Daily Trump Dump 02/22/16

THE BIG NEWS: Our hero was busy lobbing Cruz Missiles all the live-long day. Let’s go to The Feed

But, I don’t want you to think that’s all he did today. He also had time to fan the flames of an old rivalry

Just waiting for The Donald to surreptitiously mention those old rumors about Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly

He also had time to go after some other haters

Please watch this short clip of one of the stupid Ricketts kids doing a horrible job of selling hot dogs on Undercover Boss

File this next tweet under “blind squirrel finds nut”

Stu Stevens is a massive idiot. Among other things, he gave us “Clint Eastwood Talks to Chair”

Joe & Mika suck up to Trump behind-the-scenes

At one point, Brzezinski tells Trump that she had “a wow moment” when he brought two men up on stage after they had removed a protester from a rally. Trump responds: “I saw it, I watched your show this morning. You had me almost as a legendary figure.”

So, we can put Mike Brzezinski on the list of women DJT wants to bang (presumably, after his daughter)

Trump’s pal Rudy Giuliani isn’t quite ready to endorse The Donald

Fresno State student paper compares Trump to Hitler

Troy Pope, the Collegian’s editor-in-chief, said the newspaper’s website crashed on Monday due to all the traffic the editorial attracted. He said the student-run paper stands by its decision to print the controversial headline on the front page and was prompted by Trump’s win in the South Carolina primary this past weekend.

“Trump is railing against Muslims, Mexicans – basically people who aren’t white, and he’s becoming popular because of that. That’s what’s dangerous,” Pope said. “That’s no different than Hitler rallying the German people against the Jews.”

Check out the bitchin’ art


Nice work, boys

Charlotte Observer says Trump candidacy could cost Republicans seats in Congress

Cruz fires campaign staffer for “pulling a Trump”

Trump’s pig’s blood comment draws criticism from sister of Chapel Hill victim

Newt tells Fox & Friends that they invented Trump

“Well, that’s because of you guys,” he asserted in the clip first spotted by Media Matters. “Donald Trump gets up in the morning, tweets to the entire planet at no cost, picks up the phone, calls you, has a great conversation for about eight minutes, which would have cost him a ton in commercial money, and meanwhile his opponents are all out there trying to raise the money to run an ad.”

“Look, you could say that Trump is the candidate Fox & Friends invented,” he fired back. “He was on your show I think more than any other show.”

To be fair, Fox & Friends is even stupider than The Donald, but not by a whole lot

I know you were wondering, so I’ll let you know that Gingrich and DT have both been married three times

Trump now unsure if Rubio is eligible for presidency

Man! This dude really knows how to troll the Cubans