Charles Wade, Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested For Prostitution/Human Trafficking, Is Son Of NBA & TNT’s Charles Barkley

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Black Lives Matter leader Charles Wade, charged April 25 with four counts of prostitution and three counts of human trafficking, is the son of NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. A transportation industry worker says he picked up Mr. Wade (real name Charles Wade Barkley, Jr.) at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport last year and drove him to Fayetteville where he met up with a rapper Mr. Wade said he was managing.

The worker said Mr. Wade (who said he chooses not to capitalize on his father’s name in his activist efforts) detailed that he had been conceived when his parents were students at Auburn. Shortly after he was born, his parents’ relationship ended and Mr. Wade characterized his relationship with his father as more akin to a “grandfather.”

The transportation worker said Mr. Wade was especially proud of his work with an organization called Help or Hush (link) and was heading from Fayetteville immediately to St. Louis to do work for that organization.

The worker also said Mr. Wade talked about the pressures of being the son of someone famous. photo courtesy of                                                                                         Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.22.55 AM

Charles Wade maintains his innocence of the charges.

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Daily Trump Dump 03/09/16

I love my protestors…They all look like spoiled children


THE BIG STORY: Back on the road again for the Republican frontrunner, as he looks forward to some big contests on Tuesday. Trump appeared at a rally in Fayetteville, NC where, by some accounts, nearly twenty protestors were ejected from The Crown Coliseum. Among other things, Mr. Trump claimed that the federal budget passed recently by Congress “funded ISIS”. Here’s the whole thing, if you hate yourself

Trump campaign manager nearly knocks female reporter to the ground

And it’s not even one of the ones he hates like Megyn Kelley or Katy Tur. It was Michelle Fields of the insanely conservative Breitbart organization. The incident happened right after that QVC extravaganza in Jupiter, FL on Tuesday. Speaking of which…

All that stuff you saw Trump claiming he was selling? The wine? The steak? The water?

It was all pretty much BS

Trump Steaks shuttered years ago, as did Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka. Trump Winery is still operational, but Trump Water is only available on… yep, Trump-owned properties

I know! Call Hobby Lobby and tell them you want Trump Water™

Protestor who shoved a black woman in Louisville last week wants you to know he isn’t a racist

There is no excuse for my actions. I physically pushed a young woman down the aisle toward the exit, an action I sincerely regret. I have embarrassed myself, my family, and Veterans. This was a very unfortunate incident and it is my sincere hope that I can be forgiven for my actions

It’s so rare to see a Trump supporter take unequivocal responsibility for their actions that it borders on refreshing. Another guy who pushed-and-shoved in Louisville won’t be getting into the United States Marine Corps

Some Chrome extensions make fun of DJT

This one is fascinating: A 1964 LBJ ad has been making the rounds this week

When the head of the Ku Klux Klan…when all these weird groups come out in favor of the candidate of my party…either they’re not Republicans or I’m not

First, it’s important to acknowledge that the man featured in the ad is an actor. Nonetheless, he represents what a lot of Republicans felt regarding Goldwater. And it’s amazing how the things said 52 years ago resonate today. As the Bible says “nothing new under the sun”

And that’s not even in Two Corinthians

Jalopnik says that the NASCAR CEO’s recent endorsement of Trump is a big problem

We can say that NASCAR doesn’t care because, fundamentally, NASCAR is Brian France and the France family. Brian, who bootstrapped his way to the top of NASCAR with nothing but his father who was already the CEO and his grandfather who founded the race series already supporting him, owns enough of NASCAR to maintain complete control over its corporate operations. So when he endorses Trump—a man whose entire political campaign is based not only chaos, but on a regressive desire to make America “great” again, when it was great to white men but to no one else—NASCAR’s intentions have been laid bare

For his part, Brian France says he’s had to do some ‘splainin’

France acknowledged he’s had to have conversations with sponsors since making the endorsement, which came as NASCAR is seeking a new main sponsor for its top series.

“I made a few phone calls and clarified some things,” he said. “That kind of goes with the territory.”

France told the AP on Wednesday he backed Barack Obama in 2008 and actively participated in the campaign, shifting his support to Mitt Romney four years later.

