Republicans flee from Telemundo debate. Dummkopf Media Misses the Story AGAIN! Portrays it as singular “NBC” punishment for CNBC disaster.

Maybe I’m hallucinating and missing all kinds of mentions all over the place, but it took quite an effort for me to find more than a passing reference to the fact that the “NBC debate” on February 26th yanked by the Republican National Committee from NBC was to be a Telemundo debate, not just an NBC News or even a (God Forbid!MSNBC debate.  Here’s one, from Crooks and Liars.  And another buried mention, from USA Today.


What a perfect excuse for the entire World of Republicans to not have a debate on Spanish language media (Telemundo, a subsidiary of NBC Universal, much in the same way CNBC is).  The Mitt Romney Memorial Self-Deportation Special is officially cancelled, under the guise that last week’s CNBC scrum proves the unworthiness of the entire company.  How delightfully convenient that a 10-person circular pissing contest on who can Kick ‘Em Out Faster will now not happen.  Jeb loses his chance to show he speaks better and more compassionate Spanish than Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, which the core hates anyway. “Speak English, Jeb!  This is America, you know!”


UPDATE 11/3- TalkingPointsMemo: 

—— At a meeting Sunday among campaign representatives to discuss debate demands, a Trump staffer vowed the billionaire would boycott the Telemundo debate, while former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) is publicly calling for it to be reinstated.“Where there is 50 plus million Latinos in this country, it would be devastating if the Republican debate circuit does not include a major Spanish speaking platform to reach that electorate,” Luis Alvarado, a Republican strategist, told TPM.—–

10 Republican Candidates–10 Non-Gotcha Questions From Me, A Card-Carrying-Member of the Non-Librul, Candidate-Approved Media

THE LAST REPUBLICAN DEBATE on CNBC was a disaster.  The topics and questions were mean, obnoxious, personal, and dug too much into statements or past behavior the candidates exhibited.  It was just a coincidence that poll leaders Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump were forced into the biggest lies of the night.  Carson lying about his involvement with a nutritional supplement company that claims it cures autism and cancer with its products, called out last January by the National Review, the approved-for-the-future conservative host of the next ex-NBC debate.  Trump, lying about his labeling of Marco Rubio as “Mark Zuckerberg’s senator” for Rubio’s supposedly too-accommodative immigration views, pretending he never said it, when it was on his website all along.   CNBC panelist Becky Quick channeled Trump’s “I watch the shows” military chops by allowing herself, through lack of the most basic show prep, to be steamrolled, Gangnam-style.  Sheepishly apologizing to Trump’s bullying by not being able to crush him with her source, there should be actual career consequences for her.  Every question should be asked by someone who knows their stuff.  Go back to CNBC and stick to reading the prompter on whether Disney beat earnings estimates or something less challenging.

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With that in mind, as a public service, I have prepared the kind of questions that are brilliantly probing but will make no one uncomfortable, which should be the goal for the discerning Republican primary voter.  In no particular order:

Chris Christie:  Have you gotten over the personal turmoil of the scandal that recently roiled your administration in New Jersey…Bon Jovi or Springsteen?

Rand Paul:  You attended Duke University Medical School in the mid-80’s, several years into Coach K‘s remarkable career that didn’t get off to such a great start.  Did you foresee his fantastic run as he became the winningest coach in NCAA Division One history?  And a followup…. Are you still a fan?

John Kasich:  There have been 8 presidents from Ohio, including US Grant, Rutherford B Hayes, and William Howard Taft, who was quite heavy.  Would you be proud to be Ohio President #9?

Jeb Bush:  Did you watch “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC?  If so, while viewing, did you ever dream that one day its host, Donald Trump, would trash you and derail your rightful place as the third president named Bush?  If you’re not familiar with the show, I withdraw the question, and would be sorry for even bringing it up.

Mike Huckabee:  Could you please talk about the difficulties you’ve had in keeping off the weight you lost last decade?  Do you swap recipes with Gov. Christie?  Did you cry when you heard Oprah has taken such a major stake in Weight Watchers?

Carly Fiorina:  You were CEO of Hewlett-Packard, the biggest manufacturer of printers.  What’s the deal with the high cost of those insipid ink cartridges?

Marco Rubio:  I love the way you’re connecting with the Community and the Young People.  You’ve said you prefer Tupac over Biggie, and count Pitbull as a friend.  Was your dad, the bartender, a big fan of Cuban bandleader and husband of Lucille BallDesi Arnaz?

Ted Cruz:  Same question about Desi, since your dad is from Cuba too.  Also, did your dad know Marco’s dad back on the Island, and did they both like baseball?

Ben Carson:  You’ve been called “low energy,” by your friend, Donald Trump.  Obviously, however, it takes great stamina and concentration to perform pediatric surgeries that last 15 hours or more, even though my wife, also a doctor, says you’re not really in there continuously and there are lots of breaks.  Two questions, sir.  Firstly, what kind of music did you like to operate to?  Secondly, what was your favorite post-operative meal?

Donald Trump:  It’s well known that you were an incorrigible teenager and were sent off to military school beginning with the 8th grade.  Which disgusting, degrading, possibly criminal hazing ritual from that part of your life has been the most useful in both your business career and your showbiz/political career?

No need to thank me.  It’s what we do here!




