Trump Daily Dump 01/22/16

National Review goes HAM on The Donald with an editorial and a “symposium” on just how disastrous Trump would be as nominee. Before we dig into their points, let’s give props to NR‘s Mark Krikorian, who, correctly, points out

Dr. Frankensteins say beware of monsters. The editorial and several symposium contributors were clear that voters have good reason to be outraged at the serial betrayals by the Republican political class, even if Trump is the wrong vessel for that outrage. But a few of the contributors have helped perpetrate those betrayals – they’re part of the reason that Trump resonates with so many voters, and I’m loath to take their advice on dealing with the problem they helped create

Yep. You built that

The editorial is fairly dry, so let’s look at the all-star cast who throw so many stones. Glenn Beck, for example, that there was something good about Obama’s 2008 election

There was a silver lining, however. Rising out of the ashes of that electoral defeat came the Tea Party. The media struggled to explain it away as racist, xenophobic, and jingoistic. But the truth is, the Tea Party did not arise because Barack Obama defeated his opposition. It arose because there was no opposition

Sure. The Tea Part was super awesome. So much so, that people run from that branding these days. There isn’t even a Tea Party Caucus in the House anymore. They call themselves The Freedom Caucus because people came to view the Tea Party as nuts who simply howled at the moon. And these Trump supporters are just Tea Partiers even if they don’t acknowledge the label anymore

Mark Helprin is the most entertaining of the batch

And forget trying to determine whether he’s a conservative. Given that, at the suggestion of Bill Clinton, he has like a tapeworm invaded the schismatically weakened body of the Republican party, it’s a pointless question, because, like Allah in Islamic theology, he is whatever he pleases to be at the moment, the only principle being the triumph of his will

And on and on they go. Conservative heroes Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, Michael Medved, and, my God, they even dug up Ed Meese. They’re is a certain irony about a group of people pointing out the tremendous ego of a guy, while simultaneously having massive egos large enough to contain the thought “if all of us band together, we can stop him”

Like the right-wing Transformers

Not surprisingly, Trump struck back against the NR on his twitter feed

He also throws some shade at a couple of symposium writers

Hey, you know who has LOTS of listeners?

The absolute BEST thing that could happen in the next few months is to have Rush and Trump turn on each other. Let’s face it: If a Rush Limbaugh show could become a thing, it would be the Donald Trump campaign. And both men are completely thin-skinned. Please let these two put each other on blast. I would laugh myself silly

Trump also launched a few Cruz missiles

Look, there’s only one way to settle this Cruz Canadian deal: Show him a DVD of hockey fights and if he can watch without coming to his feet and applauding, then I’ll accept his U.S. citizenship. Trump should send an urn to Cruz purporting to hold the ashes of Rocket Richard. Also, Trump could get Wayne Gretzky to record a message of support, saying Cruz is The Great One’s choice for PM POTUS

Of course, if Cruz does get elected, he could just mock everyone with a showing of Slap Shot in the White House movie theatre. He could really be a jerk about it and celebrate Thanksgiving in October. Cruz and Mrs. Cruz could take a relaxing vacation in Nova Scotia. Pin a Medal of Freedom on Anne Murray. The possibilities are endless

Trump RTs from a neo Nazi account

Trump video vowing to reform the VA includes shots of Soviet veterans

Former Carson campaign manager now advising Trump

Jeb! mocks Trump’s expensive wardrobe