“The only schlongs obnoxious enough to get more attention than Trump in 2015 belonged to ISIS”–AP


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Trump responded to the injustice of his not getting the prize and the attention: “You’ve got to be kidding, AP. You’re a bunch of losers…. no one knows who you really are. Do you have names? Wow… a WIRE service. Your parents must be proud. Big in 1943. Today? Nothing. You must have been sitting around with your SCHLONGS in your hands being stupid enough…. and I can’t emphasize this enough how stupid these people are, to NOT pick Donald J. Trump as the Top Story of 2015. ┬áMaybe you didn’t want to be forced to pick me this year and NEXT year too. If Putin did have a few journalists knocked off, and I’m not saying he did, I can see why he had good reason. These people are idiots. Possibly even dumber than Hillary or Jeb, neither of whom have high energy or stamina.”