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It’s official, Emperor Ted Cruz announced over the weekend that from now on, prerequisite #1 to moderate a Republican presidential debate is you’ve gotta show you’re one of us.  You can prove your fealty though registration documentation or by swearing on a stack of Ronald Reagan 8’x11’s you’ve voted Republican every time since Lincoln.  This demand follows the whining by many that not only was it obvious that the CNBC folks vote the wrong way always, but they preened, made it all about themselves, and shockingly went for ratings with biased, unsubstantial gotcha questions.  This must stop so that the American people get what they want:  meaningful discussions of the everyday issues that effect their lives.  This can only be accomplished with “one of us, one of our own” moderators.  I liken that requirement to reducing the debates to the equivalent of those 30 minute scripted infomercials for fat blockers and leg vein restoration between Larry King and some guy that no one watches but must work or they wouldn’t be on.  Everyone knows the question and the answers will surprise no one.

May I remind you of the first question asked of Donald Trump in the first debate in August? “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs, dogs, and disgusting animals’ … how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton … likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?”  That was asked by Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  By the way, a completely fair question considering Trump’s shtick. Fox is the Republican Channel…. the Hate Obama Channel… the Benghazi/Hate Hillary Channel…. the Rich White Guys Are Victims Channel.  There was no demand that that question eliminate Megyn and the network from future debates, although it is exactly like the ones that put CNBC and its parent company into teevee timeout.  There have been a few fake fights between Donald and Megyn Fox, but nothing permanent or serious.

The current moves by the candidates to completely take over the debate structure, format, and participating moderators are analogous to what the overarching strategy of the Republican Party has been forever but has just been recently perfected.  Through hardcore, super-sophisticated gerrymandering and cynical “voter id” laws to “protect the integrity of the vote,” the party segregates minority voters and shrinks, on the margins, identifiably Democratic-leaning groups and makes it just a bit more difficult to get turnout by those groups.  It’s called, “the voters don’t pick you; you pick the voters.”

Contrast this with the definite-but-sometimes-dissatisfying endings in sports.  Specifically the obvious injustice done to Duke Football this past weekend.  At least 4 missed calls that would have nullified the whacky, zany, multi-lateral kickoff return that resulted in a University of Miami win that should not have been.  The rule that says when the game is over, the game is over and no redos are allowed seems a bit harsh.  But that’s the rule.  You don’t see Duke football coach David Cutcliffe demanding the entire game or the last play be done over.  Actually, you do!…. You don’t hear him demanding proof every ref show they’ve never liked the U. of Miami.  Nowhere do you see it being demanded that Duke, in fact, gets to choose the refs the next time.  Maybe in basketball, but never in football!  I kid Coach K, of course…

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Maybe not perfect equivalence, but come to think of it, maybe Larry King would be the perfect Republican Debate Guy!  The master of the unprepared, soft, innocuous question. “Would you rather be president of the United States….. or Tom Brady?”

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Fred Thompson Has Died

The former Tennessee Senator was 73


Bruce Willis was fond of his “Die Hard 2” co-star

I recall talking to someone who was a former staffer of the Tennessee Senator and this person told me that Mr. Thompson had famously dated the gorgeous country chanteuse Lorrie Morgan back in the 90s. After they had broken up, the staffer told me he was in the car briefing the Senator and one of Miss Morgan’s songs came on the radio. Mr. Thompson sighed, said “Oh, Lorrie”, softly and turned the radio off

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Looks like Fred, no?
Looks like Fred, no?

Pretending They Liked Obama In Spite of His Half-Blackness, Liberals, Who Are The Real Racists, Hate Carson Specifically Because He’s All Black. So I Hear.

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It really is washing through the righty yackosphere (new word, I invented it) right now, as a kind of budding defense of Ben Carson….. “just break Conservative glass ceiling if needed.”  It is the classic technique of transferring your own deficits and weaknesses onto the other guy. The great Dallas writer Wayne Slater, co-author of “Bush’s Brain,” described right here how Mitt Romney attempted to project his problems onto President Obama back in April of 2012.   The newly confident, bouyed-by-polls Dr. Carson is being currently being vaccinated against this reverse projection, completely false narrative of below-the-line liberal racial animus against him.  Dr. Carson should reject this vaccine as unnecessary.  An objective view of his pandering semi-defense of vaccine truthers has already undercut his most valuable asset: esteemed man of medicine and science.   Defenders of the faith who approved by their silence the real hate and vile racism by a good many of their own who opposed the nomination, election and every act of the last 8 years of Barack Obama under the guise of “it’s not his race, it’s just his socialist policies that are intentionally destroying America that I dislike,” have some nerve, do they not?  To buy into this nonsense, propagated by the likes of Jonah Goldberg, you must believe this insane generalized view of the world:  that white liberals who voted for Obama barely agree with him politically really hate black people but pretend they don’t and even voted for him out of guilt and to prove they don’t hate blacks as much as white non-Obama voters who only voted against him out of honest ideological and policy reasons.

Goldberg:  “How strange it must be for people who comfort themselves with the slander that the GOP is a cult of organized racial hatred that the most popular politician among conservatives is a black man. Better to ignore the elephant in the room than account for such an inconvenient fact. The race card is just too valuable politically and psychologically for liberals who need to believe that their political opponents are evil.”

Everyone in any group should never be held to the views held by a minority of that group…. it cuts both ways.  But to preemptively plant this cynical seed so early in the rise of Ben Carson is to fully deny the most delicious irony that hovers over the thought:  that Carson is being falsely immunized against phony racial objections to his candidacy as he’s a frontrunner alongside Donald Trump, the guy who’s been 100% all-in on birtherism and racial codespeak against the first black president.

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For me, it really is his quiet arrogance that’s looking more and more like false modesty, coupled with thoughtless, crazy statements about some issues that make me wonder….. it took you 64 years, in spite of your amazing biography, to conclude Obamacare is worse than was slavery, and that More Guns = Less Holocaust and we all need Handguns in the House to defend against Islamic militants here at home? Note  Dr. Ishani Ganguli NOT referring to Carson as “Dr” throughout his NY Times column “It’s Not Brain Surgery, Ben Carson.”  So as to remind us that Carson is a retired physician.  It always bugged me that people like Newt Gingrich, run out of office over 15 years ago, is still called Speaker Gingrich. “Mr. Carson’s attitude is that of the amiable but off-putting physician who need not bother with political correctness because he is a master of his craft and has always been shielded, by his less godly but quick-thinking staff, from the repercussions of his inflammatory words (see “House M.D.”). He is fiercely unapologetic about the accuracy or impact of his statements.”  A Master of the Medical Universe does not automatically translate to the real world.

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