Vegas leads to OJ’s downfall

Ezra Edelman produced and directed the series and deserves a great deal of credit for interviewing practically everyone who ever knew Simpson or had anything to do with the trial. He even gets a sit down with the reclusive (at least, this century) F. Lee Bailey. Edelman deserves multiple Emmy Awards™ and, probably, a Peabody™, but I was a little annoyed that he decided to use interviews that gave credence to the idea that OJ’s punishment in Nevada was “get back” for his acquittal in People v. Simpson

Edelman also hits the “Made in America” theme hard as he shows Simpson lowering the American flag on his Brentwood property as he vacates it on his way to South Beach. Even this becomes a show as Gilbert is instructed to act as though he an intruder on Simpson’s estate and OJ works up fake tears, as he raises and lowers the flag, ultimately a prisoner to his Hollywood showbiz surroundings

God bless America

All five episodes of OJ: Made in America are now streaming on the Watch ESPN app

Joe Paterno Endorses Donald Trump

On Thursday’s Brad & Britt Podcast we chatted with former Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Paterno’s name was in the news because Donald Trump held a rally in Pittsburgh Wednesday and seemed unaware that Mr. Paterno has been dead for four years

Paterno chatted with Brad and Britt and informed them that things are great in heaven and that he fully supports Trump’s presidential bid. Paterno also revealed that he lunches regularly with other legendary coaches like Ohio State’s Woody Hayes and Alabama’s Paul “Bear” Bryant. Paterno goes on the congratulate North Carolina for passing their controversial “bathroom bill” and says that Governor “Scotty McCreery” is doing a fine job running The Old North State

JoePa is asked about Johnny Manziel a/k/a “Johnny Football” and what he would do about the unruly first round pick from Texas A&M. The legendary coach said, in no uncertain terms, that Manziel could greatly benefit from the “tough love” that he and the other coaches in heaven (like Bryant or Michigan legend Bo Schembechler) could provide

As for the social situation in heaven, Mr. Paterno informed us that once you get beyond the pearly gates, it’s not required that you be faithful to the person you married on earth. Mr. Paterno feels this is a great selling point that is being overlooked and he’s encouraged the management of heaven to really emphasize this great benefit, as it would motivate many people to seek The Kingdom of Heaven

Finally, Mr. Paterno is asked about the late actress Natalie Wood, in light of Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner, finally talking about her death after 35 years. Paterno says that he sees Ms. Wood on a regular basis and she evens puts on shows for everyone in heaven and she, apparently, looks amazing. Paterno leaves us with a hearty “Go Penn State!”

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Peyton Manning’s Butt

I noticed something a couple of years ago. On college campuses, you would see white guys (frat boy types) proudly wearing shirts proclaiming their love for the Duke lacrosse team. Some of these guys were lax bros, who went to boarding schools in the northeast where the sport is king. But, mostly this was a not-so-subtle “f you” to society proclaiming that young suburban males were society’s real victims. After all, you know how those Duke Boys were treated

Last year, the Tom Brady jersey became the middle finger of choice for the brothers of Phi Kappa Entitled. Again, some of these were a salute to their favorite player, but Brady became lionized (in their eyes) by beating the rap from THE MAN. Another bro pushed around by society

I assume that soon these same fellows will change it up and rock that Broncos number 18 jersey on their strolls through the quad

Shortly after Super Bowl 50 ended, a lot of people began wondering why so much negative energy was directed at Cam Newton, while Manning roamed the earth largely unscathed by the media. So, there commenced a bit of digging and it really didn’t take that long to find out that Peyton had been a real bad boy at Tennessee. “Fine, but that was twenty years ago. Old news”, cried the Peyton supporters

Except there’s a new lawsuit claiming Peyton’s actions were a “pattern of sexual harassment” at UT. It was filed today. This is new news, even though it does involve actions from twenty years ago. Also, there’s much more rich detail than we knew previously

Manning allegedly then proceeded to scoot down the training table while Naughright examined his foot. At that point, she said, he forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly on her face with his penis on top of her head

Now, weren’t you under the assumption that he simply mooned her? That’s what we were lead to believe. Just a little “boys will be boys” and she couldn’t handle it. HARUMPH!

Putting a penis on top of someone’s head without their consent seems like some sort of sex crime. You know, the kind that could put you on some sort of online registry and make you inform neighbors of your wacky college adventures

Before she left, though, two staff members of the school, according to the documents, asked Naughright if she would consider blaming the entire incident not on Manning, but on another athlete — a black one. According to Naughright, the staff members (named as Mr. Wyant and Mr. Rollo) went so far as to actually name a specific black athlete she could blame it on. Of course, she refused

Didn’t Jimmy Buffett tell us there’s always a black guy to blame? It’s so helpful that they picked out a specific African=American fellow instead of generic black dude. How thoughtful

On May 16th, 2001, Naughright returned to Florida after accompanying her students on an educational and medical trip to South Africa. When she arrived at her office, she found a large manilla envelope in a receptacle on her door with the words “Dr. Vulgar Mouth Whited” printed on it (see page 1). Whited was Naughright’s married name for most of her time at the University of Tennessee. She was immediately disturbed. Other employees testified that the envelope had been there for a few days before she arrived home from South Africa.

