No Class Oaf Kicks Off 2020 Campaign For Reelection In Darkest, Angriest, Ugliest Inaugural Address Ever… His Fans Dig It, Of Course

I KNEW TRUMP WAS INCAPABLE of even the slightest hint of humanity, but the darkness of this speech was beyond that. A third-rate version of his campaign appearances… minus the always crowd pleasing recitiation of primary victories, the size of the crowd, and some shots at the dishonest press. No shining city on a hill, but a third-rate, disheveled slum, is the country he leads. Well we’re living here in Allentown. And they’re closing all the factories down. Only I can fix it. Certainly no “ask what you do for your country.” The only thing we have to fear is Trump himself. Remember, he’s doing us a favor by giving up his life for this.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway explains he’s actually settling and we should all appreciate that. In fact, Conway said Friday morning on FOX, President Trump made “enormous sacrifices” to become president. “He actually gave up more money, more power, more prestige, more position than he will have,” she said.

American nationalism to the world; bite-me-if-you-didn’t-vote-for-me to the electoral majority of Hillaryville. The world is put on notice: not just America First, but America First and Only. No gracious tip of the hat to previous presidents. It’s not what he does. Repeal the recent past and he’ll get back to you with the details. Let the world know, from this day forward, that the contents of Donald Trump’s Inaugural Speech were merely the seeds immediately planted for his reelection. He will soon hit the rally trail again, quoting himself from what he’ll term as the greatest inaugural speech ever. The crowd will cheer the brag… he’ll soak up the love… and they will eat up the idea of the Trump Permanent Campaign.  Why really run something when it’s more fun to run for something?

No доверяй, No но проверяй Is Sorta, Kinda The Russian Term For Enforcement of Fabulous NC LGBT Law

Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 11.16.02 AM

From the Asheville CitizenTimes:Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 9.51.16 AM

Thank you for asking that question, Wayne.  Just so we know what we’re talking about, let’s turn it over to Yahoo’s Katie Couric:

On Feb. 22, Charlotte passed an ordinance expanding North Carolina’s antidiscrimination laws so that LGBT people would also be granted protection in places of “public accommodation” — which, among other things, would allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify as. This ordinance was to go in effect on April 1.

But in response, at a special session on March 23, North Carolina’s General Assembly proposed and passed the House Bill 2 (HB2) — or the “bathroom bill” — and Gov. Pat McCrory signed it into law that same night.

The new law did more than repeal the Charlotte ordinance. It made the state’s law on antidiscrimination — which covers race, religion, national origin, color, age, biological sex and handicaps — the final word. Meaning cities and local governments can’t expand “employment” or “public accommodations” protections to others, such as on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Back to letter-writer Wayne Stanko of Asheville.  His question is so good, so important, and so relevant to the discussion that it seems to have been lost on everyone on all sides.  Let me try to help.    Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 10.19.01 AM

The law in North Carolina will demand that everyone use…. and this is a new, copyrighted term…. their “birth identity bathroom.”  This is determined the first few seconds after you’re born and a confirmed, visual inspection by those present ascertains your sex as male or female.   This is entered on your birth certificate and correspondently which public restrooms and locker rooms you shall be permitted to access for the rest of your natural life.  That decision is not subject to appeal, change, alteration, surgery, emotions, internal struggles, or those so-called gender “identity” issues later in life.  Case closed.  Good day, madam… or sir.

What good is any law if there is no way to enforce it fairly?  NC HB2 is not like speeding, where the cops have and use discretion all the time when you’re over the speed limit, often actually seeing you whiz by. While no one demands all speed laws be repealed because all violators can’t be observed, let alone charged and punished…  we agree they serve a societal purpose in giving us reasonable guidelines on how fast we can safely drive under most conditions.

