Odell Beckham, Jr. and the Art of the Meltdown

Around Labor Day, I was telling anyone who would listen that New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. was THE pick if you were drafting first in your fantasy league. Despite missing the first four games of his rookie year, he KILLED IT for me during his rookie season and helped propel me to the only fantasy championship I’ve ever had. Plus, he made the SICKEST grabs

Year two has been trying for Beckham and the G-Men. The NFC East has been dreadful (only the AFC South can compete for sheer lousiness). The Giants are only competitve because the Redskins, Cowboys, and Eagles are so terrible (only Dallas has been eliminated from the playoffs going into the last two weeks of the season)

So, week 15’s matchup between the Giants and  undefeated Carolina Panthers in New Jersey was being hyped to the MOON. Beckham’s matchup against Carolina Corner Josh Norman was highlighted, as Norman is considered, by some, to be the best CB in football. Plus, the Giants are fighting for their playoff lives and the Panthers are surging toward perfection

Then, Odell Beckham lost his damn mind

Beckham incurred THREE (3) personal fouls, including 2 on the SAME drive in the 3rd quarter. Not sure how many one needs to get in the NFL before the officials figure out you’re there to hurt people instead of playing football. The NFL responded by suspending Beckham for one game, making him the only offensive player to receive a suspension for “targeting” (using one’s helmet to target an opponent’s head, intentionally)

But, I’d like to back up for one moment. Before the game even started, a practice squad player for the Panthers (since identified as Marcus Ball) used a baseball bat as a prop in a stunt that made Beckham feel threatened. First of all, if a player who isn’t even on the main roster can make number one receiver in football go absolutely nuts, he should be signed IMMEDIATELY to the main roster of some team. I don’t recall Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Lynn Swann, Randy Moss, or Michael Irvin ever feeling threatened by anything a practice squad player ever did

By the way, this is where the NFL is totally like the WWE. Meet Sting


Note the bat
Note the bat

One of the biggest stars in the history of WCW. He used the bat because he was outnumbered. It was his equalizer. But, we knew he wasn’t actually going to use it on anyone because wrestling ISN’T REAL. Odell Beckham, Jr. should have watched wrestling. He would have known a practice squad player wasn’t going to beat him with a bat

In truth, Beckham’s meltdown wasn’t the worst


And, at least, he didn’t bring the crowd into it

But, in the end, the NFL did the right thing. And, Commissioner Goodell (who has been criticized for his decision-making), should get some credit for taking action against a star player who was ready to do his thing in an important game in prime time on Sunday night. Goodell should also suspend the gutless refs who let the situation on-the-field get out-of-hand

I would also expect a strict ban on baseball bats during pregame