“I supported Obama. I went to his rallies. I parted with my hard-earned money. There was a movement going on, and I was really thrilled with the idea of the first African-American president,”

Having lived in North Carolina my entire life and having followed NASCAR casually for a number of years, I can tell you that Brian France never appeared at a rally expressing his support publicly for Obama in 2008. As for his support of DJT, I guess he saw the white light



Daily Trump Dump 03/02/16

THE BIG NEWS: Trump was still basking in the afterglow of Super Tuesday. THEN! Out of nowhere, Mitt Romney jumped in to become buzzkill #1. This was met by mostly muted criticism a little annoyance full-on Twitter bombs from DT

I like the idea that Mr. Wharton took the time to carefully divide his thoughts into two separate tweets, but blew the spelling of the man who has been our president for seven years. It’s lovely to see Romney in a blood feud with The Donald. Remember, it was Mitt who got the whole tax return issue rolling last week

But, he saved his most vicious Twitter missives for Rubes

Maybe he learned his awesome financial skills at Trump University

YEAH! Suck it, Marco! How does that feel, niño?

Tomorrow night’s debate could get real testy. Based on the Rubio/Trump slugfest from last week’s debate, this could be RAW. Rubio scored one victory on Super Tuesday (Minnesota) and that victory netted him three (three) more delegates than DT (Minnesota apportions, based on percentage). Rubes is a desperate man and he needs to take down the big, bad bully. What will Cruzer do? Stay tuned

Meanwhile, one of the ugliest videos of this election cycle surfaced today. It’s from a Trump rally in Louisville

It shows a black woman being continuously shoved by Trump supporters. You can even see police standing by, doing nothing to people who are clearly breaking the law. Shaun King of The New York Daily News writes that it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed at one of these rallies. A sobering thought, but I think I can top it: Imagine the city of Cleveland (site of the RNC) this summer with white supremacists and Klan members trekking to town to support their guy. The potential for deadly violence is off-the-charts. 2016 could be the new 1968

Again, stay tuned

Gizmodo wonders if Trump has ever used a computer

I also found this photo of Trump at the Economic Club of Washington on December 15, 2014. He appears to be speaking on an invisible phone, which isn’t so much evidence of anything, but just kinda funny.

It’s good to laugh while we still can, right?

Admittedly, I’ve never seen Trump’s signature reality TV shows—The Apprentice, Celebrity Apprentice, nor Ban All Muslims Apprentice. But my web searches have turned up nothing even close to The Donald™ using a computer on that show, let alone anywhere else.

If Trump has truly never used a computer, that would be a remarkable change of trajectory in American politics. Since the transition from Bill Clinton in the early 1990s to George W. Bush in the 2000s to Barack Obama, our presidents have changed with the technological times. None have been technological wizards, but they’ve appeared competent with the mainstream computing tech of their day

Makes perfect sense to me. America was great when we weren’t all using computers, so in order to Make America Great Again™, we turn to a man who turns back the clock. I would expect Trump’s Brownshirts to stop assaulting black people and start rounding up PCs and Macs for a good, old-fashioned burning

DT released his health care reform plan. Step 1: Repeal Obamacare. Step 2: No dying in the streets. If you die in the streets, he kills you

The war between Trump and the Ricketts family heated up. I would expect some trolling if the Cubs start sucking this summer. See? That’s another way to support The Donald: Boo the Cubs. So, DT should wear the colors of the Cubs’ hated rivals, the White Sox? But, WAIT! You know who is a big fan of the White Sox

That’s right. Barrack Obama


B&B Podcast 03/02/16

Lil’ Rush with a massive takedown of Hugh Hefner’s wet-behind-the-ears kid, B and B discuss Trump killing it on Super Tuesday, Trump’s Brownshirts assault a black woman at a rally in Louisville

Black History Minute with Strom Thurmond

Today, we salute Bill Cosby

(NOTE: This video was produced before Mr. Cosby was accused was publicly accused was known to be accused of drugging and raping women by a large segment of society)

Black Athletes Matter

For a lot of Americans who are under the age of 50, Dr. Martin Luther King was a respected sage who was greatly respected as a wise Christian man as he presented his ideas for change. History has been kind to Dr. King and his legacy, but it’s important to remember that he was ridiculed, slandered, jailed, and eventually killed because he challenged the status quo. The passage of time has made us realize how important Dr. King was to the development of our nation. And as time has passed, it has become politically expedient to appear to be on King’s “side” even if you opposed him when he was alive

In 1983, when Congress was considering the MLK holiday, there was fierce opposition from Republicans. North Carolina’s ultraconservative senator Jesse Helms presented documents to his fellow senators “exposing” Dr. King’s (alleged) ties to communism. Helms’ efforts were mainly a show for his supporters and the bill passed and was signed into law by President Reagan