In it, were Xerox copies from some type of publication. It appeared to be written by Peyton Manning and it was about her. Colleagues who saw her after opening it testified that she was shaken up by what she read. Manning and his father, Archie, had written a book called “The Mannings” and perhaps wanting to put their stamp on the incident in Knoxville before it ever reached the public, they threw Naughright under bus

Maybe the most disturbing part of this whole sordid story. “Look, bitch, we win! Here! Read it and weep!”

Except she didn’t take it and sued the Mannings for lying about her in the book. The judge was quite succinct

“Specifically, there is evidence of record, substantial enough to suggest that the defendants knew that the passages in question were false, or acted in reckless disregard of their falsity. There is evidence of record to suggest that there were obvious reasons to doubt the veracity of Peyton Manning’s account of the incident in question. The court further finds that there is sufficient evidence to permit the conclusion that the defendants entertained serious doubts as to the truth of the passages in this case.”

That’s incredible hubris! The balls to intentionally lie about someone and then leave a copy of the transcript letting them know you were screwing them. Even among entitled athletes, this is breathtaking

Ian Fitzsimmons is a Dallas sports talk host who gets a lot of national exposure doing fill-ins on ESPN Radio. I heard him discussing Peyton and heard him say something to the effect of “We’ve got real sexual assaults going on at campuses across America, so why are we worrying about this deal from 20 years ago?”

It’s a valid question. The culture that exists on many college campuses (especially among non-athletes) is pretty disturbing. But, we just didn’t end up one day with young men waking up thinking they could take outrageous liberties with women. You start with a little penis on the head. Then, when the perpetrator gets a tap on the wrist, you move the line a little further. Then, a little further. And, before you know, it, it’s considered standard practice to slip a girl a “Cosby Cocktail”

Suddenly, Cam Newton’s truculence seems refreshing

I’m not a naive person. I’m pretty sure that Peyton won’t suffer a real hit to his image. I’m sure he’ll continue to pitch insurance, cars, and pizza for many years to come. Heck, there’s even been talk of him becoming a part of NFL team ownership. Sounds like he’d fit right in

But, do me this one favor: When you’re contemplating a graduation gift for the bro in your life, how about ordering that number 1 Carolina Panthers jersey?

After all, it’s the little things in life that count

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EXPERTS: Panthers Have Worst Bye Week in NFL History

After earning a first round pass in the NFL playoffs, analysts universally agreed that the Carolina Panthers looked terrible wile not playing

“I’ve never seen a team execute a bye week game plan that poorly”, said ESPN’s Ron Jaworski. “I think the Panthers’ coaching staff really has some hard questions to ask this team when they’re not looking at game film this week”

Fox’s Howie Long was even more pointed in his criticism. “How can they even think they can contend for the Super Bowl after that? I am utterly confused and a little embarrassed for the Panthers’ fans”

Head coach Ron Rivera made no excuses. “Every man in that locker room knows that we let people down. I will make this promise: We will never be unprepared not to play in the future. EVER!”

Much of the criticism centered around quarterback Cam Newton, who, reportedly, spent the off-week playing with his newborn son, Chosen

“Look, I am a team leader and as such, I take responsibility for our poor performance”, said the former number one pick out of Auburn. “I hope the fans will bear with me as we work this out. Let’s get back to dabbin'”

The Next Year in the life of Johnny Manziel

January 18, 2016–To the surprise of no one and after weeks of non-speculation, the Cleveland Browns announce they are releasing Johnny Manziel. Manziel responds by becoming the 80,681,522,712th person to rip the city of Cleveland. His Instagram video contains the requisite “rust belt” insults, but he crosses a line when he insults the pierogies, leading to an angry mob of pasty, hairy gentleman chasing him all the way to Sandusky

February 8, 2016–After a weekend in Toronto to be courted by the CFL’s Argonauts, Manziel is banned from Canada. The final straw appears to be a complex defiling of a jersey Gretzky wore in juniors. Quebec even takes the unusual step of showing unity with Ottawa’s proclamation and says that if Manziel so much as shoves an ounce of poutine in his face, he will be strung from the highest maple. The Northern Territories announce they’ll be happy to have him

March 1, 2016–After holding front office executives at bay via gunpoint, Jerry Jones signs Manziel to a 3-year contract. Manziel passes out before completing his signature, but legal experts insists his bile on the paper forms a binding contract with the organization

