WWDD-What Would Donald Do? Plug In a Real Event and Play At Home!


You really do need to play the WWDD game before you even think of voting for Trump.  To play, you have to take him at his hyper-rhetorical face value and not assume that campaigning is all show and shtick and bluster and insult and brag, while a President Trump will be a contemplative, fully rational actor who weighs the facts and checks emotional decision-making outside the Oval Office door.  He has convinced a large number of Americans that every problem, every issue, every policy, every world event can be deftly handled with threats, intimidation, and (military) power, enacted by steamrolling dreaded political correctness, which has ruined everything.  I’m not sure how it is possible for anyone to tolerate listening to this guy repetitively freelancing his vomitus ego at each appearance, droning on about his poll numbers, the size of the crowd, and how everyone on earth is a moron except Carl Icahn (fellow billionaire bully) and himself.

Say hello to Anger Mismanagement.  Imagine if Trump were president last week when the Iranians grabbed a couple of US Navy patrol boats.  You don’t have to think very hard to realize we’d already be at war over this humiliation beyond humiliation.  But since “we’re gonna’ have so many victories, that, at some point, they’re just gonna’ be coming out of your ears!” has been promised…..  I must be crazy to think the upcoming Shoot First/Don’t Ask Questions Ever Twitter presidency will be a non-stop barrage of Jump The Gun/Jump The Shark daily headaches and crises.  The Wrap reported on Trump’s coolheadedness:  “We want our hostages back NOW!” he tweeted. And just to be sure he typed “now” using ALL CAPS… You know, to make sure the Iranians knew he was dead serious….Just one problem with that. The sailors had already been released hours earlier.”   Try to contemplate our collective fates had Donald Trump been in the Oval Office in October of 1962 when the Soviet Union was intent on deploying nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba.  A standard campaign commercial of recent vintage has been the “Red Phone 3am” ad.  Hillary Clinton used it in 2008 against the young, first-term Senator Barack Obama.

Four years later in 2012, the Republican National Committee produced the first spinoff version, featuring Benghazi.  They never aired it.  Seems pretty tame by today’s standards, or lack of them.  Word was that Mitt Romney himself scotched it because he was worried it would take the emphasis off of his sterling plans for the economy.  Maybe he was just too decent to run it.

Another four years later, to today…. “13 Hours,” the just-opened film about Benghazi, was probably marketed too much as a rightwing hit piece that would destroy Hillary Clinton’s chances at being president… just like the smoking gun emails, the hearings, the hearings, the hearings….. would.  Forbes film writer Scott Mendelson put it this way:For the record, when I referred to 13 Hours as a would-be “next American Sniper,” when the first trailer dropped last July, it was merely on the notion that the film might capitalize from the unexpected popularity of the Clint Eastwood action drama, in a sense playing to at least a decent chunk of the audience that turned that Bradley Cooper film into a $350 million sensation…First of all, it’s quite possible that the distinctly partisan nature of the narrative surrounding the Benghazi attacks basically scared off everyone except the would-be “loyalists.”…13 Hours was somewhat trapped by its inherently political origins. I would argue the aggressive pitch to conservative outlets was both a necessary action (in case nobody else showed up) and something of a detriment (because it arguably scared off a huge chunk of those who just accepted Lone Survivor and American Sniper at face value).” 

Taking the strained metaphor of the “nuclear football” to its limits, the nation will have turned over its future to the guy who has already blown it in the real football arena.  Among the many past failures Donald Trump has had that demonstrate his unfitness for public office is his near single-handed destruction of the United States Football League, which went out of business 30 years ago. Actor Burt Reynolds — one of the partners of the USFL’s Tampa Bay Bandits — was blunt about the demise when interviewed for “Small Potatoes,” an ESPN documentary about the league released in 2009. “I still feel and will always feel that his ambitions — his personal ambitions — were what sunk the league,” Reynolds said of Trump.  Keith Jackson, the retired ABC sportscaster, told ESPN that “greed and patience don’t live together very well.”  More from nj.com.

Did Donald Trump really kill a professional football league?

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