In Early 1967, We Were All In Favor Of An All-Out Effort To Land On the Moon… Right? Wrong.

A very smart man, Coach Vince Lombardi was undoubtedly more concerned with winning football titles than when we would be putting men on the moon.  He may have personally cared about the US space program, but I couldn’t find any on-the-record remarks from him about the subject.  I bring it up only as an excuse to knock out a myth about the first Super Bowl and the false narrative that all Americans were gung-ho about beating the Ruskies to the moon as soon as possible, no matter the cost.  Are the two things really connected?  Hell no, but when you run through a NY Times archive of that day’s paper to read about the first Super Bowl….. you get a bonus!  You are reminded that Republicans are ALWAYS against progress, they ALWAYS have an excuse that involves spending, and they have been and continue to be against the New Deal, the Great Society, and of course, today, Obamacare.  Oppose it, derail it, defund it, kill it.  It’s all the same to them if it helps people and a Democratic president suggested it.Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 4.38.25 PM

I hear Joe McCarthy has already been put on retainer to return from the dead to lead a possible presidential campaign against self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist (a redundant term to Joe, of course) Bernie Sanders should he get the nomination.  But let’s start with football……

I’ve always heard that “you know, they didn’t even call it the Super Bowl until the third one, when Joe Namath and the Jets beat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in 1969, the first two years they simply called it the AFL–NFL World Championship Game.”  But in the New York Times’ front page writeup about the Lombardi-led Packers 35-10 win over Kansas City on January 15, 1967 in that first game, the final paragraph reads:

Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 3.45.53 PM

Of course, the Times may have retroactively changed the article all these years later, just as the Honolulu newspapers later magically inserted the “birth” announcement of Barack Obama into their archives long after 1961:

Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 4.02.39 PM

Meanwhile, back to Super Bowl Sunday back in 1967 and that NY Times front page, which also featured this piece:Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 4.11.22 PM

It’s what they do.  It’s who Republicans are.  Nothing much has changed, but hostility to President Johnson, who, by then was the embattled Vietnam president, knew no domestic bounds even on our striving to land on the moon before the Soviet Union.  From the article, check out this 1967 variation on Hillary Clinton’s famous “what difference does it make?” remark to the Benghazi committee:Screen shot 2016-02-05 at 3.16.56 PM

Everett Dirksen is considered to be a highly thought-of senator.  His flippancy about not caring when we finally might make it to the moon was, if anything, consistent.  Dirksen is famous for having said, on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”

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Daily Trump Dump 02/03/16

THE BIG NEWS: Trump went HAM On the Cruzer and the Iowa results. Let’s go to the feed

If you’re wondering what the hell he’s talking about, click here. One thing is clear: WE GOT OUR BOY BACK! Hard-charging, tough-talking, politically incorrect Donald Trump is BACK, baby!

Cruzer said The Donald was throwing a “TRMPertantrum”

Hillary Clinton said forcefully that she and Trump were never friends. Chelsea also chimed in

“I’ve never had a relationship with Mr. Trump. My relationship has always been with Ivanka,” Chelsea Clinton said. “And I would never hold anyone accountable for what anyone else in their family said.”

Which kind of tells me that Ivanka has had those “My dad is so full of s–t” convos with Chelsea over a couple of Appletinis

It’s true: Someone did nominate Trump for The Nobel Peace Prize

An American male senator or congressman nominated the real estate tycoon, according to Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of Oslo’s Peace Research Institute

This should be an outrage to all of us. Congress has been struggling with historically low approval ratings for awhile now, but some jerk has the time, not to do his job, but to nominate Captain Jerkface for a FREAKING NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. What the hell?!!

