NC Democratic US Senate Candidate Deborah Ross on Burr, Bernie, Bathrooms, Barbecue and More!

This is 2016, the Year of the Insulting Nickname in politics, courtesy of You-Know-Who.  Debra Ross responds to our question of what she does in response to being labeled, “the ACLU hippie chick.” (Ross was head of the NC ACLU for 7 years before election to the state’s General Assembly) “Richard Burr doesn’t want to run on his record because he’s so out of touch.”  On HB2, the infamous NC “bathroom bill,” Ross says Senator Burr claims the bill doesn’t discriminate, is certainly not a federal issue, and won’t affect the state’s economy. Wrong on all three counts, counters Ross, who also addressed the Affordable Care Act, minimum wage, and how to make higher learning more affordable….

Thomas Paine Had Common Sense, Pat. You’re Just a Jerk

We, the citizens, of North Carolina are in an unhealthy relationship with our Governor, Pat McCrory

It’s hard to say when things turned toxic. Maybe it was the whole “cookie incident”. Perhaps it was the whole “motorcycle abortion” thing. Could have been the whole coal ash fisaco. Whenever it happened, make no mistake about it, this is all-out bad blood

Take, for instance, last week’s passage of the infamous HB2, which has made North Carolina into a national laughingstock. This is how things work in bad relationships. We, the people of The Great State of North Carolina, gently bring up to Pat that, maybe passing such an idiotic law wasn’t the best thing and Pat responds with two simple words: YOU’RE CRAZY

Well, maybe not exactly, but, you see, Mr. McCrory has been brainwashed coached by political consultants to say the phrase “common sense” over and over again. He uses the phrase in this press release defending himself from media criticism of the law. He uses the phrase twice in 90 seconds in this video which, once again, blames the media (super original, guv). He used the “common sense” defense when he signed the controversial “Voter ID” law in North Carolina back in 2013

The message here is clear: If you oppose this, you’re crazy! Have you ever been in a relationship where someone responds to every critique by questioning your sanity? Why would you think I’m texting my ex? Are you crazy? Yes, I was three hours late, but you must be insane if you think I was with someone else. If you think I was having lunch with someone else, you must be out of your mind!

Of course, this is a technique of the most deranged liars and sociopaths. They make you seem like the odd one, when, in fact, they are doing things that defy logic. For example, needlessly creating an atmosphere where companies don’t feel especially comfortable doing business in North Carolina might be characterized as an act of someone who is, shall we say, less-than-sane

McCrory’s handlers have also made sure that he repeats New York Times, Washington Post, and Huffington Post when he cites the media offenders who are besmirching the good name of North Carolina. As a matter of fact, kudos to the wannabe Karl Rove who has hammered into the governor’s head that this particular attack on NC is an affront to the very honor of our state, suh! Let’s go back to the video of Pat being, oh so, offended

There’s a very well-coordinated campaign…a national campaign, which is distorting the truth, which is frankly smearing our state, in an inaccurate way

(is there a way to smear a state in an accurate way)

Ah declare, suh! They have sullied our good name and ah will not stand for it, suh!

Well, he may be a horrible governor, but he damn sure is coachable

If you oppose HB2, not only are you insane but you’re a traitor to North Carolina. Hell, you may as well break into The Skylight Inn and foul their delicious barbecue with a tanker full of Kraft™ Barbecue Sauce. You might as well walk into the Cheerwine™ plant in Salisbury and pee in a vat of that delicious nectar. You might as well paint a weiner on that statue of Andy and Opie

You get the idea

Control of the language is the last refuge of a scoundrel. If Pat McCrory had any record of achievement to run on he wouldn’t have to pull these propagandist tricks. But, I’ll assume his coaches will have him spouting all kinds of mind-controlling nonsense, which he’ll pay big bucks to have drummed into his brain, so he can repeat them to you and pepper your eardrums with shibboleths this summer and fall. And maybe it’ll work

As for me, I think voting Pat McCrory out of office is just using good old common sense

I admit I profile mass shooters’ religion, their ethnicity, their politics, their motives. Boy, was I wrong about the Colorado guy. Non-judgemental media sets me straight.


Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 2.07.26 PM

Dear Robert Dear, I sincerely apologize for prejudging you upon hearing of the Colorado Planned Parenthood Murders.  Even though all day Friday and Saturday the news reports were 100% neutral, saying “we don’t know if there were political motives” or my favorite, “we don’t know if this specifically had anything to do with Planned Parenthood and the abortion issue,” I harbored the worst possible thoughts about you.  Thank you, media, for not speculating on this man’s reasons for invading a PP clinic and firing away.   Several times I heard it said that “we don’t know for sure he intentionally targeted a Planned Parenthood clinic.”  Correct.  He could just as easily holed himself up in a Starbucks, a Chuck E. Cheese, or a dentist’s office.  Here’s the Denver Post, late Saturday afternoon:

Planned Parenthood shootings increasingly seem politically motivated


Ya think?  There I was, simply assuming you, Dear, were a liberal, Jewish, Obamacare-supporting, card-carrying member of the ACLU, a labor union member possibly angry over the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, or a NAACP, NARAL, Amnesty International, Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence-type.  It’s just so wrong to assume, isn’t it? As the information began to take real shape on Sunday, boy was I ever surprised that while in custody you ranted, “no more baby parts,” possibly (let’s not speculate falsely, again) referring to the doctored, anti-Planned Parenthood, discredited sting videos.
How should I feel that a fully intimidated, politically correct media has taken a cue from Obama, refusing to label radical rightwing anti-abortion rights domestic terrorism for what it is?  Remember, as poll leader Trump tweeted a few weeks ago:


Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 2.53.54 PM


I look forward to other bloggers, conservative talk radio, and Fox News to set me straight this week…. to help me get over my jumping to conclusions, rushing to judgement and assuming things about a mass shooter that turned out so wrong.  What other things could a logical person have thought?  That the guy went to the Nick Nolte School of Mugshots….?

Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 2.08.21 PM