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Peyton Manning’s Butt

I noticed something a couple of years ago. On college campuses, you would see white guys (frat boy types) proudly wearing shirts proclaiming their love for the Duke lacrosse team. Some of these guys were lax bros, who went to boarding schools in the northeast where the sport is king. But, mostly this was a not-so-subtle “f you” to society proclaiming that young suburban males were society’s real victims. After all, you know how those Duke Boys were treated

Last year, the Tom Brady jersey became the middle finger of choice for the brothers of Phi Kappa Entitled. Again, some of these were a salute to their favorite player, but Brady became lionized (in their eyes) by beating the rap from THE MAN. Another bro pushed around by society

I assume that soon these same fellows will change it up and rock that Broncos number 18 jersey on their strolls through the quad

Shortly after Super Bowl 50 ended, a lot of people began wondering why so much negative energy was directed at Cam Newton, while Manning roamed the earth largely unscathed by the media. So, there commenced a bit of digging and it really didn’t take that long to find out that Peyton had been a real bad boy at Tennessee. “Fine, but that was twenty years ago. Old news”, cried the Peyton supporters

Except there’s a new lawsuit claiming Peyton’s actions were a “pattern of sexual harassment” at UT. It was filed today. This is new news, even though it does involve actions from twenty years ago. Also, there’s much more rich detail than we knew previously

Manning allegedly then proceeded to scoot down the training table while Naughright examined his foot. At that point, she said, he forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly on her face with his penis on top of her head

Now, weren’t you under the assumption that he simply mooned her? That’s what we were lead to believe. Just a little “boys will be boys” and she couldn’t handle it. HARUMPH!

Putting a penis on top of someone’s head without their consent seems like some sort of sex crime. You know, the kind that could put you on some sort of online registry and make you inform neighbors of your wacky college adventures

Before she left, though, two staff members of the school, according to the documents, asked Naughright if she would consider blaming the entire incident not on Manning, but on another athlete — a black one. According to Naughright, the staff members (named as Mr. Wyant and Mr. Rollo) went so far as to actually name a specific black athlete she could blame it on. Of course, she refused

Didn’t Jimmy Buffett tell us there’s always a black guy to blame? It’s so helpful that they picked out a specific African=American fellow instead of generic black dude. How thoughtful

On May 16th, 2001, Naughright returned to Florida after accompanying her students on an educational and medical trip to South Africa. When she arrived at her office, she found a large manilla envelope in a receptacle on her door with the words “Dr. Vulgar Mouth Whited” printed on it (see page 1). Whited was Naughright’s married name for most of her time at the University of Tennessee. She was immediately disturbed. Other employees testified that the envelope had been there for a few days before she arrived home from South Africa.

In it, were Xerox copies from some type of publication. It appeared to be written by Peyton Manning and it was about her. Colleagues who saw her after opening it testified that she was shaken up by what she read. Manning and his father, Archie, had written a book called “The Mannings” and perhaps wanting to put their stamp on the incident in Knoxville before it ever reached the public, they threw Naughright under bus

Maybe the most disturbing part of this whole sordid story. “Look, bitch, we win! Here! Read it and weep!”

Except she didn’t take it and sued the Mannings for lying about her in the book. The judge was quite succinct

“Specifically, there is evidence of record, substantial enough to suggest that the defendants knew that the passages in question were false, or acted in reckless disregard of their falsity. There is evidence of record to suggest that there were obvious reasons to doubt the veracity of Peyton Manning’s account of the incident in question. The court further finds that there is sufficient evidence to permit the conclusion that the defendants entertained serious doubts as to the truth of the passages in this case.”

That’s incredible hubris! The balls to intentionally lie about someone and then leave a copy of the transcript letting them know you were screwing them. Even among entitled athletes, this is breathtaking

Ian Fitzsimmons is a Dallas sports talk host who gets a lot of national exposure doing fill-ins on ESPN Radio. I heard him discussing Peyton and heard him say something to the effect of “We’ve got real sexual assaults going on at campuses across America, so why are we worrying about this deal from 20 years ago?”

It’s a valid question. The culture that exists on many college campuses (especially among non-athletes) is pretty disturbing. But, we just didn’t end up one day with young men waking up thinking they could take outrageous liberties with women. You start with a little penis on the head. Then, when the perpetrator gets a tap on the wrist, you move the line a little further. Then, a little further. And, before you know, it, it’s considered standard practice to slip a girl a “Cosby Cocktail”

Suddenly, Cam Newton’s truculence seems refreshing

I’m not a naive person. I’m pretty sure that Peyton won’t suffer a real hit to his image. I’m sure he’ll continue to pitch insurance, cars, and pizza for many years to come. Heck, there’s even been talk of him becoming a part of NFL team ownership. Sounds like he’d fit right in

But, do me this one favor: When you’re contemplating a graduation gift for the bro in your life, how about ordering that number 1 Carolina Panthers jersey?