Harpviken said that whoever nominated Trump probably did it to secure more press coverage for the controversial candidate. “The person who suggested it may genuinely mean it, but the person who suggested it may also realize that the very fact that Trump’s nomination gets confirmed has considerable interest in its own right, and that all publicity is good publicity,” he said

I’m not sure how the United States could look dumber to the rest of the world

An African-American teenager volunteered for the Trump campaign in Iowa and chronicled his expereinces

Nobody used any racial slurs. Nobody called me “the n-word.” Nobody called me “coon” or anything, but it’s, for lack of a better word, it’s micro-aggressions. You know, the way they look at you. The way they talk about foreign policy and how they talk about oppressed groups when they don’t think you’re listening

And when Trump hits 1600, we won’t have to be subtle anymore. We can just hate people openly. That’s the way it was when America was great and, by God, we need to bring that back

In a rare (sarcasm) appearance on Fox, Trump (predictably) slammed Obama’s visit to a mosque

Greta Van Susteren asked Trump for his reaction to the president’s visit. The Donald said, “I don’t know if––maybe he feels comfortable there.”

“We have a lot of problems in this country,” Trump explained. “We have a lot of places he can go and he chose a mosque.”

Maybe The Donald should say that Obama’s post POTUS plan includes joining ISIS. Perhaps they’ll put the Obama Presidential Library in Damascus

Jimmy Carter says he’d pick Trump over Cruz

“The reason is, Trump has proven already he’s completely malleable,” Carter said. “I don’t think he has any fixed (positions) he’d go the White House and fight for. On the other hand, Ted Cruz is not malleable. He has far right-wing policies he’d pursue if he became president.”

It’s a version of my brother’s theory: Trump just says the stuff he says for entertainment value. Cruz really believes the crap that comes out of his mouth. Somehow, even this doesn’t make me feel much better

The Donald’s feud with New Hampshire’s largest newspaper rages on

“Rabbi for Trump” drops support, says campaign doesn’t care about the Jewish vote


“If the Cruz or Rubio people want my support I will be happy to give it to them,” he said. “I do not dislike Trump and wish him well, but I can not fight for him if I do not believe he fully supports Israel and the Jewish people.”

Good Lord! Prepare for

I have many Jewish friends. The Jews love me. I’ll be so good for Israel, it’ll made your head spin. I’ll bring back 300 kosher delis to New York

The Donald played high school soccer

John Kerry (that loser) played soccer, too. But, you’ll never find Donald Trump on a BICYCLE, by Gawd!




B&B Podcast 02/03/16

Shop at for great deals and a great way to support B and B. Trump can’t accept the Iowa results, Canadian people are dishonest, Brad gets a check from out-of-nowhere, Eugene Robinson gives advice to Panthers, Bronco gets sent home, 1st Super Bowl game tape still can’t be seen by the public, Kenny Stabler had CTE.

Trump Exhibits Signs of CTE, Confuses Canada With Mexico Following Loss to Cruz in Iowa

A sad-but-predictable public meltdown occurred Tuesday in New Hampshire when Donald J. Trump slimed, slurred, and attacked the entire country of Canada… our best friend and Neighbor to the North.  In taking the issue of broad stereotyping and generalization to new heights, here are his exact words as he attempted to hammer home an attack on Ted Cruz, who’d sent out a dishonest, scare-the-old-people mailer over the weekend.  Newsmax:  “What kind of people do we have running for office? It’s really dishonest” Trump said. “These politicians are worse than real estate people in New York.” The real estate mogul says he knows the reason for Cruz’s dishonesty: “it’s because he was born in Canada.” 


Problem 1:  Are we to believe, therefore, that Donald J. Trump is the only honest “real estate person” in New York?  Problem 2: Is Ted Cruz’s dishonesty problem really the result of his being born in Canada…. which is not in dispute?  He was born there. It’s his “natural born citizen” status as per the Constitution… an issue that has not been formally decided by the courts.  Those are two quite different things.  Problem 3:  We were all getting used to Donald trashing Mexicans who come to the United States.  Now we have to suspect all Canadians, too?

According to the Boston University Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center, this terrible brain disease is associated with confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, and, eventually, progressive dementia.  The latest NFL star to have been conclusively diagnosed with CTE is Ken Stabler, the great Oakland Raiders quarterback who died at age 69, officially of cancer.  His brain was removed and studied and Stabler had a high Stage 3 (out of 4) version of CTE.

