You may have had a parent or teacher use the admonition: “your mouth is ahead of your brain….” which, of course, is advice to think before you speak. Social media has obviously exacerbated this problem… typing before thinking. People lose jobs, relationships… you know the deal. America is a week away from its president being the prototype of this problem. Over and over again, he speaks or tweets with no preparation or thought or insight, just the spontaneous ignorance of a fool. I think it’s even more fair to go back well before Trump was a candidate, when his Twitter feed was barely noticed…. a dark foreshadow of what was to come. October, 2014 for this drivel about “Blackish,” the well-constructed hit comedy on ABC.  

So much wrong in just 24 words.

1. “How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled “Blackish”?
The answer, Donald, is that they are “allowed” because we have a free country and there is no one “deciding” what a show is “allowed” to be called. (Plus, you’re supposed to put the question mark INSIDE the quotation marks) After your Hitlerian-style beatdown of Jim Acosta of CNN this week and your singling out of other news outlets and reporters for years, can we look forward to a new Trump agency: The Department of Allowing Stuff Only That Trump Likes… Or Gets?

2. “Can you imagine the furor of the show, “Whiteish”!
(I won’t dwell on the ignorance of the punctuation again) Can a show have “furor?” Of course Trump was really too careless and lazy to say correctly, “can you imagine the furor OVER a show called “Whiteish?” The answer is there would be none, unless it was rattling around in your mind that your imaginary “Whiteish” was a Brietbart-produced weekly celebration of whiteness as an endangered segment of America about to be overrun by the OTHER. This week’s guest host, David Duke. He must think Blackish is JayZ/Beyonce/Al Sharpton celebration of black folks at his expense. How come we don’t celebrate whiteness, huh? Hey Donald, are you still upset over “White Men Can’t Jump?”

3. “Racism at highest level?”
Uh…. no, not at all. Trump clearly had never seen the show. And what is that high level you speak of? As president will you be calling Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, to lodge your complaint? Trump’s entire pathology of Impulsive Ignorance is on display here. This is only about a tv show. Soon he’ll be tweeting and speaking with the power to move markets, start wars, to destroy people and companies who do not bow down to him. Bring this up to someone who voted for Trump and they’ll parrot his response to the indefensible: “he won.”  It won’t be the last time we hear that one.  We’re about to find out as we never have before that elections have not just big consequences, but catastrophic ones.  And that’s not fake news.

I want my country back– AMERICAN CONSUMER EDITION. The Quality Goes In Before the name goes on.

I was beginning to get nervous about the survival of the United States, which annually must fight The War on Christmas, as I awaited retail sales figures surrounding Black Friday.  A percent or two in the wrong direction could mean the War may be lost and we’re doomed.  I couldn’t help but notice the number of defective products and services offered in our economy these days as I opened an envelope from Honda telling me I have to AGAIN take my ’06 Accord to get the air bag thing replaced.  Sure this had already been taken care of back in June, I called the dealer and they said this time it’s the passenger air bag thing they’re going to replace, out of an abundance of caution…. my favorite phrase that covers terrorism, recalled products, and all school closings due to more than 1/8 inch of snow.  Amazingly, Takata, the Japanese company that made those things, is over 30 million defective airbag inflators in the hole…. and is still in the business!  I was going to stop at Chipotle for a quick meal on the way over to the dealer, but decided to pass on that due to something called, “headline risk.” That’s where you don’t read beyond the headline, you ignore the facts (like that you’re 300 miles away from a state with documented cases, any danger is probably already past, and the company is working overtime to fix the problem) and unfairly punish a quality entity like Chipotle because there are so many other choices that aren’t in the headlines.


Sometimes I eat super-cheap at Costco…. nice alternative… a slice of pizza or a hotdog satisfies, but that’s off the table for now, too.   More headline risk:


Health officials urged people who bought chicken salad at any U.S. Costco store on or before Friday to throw it away, even if no one has gotten sick.  That’s enough to prompt me to head over the the Consumer Product Safety Commission page to see what else is a danger to my life, even beyond food.  First, I see that Home Depot somehow has not bothered to stop selling 28 different products under recall notice from 2012 to 2015. Ladders that collapse, smoke detectors that don’t detect smoke, and electric ranges that never turn off even after you’ve turned them off.  Mistakes were made. The government’s even recalling The Bostich Electric Pencil Sharpener due to a shock hazard.  I know what you’re thinking….. who the bleep is still using pencils so much that the act of sharpening them STILL needs to be done in one of those electric pencil sharpeners that only the Screen shot 2015-11-26 at 11.20.27 AMcool kids had….. in 1967?  And does the shock hazard occur from just sticking the wooden pencil in there, or do you have to be trying to sharpen your finger?  What was wrong with this one, anyway?




This concludes my holiday salute to the late Andy Rooney.  Ah, for the days of simplicity and everything made in Amurica, like Zenith (now an LG child)  Happy Thanksgiving!!