After all, it’s the little things in life that count

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“Premeditated” Counts Not Just In Murder Sentences, But In Super Bowl Post-Game Judgements

Just about everyone has piled on Cam Newton for his pathetic non-performance in sulking away his disgust in the press room after the Super Bowl.  Even those who qualify their criticism with irrelevancies like “he’s only 26,” as if he’d automatically act differently… more mature and sportsmanlike at 27, 28, or 31, are disappointed in his behavior.  One thing that we all can agree on though, is that Cam Newton did not plan to act the way he did…. that his few minutes of petulance and truculence (my favorite Howard Cosell-ism!) were totally spontaneous…. surely Cam didn’t have those kind of non-answers rehearsed and ready to go…. (here’s a more entertaining version of the moment)

Which brings us to Peyton Manning, winning Super Bowl Quarterback for the second time… the King of Preparation, who set the bar for Inexcusable, Premeditated Shilling at the highest level ever seen, by twice specifically mentioning the brand name Budweiser in post-game interview situations, against league rules and common decency. Fox Business: Manning twice said he planned to drink Budweiser during postgame festivities – first during an on-field interview with CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson, and again while onstage for the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Those two mentions of the Budweiser name generated an estimated $3.2 million in advertising value for Anheuser-Busch, according to Apex Analytics, a sponsorship metrics firm. Companies paid $5 million for 30 seconds of commercial time.  UPDATE from the Denver Post: By Monday morning, the value of Peyton Manning’s two mentions of Budweiser after the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 had zoomed to $13.9 million, according to a firm that analyzes the value of brands.  By Friday those mentions may be worth $100 million! “I’ll take some time to reflect. I’ve got a couple of priorities first,” he told Screen shot 2016-02-09 at 11.42.30 AMCBS’s Tracy Wolfson. “I want to go kiss my wife and my kids. I want to go hug my family. I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, Tracy, I promise you that.”

As always, irrelevancies must be put forth to deflect and justify.  The Washington Post headlined it like this:

Peyton Manning kept mentioning Budweiser and apparently wasn’t being paid for it

So, should we be led to believe this was just a happy accident that he mentioned Budweiser?  That a guy who actually owns a stake in two Budweiser distributorships merely casually spit out the name twice as he did?  That because he wasn’t specifically being paid to do it that he wasn’t shilling for his own financial self-interest?  That it doesn’t violate NFL rules.  Fox Business: The NFL forbids its active players from promoting alcohol brands. “Even if Manning has no current connection to Budweiser, it’s quite possible that he’s got a deal in the works— as a spokesperson, distributor or brand ambassador – that because of the NFL’s restrictions on promoting alcoholic beverages, he can’t officially announce until retirement,” said Bob Dorfman, an expert on sports sponsorships and executive creative director at Baker Street Advertising in San Francisco. “So the mentions yesterday were a calculated ‘teaser.’”   That the NFL itself can have alcoholic league-wide sponsorship worth tens of millions and individual players can’t is a subject for another day.  But the rules be the rules, Peyton.

Here’s the definition of plugola, which is the first cousin of payola: Incidental advertising on radio or television that is not purchased like regular advertising.

Do I personally care that Manning did what he did?  No, of course not. But he’s been doing it for years and getting away with it…. because he’s Peyton Manning.  Here he is doing it two years ago a few weeks before the Broncos got swamped in the Super Bowl by Seattle:

Maybe the next A-B spinoff product to follow Peyton’s retirement will be Bud Light HGH…. as in human growth hormone.  Sorry to be so truculent about the subject.  But before we do a full pile-on to Cam Newton for 3 minutes of self-defeating behavior, let us remember the Double Standard of Outrage and Hypocrisy that knows no boundaries.



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Coach Rivera: No Hover Boards for Panthers

Seriously, did Vince Lombardi ever have to deal with this?

The probable “Coach of the Year” tried to put The Onion out of business by banning hover boards at the team’s practice facility

Psssst, coach: While you’re at it, might want to have the boys steer clear of Chipotle

More disturbing still is the idea that grown ass men who are making millions of dollars with their bodies would put those bodies in jeopardy by drag racing on hover boards. Athletes are always getting hurt in the strangest ways, but how would you like to run into Luke Kuechly in a Home Depot apron one Sunday

Man, you were my favorite player. You used to hit like a tank!

I know, man, but it all came to an end when I had to beat Josh Norman as we were racing to the water fountain. Now, were those tenpenny nails, you were looking for?

Here’s a video of Cam Newton from three years ago

Here’s the convo that Ron Rivera will probably be having with Newton in the near future

Ron: Can’s ride the Segway anymore, Cam

Cam: Come on, dawg

Ron: No, Cam. You have a son to think about now

Cam: Yeah, you’re right, coach. But, I just figured out how to dab on it

This is what makes Rivera’s job so much harder than coaches from previous eras. You think Ken Stabler would have been hover boarding with Fred Biletnikoff? Hell, no! They might have had a beer chugging contest, but never hover board races (had they been a thing in 1976). Joe Montana vs. Jerry Rice in the hover board Olympics? Forget it. Bill Walsh would have stared at them like a monkey watching a ferris wheel

Who knew the good old days would be when a coach was trying to get his players to the game without them being hungover

You know that engineers are going to introduce real boards that hover one day. You know, like levitating over the ground. Watch out, boys. That one could take out an entire team


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