Donald Trump has been saying…. and getting away with saying…. many, many things during the course of his campaign that make no sense…. that are 100% illogical, not standing up to the slightest bit of scrutiny.  His blusterous, confident, angry delivery of those remarks pleases his followers, inspired by the impossible strength of Trump’s maniacal delivery.  When presented with a real situation that he cannot control…. the actual numerical outcome of the Iowa caucus, for instance… he simply lies about the result, disavowing his own previous grandiose prediction of victory.  I am now prepared to excuse Trump as yet another victim of CTE… brain damage.

ABC News: “My life has been about victories,” Trump told a crowd in Fort Dodge, Iowa, last November. In a state Trump really wanted to win and said as much, Monday night was not the result the real estate mogul was banking on.“I want to win in Iowa, I want to really win, I don’t want to come in second,” Trump said in Cedar Rapids last month. “Smart would be to say, I want to do well. That way if I come in second everyone is going to say you did well. I don’t want to do that. I want to win, right?”

Angry and confused that his second-place finish is not being credited as a victory for him because he has now decided it’s more important to disregard his non-stop bragging about leading in polls leading up to the vote, including the Des Moines Register Iowa Poll…. the newspaper which he trashed continuously as biased until that last weekend poll which had him leading Cruz 28-23 with Rubio at 15, his brain melts down in discombobulation. He goes bonkers in denouncing the interpretation of third-place Marco Rubio (right behind Trump) as the real surprise, momentum-building result coming out of Iowa, when he is sure he is being unfairly treated. The guy who has no handlers, no consultants, suddenly demands credit for getting the number of votes he got without campaigning nearly as hard as Ted Cruz and Rubio, upon “being told” not to try.   Not fair.  Somebody should be getting fired!

Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 10.20.26 AM

Bragging that he received the second-most votes ever in a Republican Iowa caucus, he leans on that tiresome, nonsensical, pointless claim that he drew such a yuge turnout… not mentioning that yuge turnout was yuger for the guy who got more votes than him.  Bragging you got the second biggest vote ever is great, unless it occurred at the same time another guy got the biggest vote ever.  Then, you’re an idiot.  It’s like a 54-48 Super Bowl score where the team that got 48 brags it scored the second-most points ever by a team in the Super Bowl.  You lost.  Confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression.  Bye bye.

Daily Trump Dump 02/02/16

THE BIG NEWS: After licking his wounds from the second place finish in Iowa, our hero turned his attention to New Hampshire. After a brief bout with graciousness, The Artist Formerly Known as Republican Frontrunner was back to lobbing Cruz missiles on his twitter feed

Yep. Ted Cruz was the big loser in Iowa last night. Baghdad Bob has nothing on you, sir

That’s an RT, of course, and this is like going through the stages of grief on social media

Yeah. You never wanted to win stinky old Iowa anyway

You guys have been doing a terrible job of smooching my rear end, so let’s step that up. Also, I feel like this opens the door for Clem and Bubba in Fartsville, GA to be encouraged to send their 10s and 20s to The Donald. How sad is that going to be? People will be missing car payments and light bills to throw a couple of bucks to a billionaire

Future Trump Press Secretary Ann Coulter wasn’t happy about the results in Iowa

And among women with Adam’s Apples, you’re the hottest, Ann

After finding out that Coulter was cheering them on, millions of Christians immediately googled “benefits of atheism”

Donald admits skipping last week’s debate might have cost him in Iowa

“People didn’t talk about my second place,” Trump added. “They didn’t talk about it as positively as they should have.”

Why won’t you people give this man the credit he deserves? Maybe it’s because he tweeted this more than two years ago

Live by the twitter, die by the twitter, Donnie Boy

Bill O’Reilly: Incredible blunder for Trump t skip debate

Bill isn’t just saying that to get an “I told you so”, is he? I mean, he’s not that kind of a guy, is he?

Trump: If we’re attacked, we’ll beat the s–t out of them

If we are attacked…somebody attacks us. Wouldn’t you rather have Trump as president if we’re attacked? OH! We’ll beat the s–t out of them!