March 21, 2016–After partying with Jones during “March Madness” in Las vegas, reports surface of Manziel vomiting on 6 different people. He is promptly banned from Vegas. Steve Wynne is quoted as saying, “Look, Bill Cosby can come stay at my HOUSE when he gets everything cleared up. I’m letting Chris Brown sleep on my couch next week. This guy is just too much of an asshole for THIS town”. The staff at the RIO describe the fluids left behind in Manziel’s suite as “intergalactic”

March 23, 2016–Shops on the strip begin selling “Johnny Manziel Puked on Me” t-shirts. Manziel threatens to sue, even as he is seen autographing the shirts outside of Harrah’s

March 25, 2016–Jones and Manziel are seen at a brothel in Nevada asking for the “Lamar Odom Special”

April 8, 2016–Jones’ doctor insists he stops partying with Manziel. Jones tells the doctor to “Shut up and give me the portable defibrillator, Scott!”

April 18, 2016–Jones is dropped off at an emergency room in Fort Worth. His lips are blue and he’s muttering something about “unicorns” and “curling irons”. Doctors find every drug imaginable in his system and a some substances that only exist in the fields of Tanzania

April 19, 2016–Jones holds a press conference and promises not to party with Manziel anymore. Menawhile, TMZ publishes a video with shows the quarterback apparently doing whippets in a 7-11 parking lot in Grapevine

June 5, 2016–Manziel is named starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys before training camp even begins. When head coach Jason Garrett asks if he is pressured by Jones to make Manziel his starter, Garrett abruptly ends the press conference, goes to a couch in his office and cries for 20 minutes

June 9, 2016–Former Cowboys starting QB Tony Romo makes his first comments on being benched in favor of Manziel. Romo attempts to make an attempt to answer a reporter’s question for 12 seconds before Jones pulls a fire alarm at the practice facility. Everyone clears out and Romo is escorted from the facility in an Escalade

July 1, 2016–TMZ publishes a video of Manziel and Justin Bieber urinating from the top of a skyscraper in Tokyo. Manziel is excused from practice

August 5, 2016–Manziel throws 3 interceptions in the Cowboys exhibition opener against Jacksonville. Jones says his form is spectacular and he can’t wait for the regular season. Romo throws for 256 yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions in the 2nd half

August 12, 2016–In an unprecedented move, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces that Manziel will be exempt from marijuana tests for the upcoming season. Goodell explains that this is to entice Manziel ONLY to smoke pot. Manziel releases a video on Instagram saying he’ll consider the offer

September 11, 2016–In the season opener against the Bills, Manziel throws 3 interceptions in the first half. Garrett attempts to put Romo in during the 3rd quarter, leading to a fistfight on the sidelines between Jerry Jones and Garrett. Manziel completes the game and throws 2 more picks, one of them a pick six

September 25, 2016–During the Cowboys game against the Seattle Seahawks, Manziel suffers a concussion. Doctors deviate from the concussion protocol and ask Manziel how to spell Adderall. When he is unable to spell it correctly, they know he is injured

October 15, 2016–TMZ publishes a video of Manziel, naked, doing whippets at a sorority house in Austin. He is supposed to be in the league’s protocol. Jones comments that Manziel probably needed a break from “being awesome”

November 6, 2016–Manziel is pronounced “ready to go” by the Cowboys medical staff. Despite Romo guiding the team to 6 straight wins, Manziel is named starter once again. Garrtett ducks questions from reporters and is seen sipping a Modelo in his truck in the parking lot outside the Cowboys training facility

November 24, 2016–Following the Cowboys 30-10 loss to the Rams on Thanksgiving Day, Manziel drives his car into a drug store in Highland Village. Cops nab him 3/10th of a mile from the drug store. He has two boxes of Xanax and a six-pack of Natural Light in his possession. Jones insists the cops set him up, saying “Hasn’t anybody here seen ‘Making a Murderer?'”

December 1, 2016–Charges against Manziel are dismissed when evidence goes missing. As the judge frees Manziel, he yells in the courtroom “How ’bout them Cowboys!”

December 18, 2016–Manziel separates his shoulder during pre-game warmups. Jones is seen weeping openly in the owner’s suite. Romo leads the Cowboys to a 21-20 win over Philadelphia

December 25, 2016–Fox cameras catch Manziel vomiting on Jones in the owner’s suite. The owner says blames it on a “stomach flu”. Romo is unable to rally the Cowboys, as they lose to Washington 30-28

January 5, 2017–After not making the playoffs, Jones fires Garrett and names Manziel player-coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Manziel passes out on the lectern at the press conference. Jones blames Manziel’s behavior on exhaustion and pays for a trip to Costa Rica for Manziel, so he can “recharge his batteries”