Bruno Hauptmann kidnaps, kills wrong baby. Should have nailed Baby Hitler.

Hauptmann grabbed the Lindbergh Baby in 1932 and was convicted of the murder 4 years later. With a little better discretion and timing, he could have changed everything. But we wouldn’t know it, of course. So, here from the comfort of 2015, the august New York Times asks us to take past matters into our own Back To the Future hands.  Could you kill a Baby Hitler?  Amazingly, when you combine the “not sure” and the “no’s” you get 58%.  Is there some “Every Potential Worst Human Being Baby EVER is Sacred” movement out there?  Do these people need a qualifier, such as “knowing what you know NOW about Adolph Hitler, could you drown him, as a baby, in beer?” 42% said “yes, I could kill him.”Screen shot 2015-10-24 at 4.00.39 PM

A great thought experiment it is…. a world with no Hitler.  Everything about everything would surely be different had Germany not gone in the direction it did, assuming no one besides Hitler would have done anything even close to what he did.   Almost every human relationship…. every marriage… would have not been what they’ve been for 70+ years.  The Japanese would still have had issues…. who knows?? and down the rabbit hole we go…

Keeping it current, I tried to get beyond the superficial fact that No Hitler = No Hogan’s Heroes.  The actual name Adolph would have stayed way more popular than it’s been since the thirties.  I’ve always wondered how much more successful Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer and Marinade would have been if it were Irving’s or Cindy’s Meat Tenderizer?  It’s never been fair to hold the name against (Adolph) Coor’s Beer.  The guy died in 1929.  Ben Carson told me that if Baby Hitler had been extinguished, the Jews wouldn’t have been disarmed in Europe.  I nodded, “ok,” and got a note from Planned Parenthood that said it would have been best to have aborted Fetus Hitler so that various tissue parts could benefit mankind.  The topic brought out the best in everyone.  bk


Back into the box o’stuff for Throwback Thursday… I think this one’s a genuine collector’s item… from the Friar’s Club in ’65! Check out that lineup….Dad gave me this one… I put it up here because Friday, October 23, Johnny, exactly 30 years older than me, would have turned 90! Screen shot 2015-10-22 at 10.55.35 AMScreen shot 2015-10-22 at 10.55.51 AM

Pre-Nomination Hillary Derangement Syndrome

It’s tiring to hear or read of —- fill-in-the-blank “derangement syndrome,” but I never thought it could surpass the vile, vicious hate for President Obama all these years… and so soon! Here it is, boys and girls, pre-NOMINATION Hillary Derangement Syndrome, the announcement of Day One impeachment proceedings…. man-o-man…. talk about kicking it up a notch! But, when you think about it, Hillary has several decades of built-up rightwing conspiratorial hate to her credit, WITH spousal support, that Obama never had. He was a fresh new face, nationally, 18 months before 2008 and the visceral hate for him, in the final analysis, always was based on his name, his race, his cool demeanor, his “otherness” to white, conservative America, and the continuous desire to wipe every achievement he’s made from the history books. She’s Hillary CLINTON! In a class by herself.

It’s not a new game

Fridays with Satan 09/18/15

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Lil’ Rush talks Trump, Hillary, and how to prepare for Halloween!

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Britt Bites- Bang Bang Banh Mi

This was my first banh mi experience. I didn’t have anyone to hold my hand or anything. I had always been curious about these little Vietnamese sandwiches ever since they caught the fancy of every foodie in America a few years ago. The gluten free part didn’t mean much to me, as I don’t have that allergy, but I guess we could all do with a little less gluten in our lives, right?

Bang Bang Menu

Skip the fried chicken (looks good, though). Skip the noodles. I want the sammich. Just a question of whether it was going to be pork or beef (nothing against tofu, but, come on). I opted for the beef

A shot of the front of the truck
Busy Truck!

A word here about customer service. I had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the sandwich and I’m completely ok with that. If I’m getting a unique culinary experience, I don’t want it to be made-to-order. The time gives us a chance to get to the next level of Candy Crush or attempt to hook up on Tinder (or whatever). The lady who was taking orders gave a textbook lesson on how to be pleasant while dealing with the public, while expediting orders for a busy truck. She was nice without being fake and diligently worked with the crew to get the food out as quickly as possible. I was impressed by the teamwork

The Sandwich

I was even more impressed by the sandwich. We eat with our eyes first, right? Look at those vivid colors and that savory meat. It looks good and it TASTES good. This banh mi was a perfect example of flavors working together. The savory meat balanced out by the fresh veggies and that fantastic bun (who needs gluten, anyway?). The garlic flavor is present, but not overwhelming and the textures even marry well. This is one of the best items I’ve ever had from a truck OR a brick-and-mortar. The amount of food you get is even perfect, as it’s filling without being too much. And don’t be fooled by those peppers; they provided just the right amount of heat without destroying your tongue. A big “thumbs up” for Bang Bang

Bang Bang Banh Mi is based out of Durham, NC. You can follow them on twitter here