Daily Trump Dump 02/29/16

THE BIG NEWS: Leap Day 2016 will probably be referred to as “Earpiece Day” by future generations. After yesterday’s weird interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, where Trump failed (several times) to separate himself from David Duke and white supremacists, Our Hero explained why he didn’t take the opportunity to wash his hands of racists on Today

Let me tell you, I’m sitting in a house in Florida with a very bad earpiece that they gave me and you could hardly hear what he was saying, but what I heard was ‘various groups’ and I don’t mind disavowing anybody and I disavowed David Duke

Thus, “bad earpiece” became the “wide stance” of 2016. If Rubio doesn’t bring up the earpiece during Thursday’s debate, he’s ten shades of yellow. Extra points if he refers to Trump as “Ole Earpiece over here”. After all, Rubes has insinuated that DT has a small penis

FWIW, I like “Comedy Zone” Rubio. Much more laid back. It’s like he’s Jeffrey Ross at The Donald Trump Roast

Meanwhile, a “Mommy and Daddy are fighting” scenario developed over the Rubes/Trump feud between Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. They duked it out on Twitter. Here’s an example of the back-and-forth

DAMN! All the drama of the epic Spring Valley Middle School “Whitney called Courtney a slut” battle of 2014. I just hope those crazy kids make up. They’re so good together. Like Pepsi and battery acid

A little drama at a Trump rally in Virginia today, as Time photographer Chris Morris was choke slammed by a Secret Service agent. Morris said he ventured 18 inches out of the “press pen” to get a better look at protestors being escorted out

At a Trump rally in Georgia, DT ordered the Secret Service to remove some black students who didn’t suit him

Now, imagine that guy in charge of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

Super Tuesday is upon us and Ted Cruz is poised for a win in his home state of  Alberta Texas. Trump is destroying Rubes in Florida. DT is killing it in Virginia and Georgia, as well as Michigan and Massachusetts. Things are close in Ohio, which could be Kasich’s last stand. It’s pretty grim for everyone not named Donald Trump. After Tuesday, the money men will have to reassess whether they want to back Cruz or Rubio because they probably need to take a hard look at their resources and continuing to throw money at both won’t be practical. Cruzer, at least has racked up two victories (assuming he holds serve in the Lone Star State), while Rubes has none. Carson is simply staying in to sell his next book. Kasich will probably drop out if he loses Ohio, so we’ll, essentially, be down to Cruzer vs. DT after Super Tuesday. At that point, The Donald may have captured enough delegates that it’s too late, anyway

In a ponderous move on Monday, NASCAR’s CEO and some past and present drivers endorsed Trump

I’ll set aside the drivers’ endorsements, as they can do what they want, but to have Brian France endorse DT is further evidence that NASCAR simply will never be at the same level as the NFL, NBA, MLB, or even the NHL. Can you imagine Roger Goodell endorsing any presidential candidate? And, before you start, I’m quite aware that Mr. Goodell has had some lapses in judgment. But, let’s get real: There’s no way a legitimate sports organization would co-sign for a guy who is the presidential candidate of choice for the Ku Klux Klan. Even WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who runs a fake sports organization and is a rabid Republican has kept his powder dry with regards to The Donald (the two know each other well). It becomes an even more perplexing move, as NASCAR is negotiating for a new partner for it’s highest-level series. Let’s say you’re the CEO of, let’s say McDonald’s and you’re considering sponsoring The Mickey D’s Cup. You want to go take a meeting with a guy who just showed mad love for David Duke’s crush?

And let’s not even talk about NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity. I’d love to see Brian France explain to a Hispanic kid wanting to enter the sport why he supported a guy who has stated that the Mexican government is sending rapists and murderers across the border

But, maybe I’m reading this wrong. Maybe Trump’s precious wall will be a SAFER barrier