There surely are tens of thousands of public bathrooms in North Carolina, none of which are or will be patrolled by controlling legal authorities. That a transgender person who feels more comfortable not using his or her “birth identity bathroom” is violating the law will not be the question. Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 11.16.02 AMThat person is a lawbreaker.  Without resorting to bathroom police jokes, letter-writer Wayne Stanko single-handedly destroys the very idea of the law. Will there be a guard outside every restroom in the state checking peoples’ sex organs?  Will there be any guards outside (or inside) of any restroom in North Carolina.  Of course not.

When speaking of relations with the Soviet Union, most notably on nuclear arms control, Ronald Reagan put the Russian proverb, Доверяй но Проверяй, pronounced Doveryai no Proveryai, which means trust, but verify, into common usage.  The North Carolina legislature and its Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 10.47.10 AMgovernor, Pat McCrory, included nothing at all about actual enforcement of this law.  A law that was so important that it needed to be codified practically overnight with no input from anyone in opposition. A slap-dash, instant paste-together job, there was nothing in the law about actual enforcement.  There couldn’t be.  Putting faith in the very transgender and fake transgender men who the law is supposed to stop from using the lady’s room to molest your daughter, sister, or mom, it’s a 100% honor system law.  With more expansion of “if you see something, say something” than you ever thought possible, HB2 turns around the standard conservative line that liberals like to pass meaningless, unenforcible laws that make them feel good.  That’s the umbrella criticism of all attempts at gun control.  The bad guys will never Screen shot 2016-04-02 at 11.18.12 AMgive up their guns and you’re unarmed.  If there are transgender people or fake transgender people hellbent on using public bathroom access to molest and assault, why do the proponents of this law think they will obey it?  No trust, no verify.

Of course, it’s all happening in North Carolina, home of mythical Mayberry, where regular, normal citizens were more than happy to step up and help the cops.  Maybe it can happen again. Barney made that u-turn and BAM, Gomer on the case!


Groundhog Day Decision in Iowa and Elsewhere: At Least Six More Weeks of Trump

Our long, national nightmare …… has just begun.  Watching the returns come in as Ted Cruz whooped Donald Trump in Iowa and deciding who to favor was like imagining an arm wrestling match between Lord Voldemont and Darth Vader.   Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.06.03 AMIowans are no more politically engaged, nor do they love America, nor do they “take their vote more seriously” than any other state, in spite of the over-romanticized drivel we’re exposed to every four years.  Every meal consumed by every Hawkeye citizen is not eaten at a local diner (NH gets to add-in ubiquitous Dunkin Donuts franchises) and Iowa’s position as the first state to have any kind of say in the process is so arbitrary, wrong, and non-representative of the country that…. nothing will change.  The only answer as to why this is so is because we’ve been doing it that way for 40+ years.

On the positive side, I noticed there is no voter ID law in Iowa.  You don’t need to whip out your government-issued ID to prove who you are to vote.  Why is that?  Is that because everyone really does trust everyone in Iowa, or because they realize you’d truly have to be insane to want to waste your time impersonating someone else at those dreadful caucuses?  How do Republicans in all the other states that passed those phony voter ID laws under the guise of “protecting the integrity of the vote,” when we all know they’re about suppressing traditional Democratic voters on the margins…. how do Republicans reconcile the results in Iowa?  The answer is they don’t, and would surely already have a voter ID law just like other Republican-controlled states except that Iowa still has a Democratic state senate to stop it from happening.  Not so many minorities to disenfranchise in Iowa, but during the returns you hear lots about those counties where the U. of Iowa and Iowa State are located.  A good, American Legislative Exchange Council-written voter ID law would help discourage those little crumb-snatching college brats from participating.

I also noticed the remarkable logic of the county map of Iowa.  The counties are as square as possible and line up in rows so nicely.  It’s like a Municipal Bingo Card.  If you rule that center county, Polk, where Des Moines is, you’re on your way.  It makes so much sense. Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.00.24 AM





Why must the state I live in have counties that look so goofy?

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 9.59.11 AM





Up next, New Hampshire…. another non-representative state that takes itself way too seriously, guarding its position as the First Primary with that stunning childish arrogance.  As if I need to abide by a state full of people who are part of the Tom Brady Cult.  No way.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.33.16 AM

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