In the 21st century, Republicans claimed Dr. King as one of their own

I guess Jesse never got the memo

It’s important to remember this in the context of current movements such as “Black Lives Matter”. While the leaders of this movement have done themselves no favors in perplexing public displays, it’s important to note that every political/social movement that challenges the status quo is unpopular in its time

Which brings us to “The Legion of Black Collegians”, a group of athletes who made the University of Missouri’s president resign because said president had been slow to respond (heck, even acknowledge) various racist incidents across campus. Hey! Still think football isn’t placed into ridiculously high prominence at universities? As they say, don’t hate the player hate the game

So, I’m sure that these gentlemen will receive and have received a great deal of criticism, but I think this could be a movement that doesn’t just stop at the removal of one man. This could be a movement that (eventually) sees revenue-producing athletes get paid. I mean, a system that permits head coaches (predominantly white) to make millions, while football players (predominantly black) make nothing (and no one cares if they are educated) smacks of…oh, geez…what’s that word? You know, that thing the Civil War WASN’T about

So, be bold, be confident, but be careful, Legion of Black Collegians. You’re next steps will decide how you will be remembered. You could go down in history as trailblazers and pioneers

Heck, maybe one day…Republicans

If You Believe Everything You Read…

Let’s look at our source material: A piece from Saturday’s NY Times about Greensboro and it’s police department, featuring this little factoid:




Troubling, but, backed by facts. The mayor and other local officials didn’t dispute the numbers and the GPD is aware of the problem and trying different things, like neighborhood policing, to build trust in the African-American community

If you’re in the business of media in the local market, you probably wonder why you didn’t do the story and it took the New York Times to do it. But, now, we move on to the reaction phase. The News & Record gets in the game and gets some fairly predictable local reaction, including the guy running for office who reacted in a COMPLETELY defensive manner:





Mike Barber declares war, suh!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I knew Mike Barber a little back-in-the-day and I found him to be a decent guy. What he’s doing is fairly run-of-the-mill for someone whose name will be on a ballot next month

But, if you loved Mike’s response, you’ll REALLY love what the good ole gang at Fox 8 punched back with. They decided to go the whole “cheerleader” route, AND HOW!

Let me take you frame-by-frame on this beauty. We open with this:



For those who believe everything they read, the speed limit on this highway is 65 (yes, the sign says it is). For those who believe everything they read, that woman over there is 38 years old (yes, her birth certificate says so). For those who believe everything they read, this store appears to be a Food Lion (sign certainly says those two words)



Some would argue this loaf of bread costs $1.89. Others would disagree

We’re dealing with NUMBERS here, people. Neither the department nor the city dispute them. So, you have two options: We’ll work on it or I don’t care. That’s IT!

But, Fox 8 gets someone to back their play:



Because we HAD to interview a black person. Thing is (and, as everyone else on the A&T campus and at every other HBCU knows), the propensity of cops to FIND more stuff to pull over black folks is REMARKABLE. And white folks with non-working taillights or expired tags generally don’t get tased

Moving on




THOSE DAMN YANKEES HAVE MADE A MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL OVER A FEW BAD APPLES, I SAY! Dear God! Do I even have to say that when someone has a questionable confrontation with the po po, their first response may not be to go to the Citizen’s Review Commission, which sounds like the subtitle of Police Academy 7? But, hey, those yankees at the New York Times have THEIR numbers and WE HAVE OURS



A whole month with no complaints. Glory be. Could be that things are getting better for black folks or word is getting around that filing a complaint with your commission is about as helpful as urinating up a rope




And there you have it. The yankee agitators have peddled their lies again and WE DEMAND SATISFACTION, SUH! We’re awesome and they’re trying to tell us we’re not awesome!

This sort of cheerleading and defensiveness by local media really is part and parcel of the game, but this particular report is EMBARRASSING. To go looking for pushback instead of working on solutions isn’t helpful for the community. The sooner we get the chip off our shoulder and work on a solution, the better off we all are

Here’s Your Viral Video du jour

From Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC

That appears to be Officer Curtis Wilson of the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. kicking the ass of a student. An investigation has been started into the incident

UPDATE: They’ve arrested the girl who recorded the ass beating

UPDATE: CNN’s Don Lemon doesn’t want to rush to judgment

UPDATE: The FBI is looking into it

UPDATE 10/28: Officer was fired