The Daily Beast and other outlets report the sad demise of Denis Cuspert, “a German-performer-turned-rapping-propagandist for the self-proclaimed Islamic State…. The death of 39 year-old Cuspert, arguably the most talented rapper recruited by ISIS, highlights the surprising relationship between the terror group and hip-hop. Cuspert’s effort is part of a phenomenon known as “Jihad Cool,” a push by ISIS to make the jihadist outfit attractive to young recruits.” Less-talented ISIS/RAPPER/WANNABEES need not apply. “Rap, it turns out, is a quasi-loophole around the ISIS ban of musical instruments, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Daily Beast. In ISIS-controlled areas, playing these instruments is punishable by death. But Cuspert and others only used their voices; the beats were left to others—others who were, presumably, not subject to the ban.”  Great talent just needs to find an outlet, I guess.  Contact Vlad on Linkedin….


Money Can’t Buy Class, Vol. 1

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This is current….


Don’t ever change, Floyd.  This was a year ago!… shot 2015-10-29 at 6.34.17 PM

Business News: There Will NOT Be a Dedicated “Detonator” button on the Arab iPhones. Apologize for that, please.


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Around the world of business Thursday:  1. Burger King keeps innovating, announcing Buffalo Chicken Fries to “keep the mess to a minimum and maximize ‘dipping and handling.”  I always suspected the oft-repeated “quote” from 1901 by the guy running the US Patent Office that “everything that can be invented has been invented,” was fake.  Buffalo Chicken Fries again proves the folly of the mere thought.    2. Gross Domestic Product only has been growing at 1.5%.  Sadly, the number wasn’t released until Thursday morning, after the epic End of Whatever Shred of Credibility CNBC Had/Republican Debate.  All of the prescriptions for economic growth eloquently expressed…. cut everybody’s taxes, especially rich people… cut every tax to 15% or 10% like the bible says, but just CUT the damn things… flush that “loose money” and let’s dig for gold, audit the Fed (doesn’t the IRS do audits?… you guys now trust the IRS?) …. repeal Medicare, Social Security, and Obamacare…. all that great stuff would have rung more truly against the new GDP number.  But, of course, Obama held it back on purpose.  And then, there’s this:

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Jeb Bush Announces His Candidacy for FFL Commissioner At Republican Debate… Chris Christie Objects… America Rolls Eyes


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While Donald Trump was caught lying (he barked that he never said what he said) about what is written on his own website, as you can see right here, about attacking Marco Rubio for his support of a Mark Zuckerberg idea…. while there was clear collusion between all the candidates to simply attack the CNBC questioners…. and while Ted Cruz stood out by being the Republican president most likely to return us to 19th century economics, including a return to the gold standard (yea, that’s the ticket!)…. Jeb Bush, increasingly fed up with running for president, annoyed with the process, and having the foresight to have a backup plan in case this president thing doesn’t work out, really spoke to Americans about what they truly care about. That’s only if commercial frequency/repetition on everything I watch is some kind of measure of what Real Americans value.  These days my biggest decision is Draft Kings or Fan Duel? Jeb bragged his fantasy football team is 7 and O… not even Donald could top him in grandiosity.  Sadly though, Jeb forgot that no one gives a flying Phantasm about anyone else’s ff team.  But with his firm grasp of regulatory issues around fantasy football (as if it’s possible it’s merely skill, not gambling!), Jeb clearly emerged from the pack as the leading candidate….. for FFL Commissioner.

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Possibly The Most Uncomfortable, Stiff, Pathetic Moment EVER As CNN Tries to “Humanize” Lindsey Graham



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The Republican former House Speaker could get up to six months after pleading guilty in Chicago Wednesday for not being clever enough to hide his payoffs to a kid (or kids) on his high school wrestling team he was having relations with when he was the coach in Yorkville (Ill).  In 1976 Yorkville won the state wrestling title.  This went to his head.  Disco was just breaking out and old taboos were breaking down, but Dennis misread the whole disco era/Studio 54 thing and went too far, thinking Grace Jones and Donna Summer had given him tacit permission to become a weirdo.  This kind of background was perfect for him to transition to politics, and he rose, on the backs of not one but two disgraced predecessors, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, to become (accidental) Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1998. He proudly served longer in that post than any Republican speaker in US history.  Now that being Speaker of the House is the Worst Job in America…. so bad that even Mike Rowe refused to feature it during the years he did that show “Dirty Jobs,” Hastert should be forced to reascend to the position.  Way more punitive that 6 months in the clink.  Relax, Paul Ryan, you can drive your kids to chuck e cheese all you want.  You nightmare is over before it starts.

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More to Read About North Carolina in the Paper…. The New York Times Paper

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It’s a doubleheader this week for NC in the NYT. First it’s the front pager on the Greensboro Police and the statistics on Driving While Black in the city, as seen in the piece below this one. Now it’s the Open Secrets folks spotlighting the Sickening Superpac named by the George Orwell Institute of Misnomers…. “Carolina Rising.” A textbook example of “dark money,” …. untraceable, unaccountable, anonymous. Of the $4.7 million spent to “educate” us on how fantastic Thom Tillis was as a state legislator (not allowed to tell us to actually VOTE for Thom….. that wouldn’t be “educational”), 98.7% of that $4.7 million came from one person. One person. This insidious Citizens United ruling from 2000 is indefensible, allows Donald Trump to bash his less well-healed competitors as being 100% beholden to these Daddy Warbuckers….. and is one more reason why I could never vote for a presidential candidate who would appoint judges who think this makes any sense for a representative democracy…..who would rule against public financing of national elections. Did that money from one person make the difference in a close election? And what connection to Senator Thom Tillis does that person have now?   Here’s the entire column from the Times.

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