Unless their commanding General is Megyn Kelly

Former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) endorses Trump

Yeah. I’m not real sure if anyone in NH cares about that, even though Brownie moved there in a failed attempt to get back to the Senate

Trump: NH probably suits me better

Great, you just insulted the entire state

Peyton Manning cost Trump the Iowa Caucus

Less then 2 hours after Peyton refused to endorse him, Donald Trump lost the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz in a stunning upset. Many political commentators are pointing to Mannings remarks as being the primary factor in his loss. In other words- Peyton Manning just cost Donald Trump the presidency

Most people think Manning’s football career will be over after Sunday’s game, so, maybe he’ll grow a set and throw down that endorsement early next week, just in time to help his boy in Tuesday’s primary

Trump supporters blame Microsoft for Iowa loss

According to advocates of the #MicrosoftRubioFraud theory, Sen. Marco Rubio’s second-largest donor, the computer giant Microsoft, rigged Monday night’s caucus in favor of a candidate that came in third place just behind Trump. Microsoft, after all, had created precinct reporting software for both parties in Iowa this year, and the company (including individuals within it) have donated $33,100 to Rubio’s campaign so far

Washington Times says Trump is in running for Nobel Peace Prize

And I am being considered for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue





B&B Podcast 02/02/16 can take care of all your Valentine’s Day gift needs now. Lil’ Rush on Iowa results and Peyton Manning’s conservative credentials, B and B discuss Trump and Iowa.

Groundhog Day Decision in Iowa and Elsewhere: At Least Six More Weeks of Trump

Our long, national nightmare …… has just begun.  Watching the returns come in as Ted Cruz whooped Donald Trump in Iowa and deciding who to favor was like imagining an arm wrestling match between Lord Voldemont and Darth Vader.   Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.06.03 AMIowans are no more politically engaged, nor do they love America, nor do they “take their vote more seriously” than any other state, in spite of the over-romanticized drivel we’re exposed to every four years.  Every meal consumed by every Hawkeye citizen is not eaten at a local diner (NH gets to add-in ubiquitous Dunkin Donuts franchises) and Iowa’s position as the first state to have any kind of say in the process is so arbitrary, wrong, and non-representative of the country that…. nothing will change.  The only answer as to why this is so is because we’ve been doing it that way for 40+ years.

On the positive side, I noticed there is no voter ID law in Iowa.  You don’t need to whip out your government-issued ID to prove who you are to vote.  Why is that?  Is that because everyone really does trust everyone in Iowa, or because they realize you’d truly have to be insane to want to waste your time impersonating someone else at those dreadful caucuses?  How do Republicans in all the other states that passed those phony voter ID laws under the guise of “protecting the integrity of the vote,” when we all know they’re about suppressing traditional Democratic voters on the margins…. how do Republicans reconcile the results in Iowa?  The answer is they don’t, and would surely already have a voter ID law just like other Republican-controlled states except that Iowa still has a Democratic state senate to stop it from happening.  Not so many minorities to disenfranchise in Iowa, but during the returns you hear lots about those counties where the U. of Iowa and Iowa State are located.  A good, American Legislative Exchange Council-written voter ID law would help discourage those little crumb-snatching college brats from participating.

I also noticed the remarkable logic of the county map of Iowa.  The counties are as square as possible and line up in rows so nicely.  It’s like a Municipal Bingo Card.  If you rule that center county, Polk, where Des Moines is, you’re on your way.  It makes so much sense. Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.00.24 AM





Why must the state I live in have counties that look so goofy?

