Campaign Manager Professor Harold Hill leads by example, tells client Trump, “I never thought I’d see me again in Iowa. I was wrong,” says co-author of “The Art of the Spiel”

It is literally impossible to keep up with the constant stream of lies, intentional misstatements, and distorted, fudged hyperbolic BS coming from the mouth of Donald Trump.  His Big Lie technique to answer challenges to those misstatements is to deny he said what he said, attack the source of the truth, then double-down on the lie.  Add a few more points to his polls, brag about his lead, and the ends justify the means.  If people tell pollsters they’re voting for me, I must be right.  Just in the past few days he’s decided to close the mosques, but well, maybe we’ll just monitor them more closely while we set up the databases to keep track of the Muslims.   During a speech at Decker Auditorium in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Trump said he would go after ISIS-controlled oil fields and “bomb the s— out of ’em,” to loud applause.  The result:  He’s regained his lead in Iowa that he briefly lost to Ben Carson.

Donald Trump on ISIS Oil: I would bomb the sh*t out of them!

Type of lie that would and should normally destroy a candidacy that boosts Trump: “his controversial claim that he saw “thousands” of people cheering in Jersey City, N.J., “when the World Trade Center came tumbling down” on Sept. 11, 2001 — even as the city’s mayor said the front-running Republican presidential hopeful has “memory issues, or willfully distorts the truth.” Trump first told the story Saturday at a rally in Birmingham, Ala., as he pressed the need for greater surveillance, including monitoring certain mosques, in the wake of the Paris attacks. “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down,” Trump said.– Fox News.  The Washington Post reported  “a foreward for a book titled “Where Were You On 9/11?,” Trump made no mention of this: “I was in my apartment in the Trump Tower [on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.] I knew what was happening because I can see downtown to the Financial district.” But since Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house, Donald could see Jersey City Celebratory Muslim House Parties from his apartment. He just forgot to mention it until now.


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It just doesn’t stop.  Trump retweeted phony stats from a non-existent entity (conveniently) called, “Crime Statistics Bureau-San Francisco” (who could doubt something called that?).  According to Little Green Footballs via Talking Points Memo,the graphic retweeted by Trump appears to have originated with a neo-Nazi Twitter account.”


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TPM goes on to say that the FBI reported in 2014 that 82 percent of murders with white victims were carried out by white people, while just under 15 percent were carried out by black people, according to the Huffington Post. And almost 90 percent of murders with black victims were committed by black individuals, while 7 percent were committed by white individuals.  But then who you gonna believe, the FBI, or the followers of Hitler?