We Gotta Make These Debates Work…FOR US!

We love Fox…NO! We hate Fox…I mean…we’re afraid of Fox

Look, I get it. The CNBC moderators at the last GOP debate sucked. You know how I know they sucked? Ann Coulter defended them:

The response from the campaigns was HILARIOUS! “We need change!” “We need GOP voters to moderate these debates!”


Which brings us to the clandestine meeting in Alexandria to figure all this out. Let’s break it down:


My God, man! That is some major league cloak-and-dagger! You can trust this crowd with national security. They know how to keep it on the DL


That’s right! They used to be pissed at Fox, but now, they’re just skeered. Which begs the question: Why doesn’t Ailes run for POTUS?


Because the only guy who scares us more than Roger Ailes is the guy who wants to hit it with his daughter. Speaking of daughters


Nothing says “I’m serious about running for president” than hiring your daughter. One wonders: Is he paying her with Chick-Fil-A gift cards? Well, at least he’s not imagining her naked (probably)


When Republicans give the finger to traditional media, it always goes well. I do want to see granny trying to find mydebate.com on her cable box, but, I digress


Yes, it’s difficult to understand why the crowd was booing, when you were egging them on to BOO THE HELL out of the moderators! That’s a real head scratcher, woman who no one remembers from high school

So, they gather and brainstorm and come up with ideas and pat each other on the back and THEN (wait for it, wait for it)

TRUMP COMPLETELY HOSES THEM! You think that’s how he plans on out-negotiating China?

Even Obama is having fun with this

Oh, and, if this happens, Hillary wins in a landslide

The most predictable thing ever will happen in the Fox Business Channel debate. If one of the candidates gets even a mildly challenging question, get ready for “Gee! Am I on CNBC”

Just bag the next debate and show a no-holds-barred slugfest between Roger Ailes and Donald Trump. It’s what we all want to see, anyway

Brad & Britt Podcast 11/02/15


Featuring our thoughts on NC’s junior Senator Thom Tillis being named by Anonymous as a member of the KKK and the great GOP debate negotiation