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 9.59.11 AM





Up next, New Hampshire…. another non-representative state that takes itself way too seriously, guarding its position as the First Primary with that stunning childish arrogance.  As if I need to abide by a state full of people who are part of the Tom Brady Cult.  No way.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 10.33.16 AM

Trump Daily Dump 02/01/16

THE BIG STORY: After being the favorite for a while, Trump finished second, as Ted Cruz took the Iowa Caucus. In fact, Donald was closer to third place (Rubio) than he was to first. In his quick (I clocked it at about 2:43) concession speech, he was uncharacteristically gracious and professed his love for Iowa saying (jokingly, of course) that he might like to “come back and buy a farm”

I was expecting a spitfire, torch-the-earth, screw-you-people kind of speech from The Donald, but, no dice. A little disappointing. I don’t want Decaf Donald Trump

Rubio congratulated the Cruzer, but never mentioned Trump in his concession speech

The real Jesus guy beat the fake Jesus guy. And, speaking of fake Jesus guy, Trump can’t tell a Communion plate from a collection plate

Trump supporter Sarah Palin wasn’t very happy with Today hosts for calling her out on blaming her son’s PTSD on Obama

“You guys brought me to talk about Iowa politics and the caucus tonight, not to talk about my kids — and that was a promise,” Palin said. “But as things go in the world of media, you guys don’t always keep your promises, evidently.”

“I never blamed President Obama,” Palin continued. “What I have blamed President Obama in doing, though, is this level of disrespect for the United States military that is made manifest in gutting budgets and not trying to beef it up and let our military do the job that they are trained to do. And in specific issues that we’re talking about that are so hot today — specifically, let’s get there and let’s utterly destroy ISIS as we know our United States military can do, yet we have a commander-in-chief who seems to kind of want to kowtow and allow the enemy to be poking at us — and that’s unacceptable to most Americans, certainly to me.”

Got that? Good. Can you explain it to me?

She also threw some shade at Cruzer

Palin added that the mailers were “very offensive” and said they were part of an effort to “intimidate” voters.

“I think that’s very shameful,” Palin said

The former Alaska Governor then chatted with Extra

“Usually, I say polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers,” Palin joked to Extra, “but in this case, I do think the polls are accurate and are reflecting that the American people, the electorate… we’re looking for something different.”


Bluebloods vs. Crips alert: Koch Brothers are ready to unleash the hounds on Trump

Some Koch donors are refreshed by Trump’s style and his willingness to reject political correctness and speak his mind. But his past support for tax increases, universal healthcare and other liberal issues means, they say, he cannot be trusted

I just hate it when billionaires fight. There are no winners

Former Trump staffer accuses campaign of sex discrimination

Davidson also alleged in her complaint that men were allowed to speak at rallies, whereas her requests to speak at them were ignored and said that when she and a female volunteer interacted with Trump at a rally last summer and asked him about appearing, he replied: “You guys could do a lot of damage,” a reference to their physical appearance

The guy who rails against Islam wants women to hide? Is that irony? Or has irony been bludgeoned to death by Donald J. Trump

1 in 4 federal employees would quit if The Donald is elected POTUS. Undoubtedly, another plus for Republican primary voters

Adele puts the kibosh on using her music at Trump rallies. I think I heard “Rolling in the Deep” at one of the Trump road shows (maybe Tulsa). Unless we’re talking about BS, Trump ain’t rollin’ in anything deep

Trump spent $10 M in fourth quarter

Trump supporters continue to jack with Cruz’s Wikipedia page

Kid Rock loves him some Trump. Mr. Rock’s track record on these things is not-so-good. Also, it wasn’t that long ago, that Bob Ritchie (KR’s real name, dawg) was “f—-g embarrassed” by the GOP

Trump offered legal support to anyone who would “knock the crap” out of potential tomato throwers

“So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them,” Trump said at his rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“I will pay for the legal fees. I promise,” he added. “They won’t be so much because the courts agree with us too.”

Ah, yes. In the famous Heinz v. Hunt’s case, the courts ruled that tomato-fueled rage was, in fact, justifiable self-defense

Only Felix Frankfurter dissented. He was always more of a French’s guy

Creepy photo of Trump with his daughter from 1996 emerges

WARNING: You can’s unsee it


Black History Minute with Strom Thurmond

Today, we salute Bill Cosby

(NOTE: This video was produced before Mr. Cosby was accused was publicly accused was known to be accused of drugging and raping women by a large segment of society)